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121 Counter-Attack

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On the 21th of may 1940, the german Blitzkrieg had penetrated deep into Belgium. In an attempt to break the net that was swiftly closing around the Allied armies their commanders hurriedly organized a counterattack.
This attack was the one serious counter-stroke made by the entrapped armies before the end of the war in France. Small as it was in scale, it gave the germans a shock.
Suddenly they where aware that after 20 days of hastily advance their divisions where spread out all over belgium. This resulted into Hitler ordering all advances too stop and regroup. Which allowed 60 Allied divisions to escape from Dunkirk to England.


  British German
Division 1

2 Squad Bases
- 8 Regular Infantry

4 Sherman Tank *

5 Squad Bases
- 11 Regular Infantry
- 8 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer

2 Panzer IV Tank

1x Engineer
2x AntiTank

Division 2

2 Squad Bases
- 7 Regular Infantry
- 1 Officer

4 Sherman Tank *

7 Squad Bases
- 20 Regular Infantry
- 2 Officer
- 1 Mortar Crew
- 2 Machine Gun Crew

1x AntiTank

Strategy Decks Command 1
Morale 1
Artillery 1
Ground Support 1
Starting Strategy Cards 3 3
Operations Cards - Shattered Morale - Lay Smoke
Deployment Zone Any hex with a green border. Any hex with a grey border.
Starting Initiative   Initiative Token
Objective At the end of round 8 check the tiles 9A, 11A, 1A and 2B.
The army which has the most units in a tile receive 1 VP. Units in the half hexes of a tile don't count. The side with the most VP wins.
Rounds 8
Actions per turn 3 3
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules The Shermans in this mission are in fact the early britisch tank the Mark 2s. Since this where very slow tanks their movement value is changed too 4. -
Terrain Features The river is shallow.


Tags: German Army, British Army, Complexity: Medium, Rounds, Boards, Year: 1940


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