Commands and Colors Napoleonics 

Intercontinental Tournament: 2023

The tournament will use the rules from the base game, with supplemental rules and card deck from the Generals, Marshals and Tacticians expansion. We will use the 90 card command deck. Play will be conducted on Vassal or another platform that the players mutually agree to. Please log your games. The logs themselves don’t need to be uploaded, but it’s useful to have as a reference if needed and when writing up the battle report. 

A Discord channel has been set up for Commands and Colors, which you can use to communicate during games. If players prefer, they can also stick to the text chat feature in Vassal. If you are observing another game using either discord or just vassal, please confine comments to rules clarifications and avoid offering tips or cheering one player of the other. 

Each round will last approximately one month, during which time you and your opponent will play the scheduled scenario twice, switching sides for the rematch. 

Swiss Draw Stage

The tournament will begin with 5 rounds of play using a Swiss draw format. For these rounds, if a player wins both games, the winning player earns 3 points, and the losing player earns 0. If the players split the games, the player with more total points from the combined games earns 2 points, the the player with fewer points earns 1. If the players have an equal number of points or do not play both games, they each earn 1.5 points.

After the Swiss draw stage is complete, players will be ranked according to won-lost record, using total point differential as a tie-breaker. If two players have identical won-lost records and point differential, use the results of the games between the two tied players as a tie-breaker, then point differential of the games between the tied players. If the players are still tied, they should play a single tie-breaking game of the same scenario, flipping a coin to pick sides. 

Elimination Rounds

The top 8 players from the Swiss draw rounds will advance to the elimination rounds. These consist of quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. 

In the quarter finals, semifinals, and finals, opponents play the same scenario twice according to the schedule. Winner will be determined by the total point differential from the two games, using the same tie-breaker procedures as described for the group stage. 

Reporting Game Results

Please post game results, with winner and score to Intercontinental Tournament 2023 forum in 

Players & Scores

Player Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
Gileforn 2 3.5 6.5 9.5 11.5
jfardette 2 5 7 10 11
stephent 1 4 7 9 11
Gonzo 2 5 8 8 11
RiverWanderer 1.5 4.5 6.5 7.5 10.5
rjvonline 1 4 6 9 10
Mark-McG 2 3.5 4.5 7.5 8.5
GomJabbar 3 4 5 8 8
Kandras78 1 2 5 8 8
toganalper 2 5 6 6 8
JohnSpicer  3 3 3 5 8
GabrielH 1.5 1.5 1.5 4.5 7.5
scipio1zama 0 1 4 6 7
jrtracy 3 5 5 5 7
Burnabybob 0 2 5 5 7
Craterus 1 1 4 5 6.5
Boredbeyondbelief 2 2 5 5 6
theimann  1 4 4 4 5.5
Cap 1.5 3.5 3.5 4.5 4.5
EZPickins 1 1 1 4 4
Valya 2 2 2 2 2
pdowd 1 1 1 1 1



Players will be notified via e-mail of their opponent for each of the tournament rounds. 

Swiss Draw

All players will participate in the five Swiss draw games. Standings at the end of these rounds determine who advances for the elimination rounds. 


River Coa - 006 (British)

Scenario: River Coa - 006 (British)        
Deadline for Completion:  30-Apr        
Player 1 G1 G2 POINTS Player 2 G1 G2 POINTS
Brad Jessup 6 6 3 Rob Stai 2 3 0
EZPickens 6 1 1 Eric Yorkston 5 6 2
Renaud Verlaque 1 6 1 Joe Harrison 6 4 2
Patrick Dowd 4 6 1 Mark Garavaglia 6 5 2
Thomas Heimann 6 0 1 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 5 6 2
András Kopcsik 6 0 1 Andrey (Gileforn) 2 6 2
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 3 6 1.5 Gabriel Hardy 6 3 1.5
Mark McG 6 4 2 Stephen Thompson 1 6 1
John Spicer 6 6 3 Michael Stanley 3 3 0
Samim Togan Alper 4 6 2 David Horts Gorriz 6 1 1
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 6 6 3 Ben Turner 1 4 0



Ligny - 418 (Prussian)

