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Waterloo - 18 June 1815

Historical Background
Napoleon retained his strategic brilliance, placing his army squarely between the Prussian and Anglo-Allied armies on June 16th. His tactical genius was fading. He allowed an entire corps to countermarch aimlessly on the 16th, deny him the opportunity for a decisive victory either at Ligny or Quatre Bras. Instead, at the end of the day the beaten Prussians escaped at Ligny and Wellington still held the crossroads at Quatre Bras. On the 17th Napoleon turned his main strength towards the British, after detaching Grouchy with two corps to pursue the retreating Prussians and prevent them from uniting with Wellington. A massive storm drenched the area on the 17th as Napoleon advanced upon the Anglo-Allied army that was deploying for battle in front of Mount Saint Jean. The 18th dawned clear, but the rain-soaked ground still made maneuvering cavalry and artillery difficult, so Napoleon delayed the start of the battle, waiting for the ground to dry. Wellington fielded an Anglo-Allied army of 50,000 infantry, 11,000 cavalry and 150 guns. In front of his line, there were three strong positions; the château of Hougoumont, the hamlet of Papelotte and the farmhouse and orchards of La Haye Sainte. Many of his veteran regiments from Spain had been sent to Canada and the United States to fight the Americans. Napoleon’s army consisted of 48,000 infantry, 14,000 cavalry and 250 guns. Many of these troops were veterans of at least one campaign. It was about 11AM before Napoleon gave battle with artillery salvoes and ordered the initial assault against Hougoumont. The battle of Waterloo is well documented, and rather than skim through the account, it is recommended that players take advantage of the numerous sources available and enjoy reading about this epic struggle between two of the greatest commanders in history.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Forest 8
Hill 14
SandQuarry 1
Town 3


Battle Notes

British Army
• Commander: Wellington
• 6 Command Cards
*Use brown blocks for the Nassau, Brunswick, Hanover and Dutch units.
Also use the Portuguese National Unit Reference card for the Allied troops with one exception: line infantry units will retreat 2 hexes for each flag.
• Optional 6 Tactician Cards

Line Infantry Light Infantry Rifle Infantry Guard Grenadier Infantry Heavy Cavalry Guard Heavy Cavalry Foot Artillery General   Line Infantry Light Infantry Light Cavalry
4 1 1 1 1 1 3 3   6 1 2

French Army
• Commander: Napoleon
• 6 Command Cards
• Optional 6 Tactician Cards
• Move First

Line Infantry Light Infantry Young Guard Old Guard Infantry Light Cavalry Cuirassier Cavalry Guard Heavy Cavalry Foot Artillery Horse Artillery Guard Foot Artillery General
8 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 3

8 Banners

Special Rules
The three building hexes are Victory Banner objective hexes for the French player. If a French unit occupies an objective hex at the start of the French player’s turn, the French player gains a Victory Banner. As long as the unit remains on the objective hex it will count as a French Victory Banner. If it moves off or is eliminated, it no longer counts
(Temporary Victory Banner Turn Start)

Impetuous British Cavalry. Any victorious British cavalry unit must advance into the vacated hex after regular or bonus combat. Victorious British cavalry must also advance the extra one hex after regular combat if one or more vacant hexes are available (Allied player’s choice of hex).

A Walled Farm terrain tile hex effect has been updated to allow a unit on a Walled Farm hex to ignore one flag. It is suggested that players replace Hougomont and La Haye Sainte town tiles with Walled Farm tiles and use the updated effect.

