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CCN Game Support applications suite

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'CCN Scenario Designer' and 'CCN Game Assistant', which together form the 'CCN Game Support' applications suite, are complimentary programs that are primarily intended to support face-to-face play of the 'Commands and Colors: Napoleonics' game system. They are not intended to be a substitute for the CCN Vassal module (and currently only run under MS Windows).

'CCN Scenario Designer' enables the creation and modification of game scenarios which can then be used within 'CCN Game Assistant' to keep track of, and record, progress of a game.

'CCN Game Assistant' also provides aids for game play (such as sequence of play guidance, line of sight and combat dice calculations). Both applications cater for all three of the gameboard sizes, and the 'CCN Scenario Designer' package includes all of the standard and expansion set scenarios.

The applications come with an extensive help facility.
More information on the applications and installation can be found in the following CCN forum thread:

Many thanks to Rob for developing them!

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2020-10-06 New C&C solitaire rules

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I've recently been contact by one of Richard Borg playtesters (Steven Malecek) asking for permission to post his "solitaire rules".

Here they are, with his introduction:

I am one of Richard's playtesters for 20 years now, during the Flu Pandemic we have found it hard to play, I know there are solitaire rules out there that have been adapted from other games to use with C&C but I have come up with this simple set of solitaire rules. I have tested it over 60 games at least 5 times with each version and it works well even using Combat/Tactical Cards and in EPIC modes.

Solitaire Command and Colors

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