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2022-04-28 Vikings scenarios by Mark McG

Here you can find all Vikings scenarios from Mark McG.

There are 2 main Special rules in the scenarios:

  • Auxilia units Battleback with 1 extra die. 
  • Replace the Mounted Charge Command card text to read: Boar’s Snout
    Select one foot unit and up to two adjacent foot units. Each unit can move one extra hex and battle.
    When battling, add 1 die to each supported unit. Ordered units may not engage in Ranged Combat.

Enjoy them!

VIK01 Englefield 870
VIK02 Reading 871
VIK03 Ashdown 871
VIK04 Basing 871
VIK05 Marton 871
VIK06 Edington/Ethandun 878
VIK07 Cynwit 878
VIK08 Rochester 885
VIK09 Farnham 892


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2020-10-06 New C&C solitaire rules

I've recently been contact by one of Richard Borg playtesters (Steven Malecek) asking for permission to post his "solitaire rules".

Here they are, with his introduction:

I am one of Richard's playtesters for 20 years now, during the Flu Pandemic we have found it hard to play, I know there are solitaire rules out there that have been adapted from other games to use with C&C but I have come up with this simple set of solitaire rules. I have tested it over 60 games at least 5 times with each version and it works well even using Combat/Tactical Cards and in EPIC modes.

Solitaire Command and Colors

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2020-01-15 Medieval vs Ancients Comparison (by Michal K)

Hi guys,
under Articles --> CCA Related section you will find 3 interesting articles by Michal.

Commands and Colors: Medieval vs Ancients Comparison - Part 1 - Major Changes
Commands and Colors: Medieval vs Ancients Comparison - Part 2 - Minor Changes
Commands and Colors: Medieval vs Ancients Comparison - Part 3 - Comparative Plays

Thank you Michal for sharing these great articles!

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2019-10-02 All scenarios published!

I've just published all scenarios from the base game.
You can find them in "Maps" section.

As always a big "Thank you" to GMT Games for allowing me to share this material!



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Map NameTimes Played
001 Utus River (447 AD) played 77 times
004 Thannuris (528 AD) played 65 times
002 Catalaunian Fields (451 AD) Roman Left played 63 times
003 Catalaunian Fields (451 AD) Roman Right played 51 times
005 Melebasa (528 AD) played 47 times
018 Solachon (586 AD) Main Battle played 38 times
006 Dara (530 AD) played 38 times
007 Satala (530 AD) played 31 times
012 Decimum (533 AD) Final Phase played 26 times
015 Lazic War (549 AD) Phasis River played 25 times

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006 Dara (530 AD) 2022-11-03 05:48:10
VIK06 Edington/Ethandun 878 2022-11-02 12:33:56 MarkMcG
013 Tricamarum (533 AD) 2022-11-01 03:00:37 ozzie
012 Decimum (533 AD) Final Phase 2022-11-01 03:00:15 ozzie
011 Decimum (533 AD) Phase 2 2022-11-01 02:59:57 ozzie
010 Decimum (533 AD) Phase 1 2022-11-01 02:59:32 ozzie
001 Utus River (447 AD) 2022-10-19 23:38:07 sushidog
003 Catalaunian Fields (451 AD) Roman Right 2022-10-13 05:47:35 ozzie
002 Catalaunian Fields (451 AD) Roman Left 2022-10-13 05:47:19 ozzie
MK01 EPIC Catalaunian Fields (451 AD) 2022-10-13 05:46:30 ozzie

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