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miketodd replied the topic:
6 months 3 weeks ago
French nearly prevail on cavalry charge but bad luck turns it around. Allies win 8-5.
Hobgob replied the topic:
8 months 1 day ago
Solo play - normal mode (not CDG or Power of 3).
French victory 8-5.
I used the walled farms indicated hereabove for Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte.
But Hougoumont, Haye Sainte and Plancenoit resisted.
The weight of the battle was on the French right and the center.
The French had a Grande Manœuvre on their first turn, hugging the Allied left defense, which hit back hard.
But, on the long haul, with cavalry and infantry cooperating well, the French scored 4-3 on theur right and 4-2 in the center.
The Allied seemed at several moments quite close to win. They clearly held a reasonable chance.
Riclev replied the topic:
1 year 2 months ago
I am not sure why this appears to be so one-sided in favour of the French. he Allied artillery can dominate the ridge on the French side, and placing the Rifle Light unit into La Haye Sainte makes it uncomfortable for the French artillery. In 4 games, Hougemont has proved to be unassailable, so when I won as the French is was through an assault in the centre, carrying La Haye Sainte and the ridge behind it. A really interesting battle.
Richards replied the topic:
1 year 11 months ago
Waterloo – 18 June 1815 (11 AM to 3 PM)

Turns 1 – 5: Both sides maneuver. French concentrate in the center and right flank. French horse artillery shell the Hougoumont farmstead. But shortly afterwards, British light infantry force the artillery to limber back up and retreat.

Turn 6: The British light regiment is Short on Supplies and falls back to the rear exposing Hougoumont to Napoleon.

Turn 8: The French commit to a Bayonet Charge on their right and seize the village of Papelotte. French lead two to zero.

Turn 9: Intense fighting taking place around Hougoumont. Allies hold on, but just barely.

Turn 10: The Allies surge forward to keep Hougoumont. Dutch-Belgian light cavalry engage and defeat the French light cavalry near the settlement. They then breakthrough and follow up their success by rampaging through and eliminating the French horse artillery unit. Meanwhile, British artillery and Guard Grenadiers decimate French light troops in the woods near Hougoumont. All tied at two victory banners.

Turn 11: French line troops, led by General Reille, storm Hougoumont, overwhelming the garrison and scattering the Dutch-Belgian forces. French move ahead four to two.

Turn 12: French order a Cavalry Charge; British Guard Grenadiers form square. General Hill moves his line troops up to assist the Grenadiers. The French Heavy Cuirassiers retreat.

Turn 13: French order a Cavalry Charge again! This time they bypass the British infantry and strike the Allied artillery on the heights above Hougoumont. The artillery batteries are overrun; the French Cuirassiers break through and engage the Dutch-Belgian light cavalry. The melee is short and the French Cuirassiers retreat.

Turn 15: The French continue to apply pressure all along the front during the last turns. The Allies are on the defensive and down by five banners. A simple Recon in Force brings a line regiment and the Old Guard right up against General Hill and his depleted regulars. The British haven’t a chance against the two veteran, full strength French regiments and are eliminated. Even General Hill can’t escape; as he falls on the field of battle Napoleon seizes the day by gaining eight banners to three.

Napoleon has won Waterloo?!?! The French had a head start once the captured Papelotte and Hougoumont. And once the British committed to two squares during the struggle around Hougoumont, the Allied options were limited. We’ll have to play this one again! Very intense scenario with all the units available on both sides.
Pevans replied the topic:
2 years 3 hours ago
After losing 8:1 as the Allies at Waterloo, Evert demanded a re-match and I was happy to oblige.

Initial manoeuvres by the French army on both wings produced a volley from the Dutch-Belgian Light infantry in Papelotte that all but destroyed the approaching French Line. With Light cavalry looming into sight behind Papelotte, the French Line retired, Light cavalry taking their place to deter their opposite numbers. The Young Guard moved into the woods to engage the troops in Papelotte, causing some casualties.

However, the Dutch-Belgian Light cavalry was undeterred by the French horsemen and trotted into the thick of the French troops. They attacked what was left of the Line unit, but the infantry formed a square that the cavalry just bounced off. In contrast, the Light infantry in Papelotte continued their sharp shooting to all but eliminate the French Light cavalry.

The response from a fresh French Line unit and the Young Guard was a concerted volley that drove back the Allied cavalry and finished off the Lights in Papelotte. {And the score is 1:0 to me.} At the same time, the French Horse artillery and Light infantry attacked Hougoumont on the (French) left flank, driving out the British Light infantry.