Scenario: 418 Ligny (16 June 1815)        
Deadline for Completion: May-31            
Player 1 G1 G2 POINTS Player 2 G1 G2 POINTS
GomJabbar 6 11 1 jrtracy 11 7 2
JohnSpicer  4 7 0 toganalper 11 11 3
Mark-McG 11 6 1.5 Gileforn 6 11 1.5
Boredbeyondbelief 3 6 0 jfardette 11 11 3
Valya 1 3 0 Gonzo 11 11 3
GabrielH 0 2 0 stephent 11 11 3
scipio1zama 11 4 1 Burnabybob 7 11 2
EZPickins 7 10 0 rjvonline 11 11 3
pdowd 2 6 0 theimann  11 11 3
Kandras78 11 7 1 Cap 9 11 2
MikeP       RobS      
RiverWanderer 11 11 3 Craterus 7 6 0


Medellin - 106 (Spanish)

Daedline: 30 June 2023

Player 1 G1 G2 POINTS Player 2 G1 G2 POINTS
Gonzo 6 6 3 jrtracy 3 0 0
GomJabbar 6 3 1 rjvonline 5 6 2
JohnSpicer  2 3 0 Kandras78 6 6 3
toganalper 6 1 1 jfardette 3 6 2
Mark-McG 2 6 1 RiverWanderer 6 3 2
Boredbeyondbelief 6 6 3 Valya 1 4 0
GabrielH 3 5 0 Burnabybob 6 6 3
EZPickins 4 2 0 Craterus 6 6 3
pdowd 3 4 0 scipio1zama 6 6 3
theimann  5 1 0 stephent 6 6 3
Cap 4 3 0 Gileforn 6 6 3


Crossing the Berezina - 217 (Russian)

Scenario: 217 Crossing the Berezina (27-28 November 1812)      
Deadline for Completion:  31/07/2023            
Player 1 G1 G2 POINTS Player 2 G1 G2 POINTS
jfardette 7 7 3 Gonzo 2 6 0
stephent 7 6 2 RiverWanderer 4 7 1
Gileforn 7 7 3 toganalper 5 1 0
rjvonline 7 7 3 jrtracy 4 6 0
GomJabbar 7 7 3 Boredbeyondbelief 6 1 0
Kandras78 7 7 3 Burnabybob 2 5 0
theimann  6 3 0 Mark-McG 7 7 3
Craterus 7 2 1 scipio1zama 3 7 2
Cap 3 7 1 JohnSpicer  7 5 2
Valya 6 1 0 GabrielH 7 7 3
EZPickins 7 7 3 pdowd 6 2 0




Elchingen - 304 (Austrian)

Player 1 G1 G2 POINTS Player 2 G1 G2 POINTS
jfardette 5 7 1 Gileforn 7 6 2
stephent 5 7 2 rjvonline 7 2 1
Gonzo 7 7 3 GomJabbar 4 2 0
Kandras78 4 1 0 RiverWanderer 7 7 3
Mark-McG 7 0 1 toganalper 5 7 2
jrtracy 5 7 2 scipio1zama 7 4 1
Burnabybob 3 7 2 Boredbeyondbelief 7 1 1
pdowd 0 4 0 JohnSpicer  7 7 3
Cap forfeit forfeit 0 GabrielH     3
EZPickins       Valya      
theimann  2 7 1.5 Craterus 7 2 1.5


Elimination Rounds

The top 8 players from the swiss draw stage will advance to the elimination rounds.


Jena - 403 (Prussian)

Player 1 G1 G2 TOTAL Player 2 G1 G2 TOTAL Semi-Finalist
Gileforn 8 8 16 toganalper 1 0 1 Gileforn
stephent 8 5 13 Mark-McG 3 8 11 stephent
jfardette 8 8 16 rjvonline 3 4 7 jfardette
Gonzo 1 8 9 RiverWanderer 8 2 10 RiverWanderer



Golymin - 202 (Russian)

Player 1 G1 G2 TOTAL Player 2 G1 G2 TOTAL Finalist
Gileforn 8 3 11 RiverWanderer 2 3 5 Gileforn
stephent 2 8 10 jfardette 8 4 12 jfardette


Goehrde - 504 (Allied)

Player 1 G1 G2 TOTAL Player 2 G1 G2 TOTAL Winner
Gileforn 8 8 16 jfardette 4 2 6 Gileforn

Congratulations to Andrey!

