- All Tactician Cards must be already in players hand at turn start, to allow their playing
- No unit (also with attached leader) and no single leader can get more than 1 Tactician Card each turn.

Tactician Card Default Action

Can i detach a leader from a unit into square with a Tactician Card default action or apply the basic rules and this is not possible?

The default action of a Tactician card, allows a leader to reposition, which is not really ordering the leader.
Therefore a leader that is attached to a unit in square may detach from the infantry unit in square by using the default action of a Tactician card.
(Richard Borg: 2016 - February - 28)

Artillery Reposition

How can this card used together with a "Bombard" command card, because both cards are either contradictory or to powerfull (if you are allowed to move 6 hexes e.g.)?

The two cards really do not work together, therefore the combination of both cards are not allowed.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - June - 28)

The Fire and Hold command card is similar as the Bombard command card. So the Artillery Repositon tactician card can´t used togethre with "Fire and Hold" also?

Right. Because the Fire and Hold Command card states, “Units may not move before or after combat…” would not allow the Artillery to reposition.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - July - 07)

If i play La Grande Manoeuvre, can i move then additional 3 hex with Artillery Repostion?

No! The usage of Artillery Repostion along with LGM would make no sense, because Artillery Repostion would reduce the movement from 4 to 3 hex.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - July - 11)

Is a battle of the ART compulsory required to use 2nd option "or move 2 hexes after it battles" or is the battle not mandatory as all battles.?
E.g. A cavalry and artillery does a combined attack, but CAV is forced to retreat/bounced, so the ART lost his battle option. Can the ART use the TC and move 2 hex yet? Another example if the Cavalry battles first independent and is bounced again and blocks now the Line of Sight of the ART, so the ART has no target?

The artillery unit does not have to battle in order to move 2 hexes. If it was ordered to battle and some action caused it not to be able to battle, it is still considered to have battled in reference to the Tactician card
(Richard Borg: 2017 - 11 - 29)

Battle Back Bonus

If a defender/passive player, plays a first strike (or similar) card, can the attacker/active player use the Battle back Bonus card if he "battles back" then?

"First Strike card (and similar cards) states “battle as originally ordered”. The combat after a first strike is not a battle back.
Richard Borg: 2017 - 10 - 30

Battlefield Smoke

Can the Battlefield Smoke card used only by the “Defender” or also by the “Attacker”.
Example: Attacker (CAV) announce a melee against another CAV (Defender), the Defender plays First Strike. Can now the Attacker use the Battlefield Smoke?

Yes, the Attacker could use the Battlefield Smoke in this situation also. The only restriction on playing the Battlefield Smoke Tactician card is it is played after a combat is declared, but before the dice roll. Of course, if the unit already used a Tactician card this turn, it would not be able to play a second Tactician card.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - November- 13)

If an Attacker makes a “Grand Battery” or another “Combined Attack”, are the complete summary dice reduced to 2 dice or only the battle dice of each single unit.

When Battlefield Smoke is played before a Grand Battery (Combined Attack) dice are rolled, the number of dice rolled in the Grand Battery (Combined Attack) combat is reduced to a maximum summary of 2 dice. 
(Richard Borg: 2015 - November- 13)

May the Attacker general await if the Defender plays a Battlefield Smoke and then playing itself a Tactician Card to increase the dice again?
Example: Attacker (CAV) announce a melee against another CAV (Defender), the Defender plays Battlefield Smoke.
Can now the Attacker play a Cavalry Leader to increase the number of dice?

No, the order in which these two Tactician cards must be played, forces the attacker to first declare the use of the Cavalry Leader Tactician card.
Cavalry Leader - Play this card when the melee combat is announced.
The number of dice are determined for the attack and then before the dice are rolled the defending player would play the Battlefield Smoke Tactician card, which would only allow the attacking unit to roll 2 dice.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - November- 13)

Break The Square

Must it played in order phase, or can the active player wait, if the opponent goes into square, to decide then, if he want use it?

The “Break The Square” Tactician card is played just before a cavalry unit is going to attack an enemy infantry unit that is in Square (immediate before the Cavalry rolls the dice).
(Richard Borg: 2015 - May - 22)

Does a unit into square loose their square formations and what is the sequence of battle with this card?

An infantry in square will not lose its square formation, when the “Break The Square” Tactician card is played against the infantry unit in square.
The sequence of play is:
1. The CAV unit declares the attack.
2. The INF unit goes into square, and a command card is removed from the player's hand (unless an Austrian INF unit, forming a battalion mass)
3. The INF unit rolls 1 combat die against the CAV. If the result is a bounce flag, the combat is over (if CAV can retreat).
4. The CAV unit now plays the Break the Square card. The CAV unit rolls normal combat dice against the INF unit.
(Richard Borg: 2016 - February - 14)

Capable Tactician

If i read it correct, it makes no sense, to play this card after a Elan was played, because then are no left cards into the Tactician discard pile, before i make any choice?