With Dutch-Belgian Line in support, the British Light infantry countered, all but eliminating their counterparts in the woods next to Hougoumont. In turn, French Line and the Horse artillery engaged the British Lights. The fighting that followed saw what was left of the British Light Infantry make a hasty retreat while Dutch-Belgian Line occupied Hougoumont and wiped out the French Horse artillery. {That's 1:1}

While the skirmishing continued on the (French) left, all the French infantry in the centre advanced under General d'Erlon. After an exchange of fire, the French advanced again. One unit battered the British Line infantry under General Picton while the Old Guard attacked La Haye Sainte, driving out the British troops and occupying it. A fierce attack by British Line (led by Gen Hill), Rifles and artillery eliminated the Old Guard (!), but Gen Picton's men also went down as they tried to see off their attackers. The General retired to the safety of the cavalry in the rear. {Two "Force March" cards got the French centre across the valley to mix it with the Allied infantry. And the score's 2:2}

Fixing bayonets, the French Line charged up the hills, destroying two Line infantry units - one British, one Dutch=Belgian - but losing one unit in the process. {Yes, I had "Bayonet Charge" as well - 4:3 now.}

Two Dutch-Belgian Line infantry came back at the French in the centre, forcing one unit to retreat into La Haye Sainte. From here the Line infantry finished off the British Line under Gen Hill with help from the muskets of French Line advancing on their left, while the French Guard cavalry advanced in the centre. Gen Hill escaped to another British infantry unit. {With a banner for holding La Haye Sainte, that's 6:3}

The Dutch-Belgians pressed their attack in the centre, removing the infantry under d'Erlon - the General withdrew to join the Guard cavalry. {6:4}

With the French infantry hard pressed in the centre, the cavalry charged. The Guards got in amongst the Dutch-Belgian Line infantry on the hills. Light cavalry attacked Hougoumont, driving out the Dutch-Belgians holding it and seizing the farmhouse. And the Cuirassiers hit the British Line under Gen Hill outside La Haye Sainte, eliminating them even as they formed square and killing Hill into the bargain. {Yes, a "Cavalry Charge" finishes the battle 8:4.}

That may well be a victory for the French, but they have been battered, with five of their surviving units having just one block left (three of them carefully retreated to the baseline). Admittedly, the Allies had three one-block units, but they had more full-strength units left on the field.

I certainly had some useful cards there, allowing me to make a full-scale attack in the centre. My previous games have seen most of the fighting on the flanks and in the gap in the hills between Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte. The usual artillery duel was missing, too. And the Allied cavalry didn't get into the fight, apart from that initial attack.
Pevans replied the topic:
2 years 1 month ago
And the return match is my turn to take the French.

Again, both armies moved troops forward initially, favouring the flanks over the centre. The French drove the British Light infantry out of Hougoumont, General Reille's units then sending what was left of them to cower behind the advancing Grenadier Guards. On the right flank, the Young Guard backed up the Line infantry that took Papelotte, destroying the Dutch-Belgian Light infantry that had been holding it. {A "Bayonet charge" means it's 1:0 to me, with a second victory banner to come from holding Papelotte.)

The Grenadier Guards and Line infantry under General Hill counter-attacked into the woods around Hougoumont and eliminated one French Line unit, though the Dutch-Belgians took a pasting in the process. {2:1}

The French Cuirassiers got into the fight next, taking on the Grenadier Guards. They stood their ground against the cavalry sabres and gave as good as they got. However, fire from the advancing Old Guard and French Foot artillery inflicted further damage on the Guards, forcing them back.

British Line moved into the woods in front of La Haye Sainte only to be annihilated by the Old Guard with artillery support. {3:1}

The Old Guard were pushed back by the Rifles now holding La Haye Sainte as French Light cavalry attacked what was left of the British Guards and the forward Dutch-Belgian infantry centre-right were eliminated by fire from advancing French Line and the Foot artillery on the hills. {4:1}

The action continued on the left, with the British Light cavalry getting involved and thumping their French equivalents. The battered Cuirassiers got lucky though, escaping the attentions of the British Line infantry in the woods without casualties.

