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Death Factory - A Campaign for Tide of Iron designed by Joseph S. Anderson.

See all campaign details here: Death Factory - A Campaign for Tide of Iron.


  American German
Starting Unit Pool

24 Squad bases
- 54 Regular Infantry
- 12 Elite Infantry
- 6 Officers
- 6 MG crews
- 6 Mortar crews

2x Medic
2x Engineer
2x Flamethrower
2x AntiTank
2x Alpha Unit
2x Recon

12 Sherman
4 M10 TD
6 M3A1
6 GMC CCKW 353
4 M1 AT Guns

24 Squad bases
- 54 Regular Infantry
- 12 Elite Infantry
- 6 Officers
- 6 MG crews
- 6 Mortar crews

2x Medic
3x Engineer
1x Flamethrower
2x AntiTank
2x Bravo Unit
2x Recon

5 Panzer IV
5 Panther
2 Tiger
2 King Tiger
2 Jagdpanzer IV
2 StuG III G
4 FlaK 36 AT Guns
6 SdKfz 251
6 Opel Blitz

Commander Norman D. Cota Walter Model
Campaign Cards
These operations cards may be used during only one battle then they are discarded.

010 Inspiring Leadership
004 Double Time
026 Ammunition Depot (May place a depot in starting area before battle starts. Depot can be captured.)
034 Ultra
006 Merciless Assault

011 Elite Tank Crew
013 Desperate Defenders
017 Camoflauge
009 Tank Ace
018 Seize the Initiative

Permanent Strategy Cards Supply Priority (from Supply 1, no cost to activate)
005 Clear Mines
008 {tip content="At range 1-3 the smoke round is always on target.
At range 4-5 the placement drifts one hex.
At range 6-8 the round drifts twice (1 hex each time).
Roll separately for each drift."}Lay Smoke
021 Fuel Shortages
031 King Tiger Tanks
014 No surrender
035 Enigma
007 Lay Razor Wire
Leadership Decks  Hero
Tactician (shared)
Tactician (shared)
Strategy Decks  Artillery 2
American Air Support 1 (Remove the "Paratroopers" card.)
Artillery 1
German Air Support 1 (Remove the "Air Priority" and "Air Superiority" cards. Add +1 command cost to all cards in this deck.)
Deployment Zone Each side may deploy up to 12 units (vehicles and/or squads) at the start of each battle. The attacker sets up anywhere on the 4 map tiles on his/her end of the map. The defender may set up anywhere on the other 8 map tiles. The side with the initiative sets up first.
Starting Initiative Initiative Token  
Objective The Americans must win on map 5 by the end of round 60 to win the campaign. The Germans win if they prevent the Americans from achieving their objective.
Rounds 60 (total on 5 maps)
Actions per turn 4 4
Campaing Rules Death Factory - A Campaign for Tide of Iron

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