Runner up playoff for 3rd
Player 1 G1 G2 TOTAL Player 2 G1 G2 TOTAL 3rd Place
stephent 5 7 12 RiverWanderer 8 8 16 RiverWanderer
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alecrespi replied the topic:
1 week 3 days ago
Congratulations to the winner!

I converted the Final matches into two YouTube videos!
Let me know what you think.

I wish you a good viewing.

Game 1

Game 2

jfardette replied the topic:
6 months 5 days ago
Thank you Andrey for some very high level beatings. Looking forward to next year. Cheers everyone.
RiverWanderer replied the topic:
6 months 6 days ago
Congrats Andrey!

Thanks for Ben and fellow competitors for another set of enjoyable games. Roll on the next one!
Gileforn replied the topic:
6 months 6 days ago

Game 1
jfardette (Allies) - 4 banners,
Gileforn (French) - 8 banners.

It was rainy. Powder became wet very quick, so classic shooting from close standing Prussian LT was without result. Going forward, a lot of allied shooting made nothing. French troops tried to stand back to back waiting for attack. On the left flank infatry started there lazy going to towns. On the right Cavalry wanted to rush. They blocked LT in square and then destroyed infantry near arty but then nothing. This cavalry was a first banner for allies. Then grand maneuvring helped to put allied HA to the town and support them with infantry and cossacs. Finaly russian cavalry raised up to the hill, army in the center rushed and have been pushed back. Well done shooting from French forces destroyed HA in the town and... And Frnch player forgot to make a good shoot to infntry and finished the first game only after round and in this case lost one banner.

Game 2

jfardette (French) - 2 banners,
Gileforn (Allies) - 8 banners.

Rain stopped. So situation with shooting was better. The biggest part of the game was on the left allied flank. Good cards, good dice throwing, what allies need more? Two elan played by them, one by French. The first elan was with 3 sabers and 1 arty, but this arty helped a lot with GG on the hill. The second allied elan was perfect and two towns were captured and a hill.

Respect to Jim for very well played season, for fair and good play. Today I was more lucky, but every game with Jim is pleasure.

Thanks to organisers and all players. I wish to meet you next time! CCN is really cool!


File Attachment:

File Name: FICT23-1.vlog
File Size:2,622 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: ICF23-23.vlog
File Size:1,997 KB
RiverWanderer replied the topic:
6 months 2 weeks ago
3rd place playoff, game 2:

RiverWanderer (Mark B )  Allies - 8  (32 blocks lost)
Steve T  - French - 7 (27 blocks lost)

Early game saw the French cavalry quelled by a bold and very lucky Prussian Light unit. Thereafter it was up to the French infantry, supported by artillery, to save the day. A brave bayonet charge threatened to break the Russians on the allied left and the Allies' "Fire & Hold" riposte did nothing against the two advancing French units. In the centre however, the French paid for their bravery with unit depleted in melee and the other destroyed by the same Fire & Hold.

Even so, by this time, the French were holding up well, taking a lead in banners whilst managing, on the whole, to retire their more vulnerable units. Allied successes were at least matched, keeping the French ahead on banners.

Gradually the Allies managed to re-gain the initiative from their left flank, leading to a tense finish. Prussian Light Cavalry chased down two French 1-block infantry units sheltering behind the ridge, taking one as a banner and putting the other into square, though sacrificing themselves in the process. With the French closing on the win, Cossack luck was key to holding a hill and, in that way, gaining time for the Allies. A final Grand Manoeuvre put the Allies into a stronger position, with a second hill hex occupied, an undefended town threatened and a weaker unit retired.

The French, apparently depleted of a response in the centre, could only bring two units into battle to defend the hills, one ranged and the other subject first to an Allies' "Infantry Combat First". With two objective hexes occupied, the Allies (also depleted of centre cards), could muster just one unit to battle, but this was enough to take the final banner for the game.

As with our previous game, Steve & I used the upcoming v4.2 release of the Vassal CCN module. The log-file will play in the existing released CCN module but you will enjoy the play through unimpeded if you use  this alpha test version  of the module. Other than viewing a log-file or test games, please continue using the released (v4.1) module until further announcement.

Download the log file from Apple iCloud using this link .

Thanks to Steve for a couple of exciting games and for taking the new module out for a test drive.

RiverWanderer replied the topic:
6 months 3 weeks ago
Steve and I decided to play for 3rd place and I was thankful for the opportunity to get his impression of a new version of the Vassal module that I have in the pipeline.

