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German Heavy Tank Battalion 501 was made up of the new Tiger tanks and Panzer Ill Ausf. N tanks. On December 1st, 1942, the lead elements of Heavy Tank Battalion 501 attacked elements of the US 1st Armored Division and British Blade Force north of the city of Tebourba, marking the first time that the Americans and British would face the Tiger.


  British German
Division 1

4 Crusader Mk. II Tank

3 Tiger I Tanks
Division 2

6 M4A1 Sherman Tanks

6 Panzer III Tanks
Strategy Decks The British receive a custom strategy deck made up of the following cards. Place an initiative card on top of the deck to mask which card is next:
- Take Down the Beast x2
- Top Priority Barrage x2
- Offensive Artillery x3
German Air Support 1 (see Special Rules)
Starting Strategy Cards 1 1
Operations Cards - -
Deployment Zone British Division: Any hex with green border on map 15B.
American Division: Any hex with green border on maps 18B and 21B.
Any hex with a gray border on maps 20A. 14A, and 17A.
Starting Initiative   Initiative Token

The nation with the most VPs at the end of game round 7 wins.

The Germans receive 1 VP for each tank moved off the board through the blue shaded hexes.

The Allies player gets 1 VP for each destroyed Tiger.

The Allies player win a decisive victory if they prevent any Tigers from exiting the map.

Rounds 7
Actions per turn 2 2
Reinforcements Status Phase, Round 2:
2 M4A1 Sherman Tanks
Special Rules
  • All Crusader Mk. II tanks have firepower 6 vs. vehicles.
  • British and American units cannot combine fire with each other.
  • The Allies cannot combine fire with more than 2 vehicles, reflecting the newness of the Allies working together and the lack of fighting experience of the Americans.
  • All Panzer III tanks have an armor value of 4.
  • The blue shaded hexes represent the exit point for German tanks. A tank on a blue shaded hex may spend 1 movement point to exit the board. 
  • The "Strafing Run" card in the German Air Support 1 deck has the following effects:
    Then TARGET HEX adjacent to initial target hex
    All other aspects of the card are unchanged


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