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Record a victory for BOTTOM ARMY  60 %
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The Vikings entered at Medway and attacked Rochester, but were unable to seize the town due to strong resistance. Alfred arrived with an army, which forced some of the Vikings to retreat back to their ships and sail for Francia, while another group of Vikings stayed behind and came to terms with the King.

War Council

SAXONS (Use Tan blocks)
• Leader: King Alfred of Wessex
• 6 Command Cards
• 4 Inspired Action tokens

VIKINGS (Use Purple Blocks)
• Leader:
• 5 Command Cards
• 3 Inspired Action tokens
• Move first

6 Banners
Vikings get 1 banner for each city gate removed by storm


  • The River is impassable except at the ford.
  • Auxilia units Battleback with 1 extra die.
  • Saxons use the Byzantine Inspired Actions
  • Vikings use all Inspired Actions
  • Replace the Mounted Charge Command card text to read
    Boar’s Snout
    Select one foot unit and up to two adjacent foot units. Each unit can move one extra hex and battle.
    When battling, add 1 die to each supported unit. Ordered units may not engage in Ranged Combat.
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Mark-McG replied the topic:
1 year 2 months ago
1. Yes, Vikings must Storm
2. Banner is permanent, and in fact the stormed gate is removed.
so I was intending to update the Victory condition to read "Vikings get 1 banner for each city gate removed by storm".

theoretically the act of occupation and removal are simultaneous, but I could forsee some debate.
mk20336 replied the topic:
1 year 2 months ago
"Vikings gain 1 banner for each gate occupied by a Viking unit"

Couple of questions, as per the rules ( ) "Enemy units and lone Leaders of the city may not move, retreat or evade onto or through a hex with a city gate; An enemy unit must first successfully storm the city gate to move onto a city gate hex."

1) So I assume that Vikings need first to storm the gate, and only than can occupy it?
2) is the banner permanent? What if Viking is pushed back from the stormed gate?