3rd place playoff, game 1:

Steve T - Allies - 5
RiverWanderer (Mark B )  - French - 8

To date, this is the only official scenario with a Rocket Battery but British hopes for much fireworks were soon supplanted by a bloody infantry clash centre and right of the board. Early sacrifice of the French cavalry in exchange for the rapidly deployed Russian Foot Artillery was probably well advised, albeit it might not have gone so well.

The French stabilised their right flank with a bayonet change. Then focus shifted to the central hill as the Allied infantry countered with a relentless advance and started to dismantle the French position. However, as the Allies card options appeared to narrow, the French were able to Grand Manoeuvre to gain precious time. This placed them in position for a final Force March which re-took the hill and delivered the final coup-de-grace.

A fast-paced game where the balance of cards went favourably for the defending French.

The log-file will play in the existing released CCN module but you will get several non-fatal error messages, including a barrage of pop-ups that you will need to dismiss in order to continue. To play the log-file as intended, use this alpha test version of the module. I hope to release a beta soon on Vassal. For now, please continue using the released (v4.1) module except for a test game.


File Attachment:

File Name: IT233FGame1.vlog
File Size:4,076 KB
jfardette replied the topic:
6 months 3 weeks ago

File Attachment:

File Name: JimStepchen1.vlog
File Size:1,218 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: JImsStephen2.vlog
File Size:1,632 KB
Steve and I finished up the other Semifinal today. Before starting, we agreed that it was a shame to have a scenario with such a high potential luck factor in a playoff game. We agreed to share the same Mother Russia roll to mitigate it a bit, but that turned out not to be a factor at all as lady luck made fools of us both at one point or another.

Game 1:
Jim - Russians -8
Steve - French -2

Game 2:
Jim - French -4
Steve - Russians -8

I will attempt to attach log files, if not I will come back and post commentary.
Gileforn replied the topic:
7 months 6 days ago
Game 1

RiverWanderer (Russian) - 2 banners,
Gileforn (French) - 8 banners.

That was a really hard game, but with good shots and rather luck. We have agreed that the Mother Russia roll is same for the both games, making it less random. Allied side was strenghted at there right and in the center. So main battle was there. A lot of pushes made a result that right flank was destroyed and partly the center.

RiverWanderer (French) - 3 banners (stopped after 3rd Russian)
Gileforn (Russian) - 3 banners

It was more easily for the Russian side because main thing that they need was to reach baseline on the left flank and move out the battlefield. French tried to make good attacks there with good results but still not enough. Two troops has left baseline and then Grenadiers destroyed line troop. The game has been ended after the third banner.

Big thanks to Mark, he played well, but luck and cards were not at his side.


File Attachment:

File Name: QF1IT23-233.vlog
File Size:1,521 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: QF1IT23-23.vlog
File Size:1,044 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: QF1IT23.vlog
File Size:2,188 KB
RiverWanderer replied the topic:
7 months 1 week ago
At last, I can post second round QF results for Joe and I. Sorry for the delay, one way or another it was a difficult month for us to get the games together...

QF game 2

RiverWanderer (Prussian): 2
Joe Gonzo (French): 8

Once again, the French made all the running. This time the Prussians held back but French artillery and infantry kept advancing across the centre and soon there was no where to hide. Elsewhere, it was the French right flank that saw most action, with the Prussians giving a good account against strong French cavalry, though never enough to catch a banner, until the very end when  French Cuiraisiers found themselves trapped. This and a combined arms Prussian Grenadier attack on the opposite flank accounted for both Prussian Banners, as the French had little difficulty in nullifying the town objective banner. In fact, only a couple of rounds of indifferent combat luck for the French allowed the Prussian attacks that delivered the two banners.


File Attachment:

File Name: JenaMvJgm2.vlog
File Size:2,920 KB

RiverWanderer replied the topic:
7 months 2 weeks ago
QF game 1

Joe Gonzo (Prussian): 1
RiverWanderer (French): 8

French had a good start and were able to keep up pressure with ranged fire while the Prussians organised in the centre. After some inconclusive cavalry action, the Prussians launched a Bayonet Charge in the centre. The French had organised for Force March, and with two in hand, responded in strength. Good supporting Tactician Cards helped see them to an early victory.

Thanks for Joe for good humour against a strong French hand that the dice didn't do much to contradict.