Gen Reille brought more Line infantry to take on the British infantry in the woods as the British Guards (still in square) fell to fire from the Old Guard and Foot artillery, the remnants of the French Light cavalry making a hasty exit. {5:1}

Gen Hill took what was left of his command into Hougoumont where the French Horse artillery finished them off, Hill escaping. The French artillery on the central hills wiped out the British Line infantry that General Picton had led off the opposite hills. Picton also escaped. {A "Bombard" took the score to 7:1}

A final push on the French left saw the Horse artillery into Hougoumont as Reille's infantry took out the last of a Dutch Belgian Line unit. {8:1}

Well, that was a surprisingly one-sided scoreline, given that I felt it was hard work. Evert reckons he was too aggressive as the Allies, which may well have been a factor, and demanded a re-match. I'm up for that, though for now I have a 100% record at this scenario.
Pevans replied the topic:
2 years 1 month ago
Yes, Evert's and my journey through the base game scenarios has reached its climax. As usual, Evert took the French first.

Facing each other across the valley, both armies moved troops forward while exchanging artillery fire. Marshal d'Erlon pulled his men off the hills after they took casualties, while Marshal Ney joined the French Line infantry on the hills in the centre. The first real action came with infantry and horse artillery on the French left moving through the woods to engage the British Light infantry in Hougoumont. The wounded Lights were replaced by the Grenadier Guards, backed by Dutch-Belgian Line infantry, while damaged French infantry retired.

As the fighting around Hougoumont continued, the Allies got the worst of it, losing the British Light infantry and Dutch-Belgian Line while the Guards took a pasting. Mind you, the French infantry knew they'd been in a fight, their own Light infantry falling to the muskets of the Guards. {And the score's 1:2 in favour of Evert's French.}

An initial demonstration by French Light cavalry through the gap between Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte was followed by a charge from them and the Cuirassiers. At the same time the French Guard cavalry attacked the forward Dutch-Belgian infantry in the centre. And French Light cavalry hit the Dutch-Belgian Light infantry holding Papelotte on the French right. Already depleted by musket fire from the Young Guard, the Dutch-Belgians were eliminated in Papelotte, allowing the cavalry to take it. The other infantry formed square. {A "Cavalry Charge" from Evert took the score to 1:3 with another victory banner to come from holding Papelotte.}

The Allied cavalry charged their opposite numbers. Dutch-Belgian Light cavalry came off the hills behind Hougoumont (French left) to destroy the French Lights (!) and hurt the Cuirassiers. The French Guard cavalry on their right was hit by the British Heavies and more Dutch-Belgian Lights, but survived. {I had a "Cavalry Charge" too - 2:4.}

The battered French cavalry retired, allowing the Allied infantry to come out of square. Then the Cuirassiers attacked again, putting a British Line into square for the advancing Old Guard to shoot at. However, this provided targets for the fresh British Guard cavalry. First they demolished the remaining Cuirassiers, then they all but destroyed the Old Guard, who disdained to go into square. French Foot artillery backed off the central hills after being badly shot up by the Rifles occupying La Haye Sainte. {3:4}

Marshal Ney's infantry advanced in support of the Old Guard and the British Guard cavalry withdrew only to return, finish off the Old Guard and put what was left of Ney's unit into square. Fine shooting from the Rifles also put paid to the remnants of the French Guard cavalry as they tried to retreat across the hills. {5:4}

On the French right, the Young Guard opened up and inflicted casualties on the Dutch-Belgian Light cavalry. The Allied response was for the British Heavies to hit the Young Guard, who formed square, while the British Foot artillery and Dutch-Belgian Line infantry shattered the French Light cavalry holding Papelotte.

