As most of you know, GMT Games is out of stock on a LOT of C&C series games and modules. Here's some perspective and updated news from Tony Curtis, who manages both GMT Gmaes financials and production:

"We had to solve a puzzle: How to get many of the Commands and Colors games back in stock when wood costs have skyrocketed and P500 reprint orders (and thus available funds for the reprints) are lackluster. We know from dealers that there is demand for out-of-print C&C games, but it is not translating into reprint orders on our website. The short-term answer is that we have obtained favorable financing to assist in reprinting many of the C&C Napoleonics games plus C&C Medieval and C&C: Samurai Battles. Stand by for more news and for new/updated P500 listings in December. The ultimate size of the reprints will depend on all of you and your reprint orders because the loan will not cover large numbers of each." - Tony


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