We are organising game 2.


File Attachment:

File Name: Jena1JGvRW...-28.vlog
File Size:1,906 KB
jfardette replied the topic:
7 months 3 weeks ago
Jim vs. Renaud, Jena.

Game 2:
Renaud (Prussian) - 3, including the towns
Jim (French) - 8

The French opened up with a strong move up the right had side of the map and did not let up.  Prussians counterattacked but the dice let them down and the French were able to bayonet the wounded.  Action moved to the center as the Prussian right flank collapsed and again Renaud had no luck as a very ambitious GHC ran amok in the backfield.  Sorry, the log file did not save on that one but perhaps Renaud has a copy he can attach although considering the outcome he may not want to share it.

Game 1:
Renaud (French) - 4
Jim (Prussians) - 8

In this one the French attacked up the middle but the favorable terrain and some surprisingly good cards for a 4 card hand allowed the Prussians to stand firm and counter with good dice too.  When cards and dice are in your favor, it's tough on the opponent and this match was no exception.  Renaud as always took it with good grace and fought until the end in both encounters.
stephent replied the topic:
7 months 4 weeks ago

File Attachment:

File Name: QFG1_JenaMorning.vlog
File Size:2,034 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: QFG1_JenaMorning.vlog
File Size:2,034 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: QFG2_JenaMorning.vlog
File Size:2,914 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: QFG2_JenaMorning.vlog
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stephent replied the topic:
7 months 4 weeks ago
Jena Morning
Prussians Mark M 3 banners taken, 29 blocks lost
French Steve T 8 banners taken, 14 blocks lost
After some initial positioning, the French launched a Cavalry Charge on the right, shattering the Prussian cavalry, with Holtzendorff killed with his unit, at the cost of the weakened French Cuirassiers being cut off and destroyed by the Prussian light infantry (2-5, including Prussian banner for towns). The French left flank Attacked beyond Cospeda and eliminated the Prussian LC and forced the Prussian light infantry to flee; with the French LC being attacked at point blank range by Prussian guns using Bombard, and were delighted to flee with three flags and no losses. Further Prussian Probing ranged fire into Cospeda damaged the occupying French line and killed Gazan, who presumably had carelessly exposed himself (3-6). The French prepared a centre advance towards Closewitz, including with the Guard HC attacking Prussian guns next to the town. The Prussian infantry Forced March from Closewitz, cutting off the GHC’s retreat – but scored one hit from 8 dice from two line infantry, and suffered 5 hits from both GHC battle backs. The French replied with Counter-Attack, and quickly gained the last two banners against the exposed, weakened Prussian infantry (3-8).
Thanks to Mark for his good spirits despite the dice gods being so much against him in this battle, the Prussians seem to have left their gun-powder at home and forgotton to sharpen their blades.

Jena Morning
Prussians Steve T 5 banners taken, 35 blocks lost
French Mark M 8 banners taken, 36 blocks lost
The French opened with a cavalry charge, destroying the Prussian HA with their LC before having to retreat, with the score at 1-1 including the Prussian banner for holding the towns. There followed some skirmishing along the front, with limited damage to some units and my Prussian left flank cavalry retreating to and behind the woods and then largely to the centre. At this point my Prussians had amassed two forced march cards, assault centre and command centre, as well as two Inspired Infantry Leader cards, and needing only to get to 4 to win the match I decided to attack in the centre, with 8 infantry units moving forward. After two rounds of melee, the score was 5-6, with two Prussian leaders having died with their units. On the third round of the attack the battered Prussian remnants fled back to Closewitz. The French followed with two Cavalry Charges to win the game, final score 5-8 and nearly equal dead.
Thanks to Mark for as always for a tough match, and sorry about the dice!
Gileforn replied the topic:
8 months 1 week ago

The first and the last round.

ToganAlper (Prussian) - 1
Gileforn (French) - 8

That was a strange game where French troops had everything they need for very good push. All was on the flanks where cavalry have taken banners one by one. As a result of twice massive infantry attacks only one cavalry was lost by French. Totally there were not enough luck for dice and cards for the Prussians.
Thanks to Togan for very good mood and play in this uneasy situation.