Time for the French artillery to act. The Horse artillery inflicted further damage on the Grenadier Guards in Hougoumont, the guns in the centre finished off the Dutch-Belgian Light cavalry and the Guard artillery rumbled forward into the woods alongside the Young Guard. {Evert used a "Bombard" to tie the score again at 5:5}

Faced with a close range barrage from the French Guard artillery, the surviving British Heavy cavalry in front of Papelotte scampered to the rear of the battlefield. Meanwhile, on the other flank, Dutch-Belgian Line infantry replaced what was left of the Guards in Hougoumont. Just through the woods, British Line under General Hill finished off Ney's Line infantry, the Marshal high-tailing it into the woods behind him. {6:5}

In return, French muskets completed the destruction of the British Guard cavalry. {6:6} British guns eliminated the French Light cavalry in Papelotte and reduced the Young Guard to a very small square. {7:5 as the French lose the victory banner for Papelotte.}

General Hill led his right flank Line infantry to attack General Reille's much-reduced Line infantry, what was left of the Grenadier Guards popping out of the woods to support him. This wiped out the French troops, Reille falling with his men. {8:5}

That was a good fight, the Allied defensive positions held off the French attacks and the cavalry largely wiped each other out. Interestingly, as in the previous times I played this scenario, most of the fighting was around Hougoumont and the gap in the hills between Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte.
sushidog replied the topic:
7 years 1 month ago
It's too bad this scenario seems unbalanced as there are so many goodies to play with here.
Combi replied the topic:
9 years 1 month ago
French victory (mdg)
8 ( with Papelotte ) - 5
Pevans replied the topic:
9 years 2 months ago
There's a lengthy account of playing this scenario on my website (as part of my review of the game): Waterloo game report
Bayernkini replied the topic:
10 years 4 months ago
The original scenario rules apply, so only the british (red) CAV must follow this rule :)
Nimitstexan replied the topic:
10 years 4 months ago
Does the "Impetuous Cavalry" special rule in this scenario apply to all cavalry on the British side (i.e. the brown blocks) or only to the British (red) units.
Bayernkini replied the topic:
10 years 7 months ago
Ok, the answer is online now ;)

A Walled Farm terrain tile hex effect has been updated to allow a unit on a Walled Farm hex to ignore one flag. It is suggested that players replace Hougomont and La Haye Sainte town tiles with Walled Farm tiles and use the updated effect.
Achtung-Panzer replied the topic:
10 years 7 months ago
If my suggestion of recognising the Hougomont and La Haye Saint as fortified farmhouses / strongpoints then I am delighted to give something back to this wonderful game and community!
Bayernkini replied the topic:
10 years 7 months ago

Allow Allied defenders to ignore 1 Flag at Hougomont and La Haye Saint

The new Austrian expansion have some usefull terrain updates, which allows also to update this standard Waterloo scenario, let you surprise :)

And all CCN players, don´t stop, trying scenarios with updated houserules, and share your thoughts here with all other players,
you never know, which houserule become official in future :whistle:
Achtung-Panzer replied the topic:
11 years 3 months ago
This was an interesting experiment.
The test game largely followed events in the real battle. The French attacked Hougomont until they were spent and the fighting there ended. The "ignore flag" rule bought time for the Allies to reinforce (the French rolled 1 flag in each of their first three attacks) and occupying with the Grenadier Guards made Hougomont impregnable. The British HC charged up to and on to the southern ridge, even taking out an Artillery unit, but were then pushed back by Cavalry and the Old Guard with heavy losses. The French ignored Papalotte and concentrated on taking La Haye Saint which they did and by surviving a counter-attack won the game.

So, my thoughts are:

* Keep the "ignore 1 flag" rule for the Allied defenders of Hougomont and La Haye Saint.
* Drop the Prussian arrival die roll idea. In my game they would have arrived with the score at 6:5 to the Allies, ending the game too early. If players wish to use this, perhaps roll 3 die.
* Replace LC with Lancers to taste. Lancers are better than LC against HC.
* If you keep the Victory banner for Papalotte you have a better 'historical' feel to the game, but the scenario as a game is weakened.
Achtung-Panzer replied the topic:
11 years 3 months ago

Achtung Panzer wrote:

  1. Use of M'44 Night Chart to simulate the Prussian advance with an Immediate Allied Victory when 'full daylight' is reached
  2. Allow Allied defenders to ignore 1 Flag at Hougomont and La Haye Saint
  3. Remove the French Victory Banner from the village on their right flank
  4. Replace one of the French LC with a Lancer unit
I know these changes favour the Allies and greatly change the official scenario, but based on the balance of play this might be a good thing.

