A medic squad can harden the resolve of units in the hex, and is able to heal squads which have suffered casualties during a normal attack.

Bandage: The medic squad, and any squad in the same hex as at least one medic squad, gains +1 cover against normal attacks.

Heal: During the Action Phase, as an action, a medic squad may be fatigued to heal a weakened squad in the same hex (including the medic squad itself).

Healing a squad is done as follows:

  1. First, the active player announces that, as an action, he will fatigue the medic squad to heal a squad in the same hex, designating the squad to receive the healing. The medic squad is allowed to heal itself, if desired.
  2. Roll a single die: On a result of “4,” “5 “ or “6,” the player may retrieve one regular infantry figure from the game box and place this figure in the healed squad (regardless of what figure type was destroyed prior to the healing). If another result is rolled, the healing attempt was unsuccessful, and the medic squad has thus been fatigued to no effect.

A weakened squad may continue to be healed by medic squads in this way, as long as available holes remain in the squad base.
Note that a medic can never heal an empty squad, as empty squad bases are removed from the game as soon as the last figure in the squad is destroyed.
If there are no regular infantry figures available in the game box, a medic squad may not attempt to heal.

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