You read the note correct. I guess we could of stated “When an Elan card was played, the card decks are shuffled before the player draws cards. Because after shuffling, there are no Tactician cards in the discard pile, a Capable Tactician card will have no cards in the discard pile.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - May - 26)

”At the end of your turn, discard this card and draw one Tactician card from the discard pile of your choice. The card selected may not be played this turn”
Does this mean, i can´t choose a tacticain card from discard pile, which are used from any player in current turn.
Example: A player use a Infantry Combat First TC. At the end of turn, he plays Capable Tactician and want to draw back this card, is this possible?

This means, any Tactician card may be selected that is in the Tactician card discard pile, which would include any of the cards played during the current player’s turn.
And in the example above, would include the First Strike Tactician card.
The last sentence on the card, “The card selected may not be played this turn.” is written to prevent the play of a Call Forward Reserves Tactician card and a couple of future Tactician cards that state “play at the end of your turn".
(Richard Borg: 2015 - November - 11)

Call Forward Reserves

How many options do i have, to place the reinforcements, 2 or 3 (not clear about wording)?

There are only 2 options.
1. move the unit onto a hex with a lone leader (leader hex can contain any terrain hex)
2. move onto a hex that is adjacent to a leader, but this hex cannot have any terrain feature or be occupied by another unit.

(Richard Borg: 2015 - July- 26)

Charge if Charged

If a player play this card with a Lancer unit, does the Lancers get the "flag reroll dice"?

The “Charge if Charged” Tactician card means the both units are considered to be attacking. Therefore when the Charge if Charged Tactician card is played on a lancer unit, it would reroll flag results.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - October- 07)

First Strike

FIRST STRIKE — Play this card after opponent declares a melee attack, but before the dice roll. Your defending unit will battle first. Can it only be used against one melee attack or if opponent melees twice can you use it against both separate melees ?

The card can be used for one melee attack. Not more. If your same unit gets melee attacked twice you have to choose to use it for the first attack, or hope it can sit it out and use it for the second.
You can use more than one First Strike card per turn if you have multiple. One for the first attack, one for the second, if you like.

If a Cavalry unit attacks an Infantry unit and the Infantry plays a "First Strike" card, may the Infantry form Square then?

No; If the Infantry Play a "FS", they accept the "full" battle of the attacker, if the attacker is not destroyed or forced to retreat.
But if the Infantry is forced to retreat by the CAV attack, the INF may form square, if the CAV makes a Cavalry Breakthrough and battles again the INF (because this is a "new" battle).

Inspired Infantry Leader

"An ordered Infantry unit with an attached LEADER, after a melee combat in which the enemy unit is either eliminated or retreats from its hex, may take ground and may make a second melee combat."
Can an INF with attached Leader use this card also after an attack to an opponent Cavalry, which retire&reform?

Yes, because an infantry unit can Take Ground after the cavalry unit vacates the hex.
(Richard Borg: 2016 - 05- 22)

Leaders Orders Fall Back

May the falling back unit move also through friendly units too or only through non-impassable terrain?

Only through terrain that is non-impassable. The Fall Back may not be made through friendly units.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - June - 22)

Because only unit symbols hits an unit and the flags are ignored for retreats, are the flags also ignored for the "Lancer reroll"?

Because only unit symbols rolled will score a hit, all other symbols, flags and sabers that would normally take effect are ignored.
Therfore no lancer reroll here.
(Richard Borg: 2019 - 08 - 29)

Leaders Bonus Orders

What is the exact time to play a Leader Bonus Orders TC, here together with Rally Command card. Must i order the additonal unit before the Rally roll or after.

The Leader Bonus Orders Tactician card is played along side the play of the Rally Command card. Roll the battle dice to rally units, units that are rallied are ordered. The player will after the roll choose, with the Leader Bonus Orders Tactician card, now order a unit in addition to the units that are rallied and are ordered. The key words on the Tactician card are “in addition to the orders on the Command card”.
(Richard Borg: 2015 - November- 19)

Leader Unit Reform

NOTES: It is important to note that the Leader Unit Reform action takes place before any units are ordered. A unit may therefore reform, but the unit does not have to be ordered on the turn.


Does the Sappers benefit from battle out- and inside? Are units allowed to battle if they move onto a terrain, which prevent normal battles?

The card works only for the target hex, so all movement and battle rules for the attacker hex still apply
(Richard Borg: 2015 - June - 22)

Short Supply

Can a Short Supply be used on a lone LDR?

No. Card specifies moving one units, and by definition, leaders are not units.

Can a unit be 'tele-ported' back to the baseline with Out of Supply card?

The unit (except a unit in square) may be indeed teleported, also across a unpassable river for example!

Superb Infantry Training

How many dice would a British Line Infantry roll with this card, especially get the Brit. LN the +1 die for standing fire?

A unit fires with the number of blocks but a British Line Infantry would not get the +1 die, because they moved (unit don´t halve his dice because movement, but all other movement restrictions apply).
(Richard Borg: 2015 - July- 30)

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