I'll post the first results.

Early findings after play-testing:
  • Perhaps 3 dice would be better?
  • This certainly held up the French attack and also buys time for the GG to occupy Hougomont, making it almost impregnable. More historical and definately more difficult for the French. The attacks tend to be short and bloody.
  • Encourages the French right to move towards the centre whilst the Allies sit and watch. I think this actually detracts from the sceanrio as a game.
  • Lancers are better against HC than LC, otherwise not really necessary to make the change other than a chance to use Lancers.
Bayernkini replied the topic:
11 years 3 months ago

Use of M'44 Night Chart to simulate the Prussian advance with an Immediate Allied Victory when 'full daylight' is reached

You mean certainly the opposite direction, starting with full daylight and British win if full night/darkness had fallen ;)

I had already same thoughts too, and latest with the next (prussian/austrian) extension, i will also add again all existing fanscenarios with additonal markers, like a "nightchart" to the Vassal module.

So you can test it then also with the Vassal module :)
Achtung-Panzer replied the topic:
11 years 3 months ago
Of all the Base Game scenarios I think Waterloo would benefit the most from a re-fresh. The use of Objectives in the Russian expansion and addition of Lancers are two examples.

I plan to playtest the Waterloo sceanrio with the following changes:
  1. Use of M'44 Night Chart to simulate the Prussian advance with an Immediate Allied Victory when 'full daylight' is reached
  2. Allow Allied defenders to ignore 1 Flag at Hougomont and La Haye Saint
  3. Remove the French Victory Banner from the village on their right flank
  4. Replace one of the French LC with a Lancer unit
I know these changes favour the Allies and greatly change the official scenario, but based on the balance of play this might be a good thing.

I'll post the first results.
Bayernkini replied the topic:
11 years 3 months ago
Maybe we get an revised "Waterloo" or an additional "late afternoon" scenario, after the prussian expansion is out. If not, you can always setup a "fanscenario" with new available units and/or special scenario rules ;)
Achtung-Panzer replied the topic:
11 years 3 months ago
I know that French Lancers weren't available for this Base Game scenario, but could they now replace one of the LC units? I'm no Napoleonic expert, just watched the film Waterloo a few times. ;)
Bayernkini replied the topic:
11 years 7 months ago
Phil, it´s a little bit tough and unclear,
if you want to see complete flag results and use for this
a new post for each result in each scenario.......

Maybe Alessandro can still add an similar poll/or database for the results onto each scenario site like the "win-loose" arrows, so you "report" your result (6:2; 5:3;... and so on)

But as i said, i have no problems, to see a result with a short battle review or an added vassallogfile, but i have problems, to see 100 posts with only different results in each scenario site, for this a database is simple better :whistle:
Freeloading-Phill replied the topic:
11 years 7 months ago

Bayernkini wrote: Please stop posting only results into the scenario threads,
i will delete such spam posts,

Actually I think they're reasonably relevant - we don't worry at all if there's a sentence about what happened to get to the score and I see it as almost the same sort of posting.

It does contain information that the statistics % doesn't as the banner count isn't recorded elsewhere.
I was interested to see so many 6-1 and 6-2 victories as my groups games tend to end within a few banners of each other in score.

In this case posting so many at once is a little annoying though but it looked like it was a once for each scenario and all over though so I think it was a little heavy handed to delete all those posts. :huh:

It could very well be as annoying to some people to see vassal tournament posts when they're not that interesting :evil: :cheer:

Bayernkini replied the topic:
11 years 7 months ago
Please stop posting only results into the scenario threads,
i will delete such spam posts,
Bayernkini replied the topic:
11 years 7 months ago
Any special reason,
posting the results of games here?
If you want only update game statistic,
use the arrows (up and down) direct on top of the scenrio site