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311 The first liberation of Rostov-on-Don

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This scenario could be subject to heavy modification.
Playtests still in progress.

"I congratulate you on your victory over the enemy and the liberation of Rostov from the Fascist invaders. I send greetings to the gallant troops of the 9th and 56th armies under Generals Kharitonov and Remezov, who have raised the glorious Soviet banner over Rostov."
Joseph Stalin.

  Soviet German
Division 1

3 Squad Bases
- 9 Regular Infantry
- 2 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer

1x Medic

1 Truck
1 BA64 Armoured Car
1 T-34 tank

4 Squad Bases
- 11 Regular Infantry
- 2 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

1 SdkFz 251 halftrack

Division 2

5 Squad Bases
- 16 Regular Infantry
- 2 Elite Infantry
- 1 Mortar Crew

2x "Skiers" spcializations *see special rules

5 Squad Bases
- 16 Regular Infantry
- 1 Machine Gun Crew
- 1 Mortar Crew

1x Engineer

1 SdkFz 251 halftrack

Strategy Decks Soviet Urban Warfare 1
Soviet Reinforcements
German Urban Warfare 1
Supply 1
Starting Strategy Cards 2 2
Operations Cards 010 Inspiring Leadership
018 Seize the Initiative
013 Desperate Defenders
Deployment Zone Div.1: Any light red bordered hex.
Div.2: Any dark red bordered hex.
Div.1: Any light grey bordered hex.
Div.2: Any dark grey bordered hex.
Starting Initiative   Initiative Token

Take Rostov-on-Don (own at least 2 Objective points).

Keep Rostov-on-Don (own at least 2 Objective points).
Rounds 8
Actions per turn 3 3
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules

Skiers: these units have "Effective Snow Movement" ability (snow hexes cost 1/2 movement point).

Terrain Features -


Tags: German Army, Soviet Army, Rounds, Boards, Year: 1941


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