File Attachment:

File Name: Q1R1.vlog
File Size:1,892 KB

As a result Togan have taken a decision to forfeit the second round.

jrtracy replied the topic:
8 months 2 weeks ago
Round 5 - Elchingen 1805

Mike Stanley - Austrian - 4 banners, 31 blocks lost

J. R. Tracy - French - 7 banners, 21 blocks lost

After our exciting opening match Mike and I returned to Elchingen with sides reversed.  The temporary banners for the ridge, town, and abbey shape play somewhat, but the French are so well balanced in terms of units and force distribution I decided to let the cards guide my course of action.

My opening hand provided a Cavalry Charge and two Cavalry Forward cards, great assets with two Heavy Cavs and a Light.  I would do what I could to get them into position.  I opened with Assault Center, making a play to control Elchingen itself.  A Line unit assaulted the Grenadiers in the abbey, aided by combined arms and Sappers, but despite inflicting two hits I failed to take the position.  

Mike responded by strengthening his center, with accurate musketry severely weakening my infantry.  He followed up with a leader-led Cuirassiers, killing off two French infantry units in a single turn to go up 2-0.

My own cavalry got into action, killing off the Cuirassiers and their leader to tie things up, but Mike firmly established himself in Elchingen thanks to deft use of Artillery Reposition.  I then threw my horse forward with Cavalry Charge combined with Cavalry Forward, but really didn’t get the most out of the card because I overlooked two things – cav gets reduced attacking uphill and nothing increases your dice against squares, and the Battalion Mass rule meant Mike didn’t lose any cards for squaring up.  Still, Battalion Masses lose steps on flags like normal squares, so it wasn’t a total waste.  On my right, my heavies rode down an impudent artillery unit to give me a 3-2 lead.

Mike consolidated his center thanks to Force March, pushing me back to my start line except for a lonely square of Voltigeurs by the town itself.  He tied things up, killing off the last survivor of my initial assault.

I then got busy on the left, where Mike had been strangely immobile (it turned out he didn't see a right sector card all game).  My Light Cav killed his leader while musketry killed his Line unit on that flank; Counterattack brought his Cuirassiers to life but they failed to kill my lights, falling themselves next turn for a 6-3 French lead.

Mike finally managed to annihilate my square of lights, but I sent the heavies on my right against the Grenadiers in the abbey.  Cav versus built up terrain isn’t normally a good idea, but even losing three dice I was throwing two against a two-step unit.  I knocked them down a step and survived the return fire.  Mike countered but failed to kill my heavies, and thanks to Bombard I was able to wrap up a 7-4 win, killing off the Grenadiers.   All in all, two really fun games.  I haven’t played Austrians much, but I like their wrinkles – slow infantry that runs away twice as fast as it attacks, but the Battalion Mass is an offsetting benefit.  Interesting scenario, and a great opponent.  Looking forward to more!
jrtracy replied the topic:
8 months 2 weeks ago
That game was a hoot - we were both in it until the end - the second game (spoiler alert!) was just as good
scipio1zama replied the topic:
8 months 2 weeks ago
Round 5 - Elchingen Game 1

Mike Stanley – French - 7 banners – winnerJ

JR Tracy     - Austrians - 5 banners

The French led off with a Coordinated Advance, taking one of the town hexes with a LT and scoring 5 hits against two Austrian LN, then the Austrian Counterattack took the other town hex, and the French lost their initial banner. 

A French Bombardment scored 5 more hits, 3 of them on the GR in the Abbey and a French Fire & Hold get 3 more hits and drove the Austrians from the town and the Abbey.  An Austrian Fire & Hold reduced the LT in Elchingen to one block, but the French regained the banner and then proceeded Forward, eliminating the weakened GR using Light Infantry Skirmish Tactics, then killing Laudon and retreating his LN 4 hexes.

Now an Austrian Center Attack badly damaged the French HA and eliminated the LT in the town. Over the next few turns, the French damaged and forced back the CU on the Austrian Right, while the Austrians eliminated the French HA, occupied a town hex, and then were kicked out of same. A French LT occupied a town hex, then was eliminated with a combined arms 4-blue roll, with the Austrians re-occupying a town hex.  They then put a French LN into square and reduced it to one block.

Score at this point, 3-2 in favor of the Austrians, with no occupation Victory Banners for the French.

The French re-occupied a town hex, and a cavalry battle reduced the Austrian CU in the middle to 1 block. Austrian Elan combined arms ran into an Inf combat first TAC, lost 3 blocks, weakened C.A. attack got just 1 hit.  Then French Cold Steel elim Aus CU, elim GR in town, and advanced into town.  Aus Scout left retook abbey.  Tussle in center saw French lose HC and a LN, then Aus lost LN. 

Score now 6-5 in favor of French, including one Victory Banner because of no Austrians in any town hex.

A valiant and desperate last ditch Leadership Austrian cavalry attack against the French FA & leader on the right to try for a win put 2 hits on the FA, but the BB killed the Austrian LC to give the French banner number 7 and the win.

Great fun. Tense, close game. Great opponent who did very well considering that he held 2 Bayonet Charges and a Force March in his hand for most of the game, cards that are not terribly useful to the Austrians.
stephent replied the topic:
8 months 2 weeks ago

File Attachment:

File Name: R5G2_Eichingen.vlog
File Size:2,226 KB

File Attachment:

File Name: R5G2_Eichingen.vlog
File Size:2,226 KB
stephent replied the topic:
8 months 2 weeks ago
Rjvonline Austrians 2 banners, 24 blocks lost
SteveT French 7 banners, 11 blocks lost
The French infantry forced march towards the outskirts of Elchingen and to the Abbey Church, where a first strike from the Austrian grenadiers and their follow-up attack massacred one unit of French line, to no loss to the Austrians there, although the French lights’ musketry forced the Austrians to retreat from behind Elchingen. The Austrian cavalry charged forward across the field but caused little damage, excepting a stray bullet killed Villatte in his square, with the French counter charge eliminating the light cavalry and centre currassiers (2-2) and pushing Austrian foot artillery 2 hexes back from the ridge. The other Austrian currassier unit was able to force the massed French infantry between Elchingen and the Abbey into squares until the French HC slowly moved through Elchingen, where they waited some time for orders (presumably enjoying the town’s plentiful wine cellars) – in the subsequent clash the French HC defeated the somewhat weakened Austrian currassiers (2-3). In the interim, the weakened Austrian grenadiers on the ridge had been destroyed by French musketry (2-4). The ridge and town were empty of Austrians who had mostly fled to the rear. The French infantry forced march forward, occupying both locations and destroying another Austrian line in the process (2-7).
Thanks to Reyanud for two enjoyable and well played games. So far I’ve played this scenario a total of four times and yet to see the Austrians win….
rjvonline replied the topic:
8 months 2 weeks ago
Post removed - Edit now made into original post.
rjvonline replied the topic:
8 months 2 weeks ago
Round 5 - Elchingen

Renaud/rjvonline (French) 7 banners
vs Stephen Thompson (Allies) 5 banners

The French started in the center, seizing the lower portion of the village. The Austrians countered with a Cavalry Charge, and killed the 3-block French FA in the center-left with their CU, but a Charge when Charged card played by the French allowed them to kill an Austrian LC even as their own HC lost 3 of 4 blocks, and the other CU attack was blunted by a French square and neither side scoring even 1 hit). Later on the left, the French LT benefitting from Elan scored 4 direct hits on the Austrian CU, before succumbing to an attack by the Austrian LN. For most of the game, the French hand was handicapped by having 3-4 Left Flanks cards (Scouts and Probes) out of 6 cards, although it seems like the Austrian hand was a little bit lacking in Center cards. There was back and forth in the center, which resulted in both sides losing a unit or 2 and the Austrians getting control of the village (which they never lost), but not being able to press their advantage in the center, especially as the French pulled their weakened units out of the way there and on the right flank with a Grand Maneuver. Indeed, the French had started to move against the Abbey which was first defended by Grenadiers (reduced to 1, retreating, but eventually dying from 2 flags while on their rear line) and then Horse Artillery, which was reduced by ranged fire, retreated in order to avoid annihilation in Melee, and survived with 1 block. A taught game, well played by Steve with the less favored side.

Return game on early Tuesday morning NY time.
GomJabbar replied the topic:
8 months 3 weeks ago
Round 5 (304 Elchingen)

Game 1
GomJabbar (French) - 4 banners
Gonzo (Austrian) - 7 banners

Gom's French advanced toward the village in the center and were met with Gonzo's Austrian CU from the Austrian left pushing the French HC back and putting a LT unit into square. The French responded with a Cavalry Charge against the hills with minimal effect. The Austrians continued to push on all fronts and pushed the French cavalry back with heavy losses. A French Fire and Hold only managed to voluntarily retreat a couple of Austrian CU units into better terrain. French dice are looking terrible. The Austrian right eliminated the entire French left while the French middle did succeed in taking the village eventually and almost the hills. But the French casualties where too much and the French lost the hill and the game.

Game 2
Gonzo (French) - 7 banners
GomJabbar (Austrian) - 2 banners

Gonzo's French center charged forward into the village and never gave it up. They pushed back the Austrian FA and LN units in the center. Gom's weakened Austrian center retreated back to safety. Meanwhile on the French right, the French pushed forward to take the Abbey losing a LN unit but gaining the Abbey. The Austrian CU and HA attacked the Abbey in melee but the French LN with leader held. On the French left the Austrian CU and 2 LN units tried to eliminate the French LT in the woods but fell to the LC and FA combined arms themselves. In the end the French took 2 objectives and eliminated 2 Austrian CU and GRs along with a LN unit. Gom's dice were horrendous. It was especially noticeable when a full strength GR unit with leader and Inspired Infantry Leader tactic ready to go failed to kill or retreat a single block in a 2 block French LT unit and got decimated themselves.

Thanks for the games Gonzo. See you across the board in the future. I imagine this 3 points will get you into the playoffs. Good Luck.

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RiverWanderer replied the topic:
8 months 3 weeks ago
Round 5 (304 Elchingen)
Game 2
RiverWanderer (Austrian) 7 banners
Kandras (French) 1 banner

An unfortunate opening  left French Light Infantry exposed to a full volley from Austrian Line by Elchingen. Their bad luck was confirmed when the Austrians got 4 hits in one go. With a supporting unit in the town also taking a battering, the French were on the back foot. A swift reorganisation and French cavalry threatened to dislodge the Austrian Foot Artillery whilst fresh infantry advanced to take the place of the eliminated Light. However, the Austrians were able to react strongly and dice luck seemed also in their favour. Austrian Light Cavalry combined arms swept the French Horse Artillery aside, chasing Villatte from the field and ended in woods on the French backline. Meanwhile, the Austrian Line were dispatching the fresh French Line, for a third banner.This unit survived the entire battle, reduced to 3 blocks and holding Elchingen.

The Austrian Light Cavalry were soon surrounded by some very annoyed French infantry which quickly reduced them to a single block, leaving them clearly doomed. However, their sacrifice helped secure the hill. The middle of the battle now played out mainly towards the French left. Austrian Cuiraisiers led the attack, weakening the French Foot Artillery before being chased to the rear by French cavalry, but still surviving just, whilst Austrian infantry saw off the threat. Two Grand Manuoevres in succession allowed the Austrians to complete their attacks here and take the scoreline to 6:1.

At last, the French now launched a bayonet charge against the abbey but it was too little too late. The Austrian Left was largely intact and took the final banner with successive Cuiraissier and Grenadier attacks on a French Line unit already depleted from its attack on the Abbey.

Luck was hard on the French in this game, as the scoreline suggests. Austrian cards sustained their actions throughout and dice never hurt them too badly, nor thwarted an important attack.
RiverWanderer replied the topic:
8 months 3 weeks ago
Round 5 (304 Elchingen)

Game 1
Kandras (Austrian) 4 banners
RiverWanderer (French) 7 banners

Write up pasted in - once again my browser hangs at the end of the editing session.



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Mark-McG replied the topic:
8 months 3 weeks ago
Round 5 (304 Elchingen)

Game 1
Togan (Austrians) 5 banners
Mark McG (French) 7 banners

bit of a tough game for me, couldn't get much in the way of average dice, and the game would have ended 7-3 if I could have rolled 2 infantry or swords on 4 dice.

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File Name: r5g1_2023-08-21.vlog
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Game 2
Mark McG (Austrians) 0 banners
Togan (French) 7 banners

made game 1 look like like fun.. French had perfect cards and perfect dice. All over in 9 card plays, and I was 3-0 down after the first card play. Only joy for me was a Hold and Fire card which damaged 2 infantry units, but a follow up attack of 5 dice failed to score a single infantry to get even 1 banner.

Conversely, Togan just lifted whole units off the map, culminating if getting 5 hits out of 6 dice from his Heavy Cavalry on a full strength Cuirassier.

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