Victory Results:
 19 %
Record a victory for BOTTOM ARMY  81 %
Total plays 26 - Last reported by kostas63 on 2023-02-04 17:28:30

Historical Background
Following his set-back at Ruspina, Julius Caesar spent some time regrouping before making a surprise night march of 16 miles and camping near the Pompeian-held coastal town of Thapsus. Caesar immediately placed Thapsus under siege. Though numerically superior, Metellus Scipio, the Pompeian commander in the area, originally had no intention of risking a direct battle with the formidable Caesar. However, Caesar had forced the issue with this threat to Thapsus. If Scipio allowed a key city to fall without a fight, then key allies would defect to Caesar. Scipio reluctantly brought his 40,000 man army up to relieve the city. Scipio occupied a defensive position and drew up his line with elephants (provided by King Juba) on the wings. Caesar opposed the pachyderms with light archers and slingers, while taking personal command of his right wing. As the battle began, volleys of missiles sent the elephants reeling. At nearly the same time, Caesar’s infantry, eager for battle, attacked without orders. Many of the elephants stampeded into the center of Caesar’s line, where the 5th legion Alaudae ( the Larks) was advancing. The 5th was a Gallic legion, recruited in Transalpine Gaul. The Larks bravely stood firm against the elephants, and later adopted the elephant as their legionary symbol. Caesar’s horse countered a Numidian cavalry charge and forced them to flee. After the failed charge, the Pompeian line crumbled and the rout was on. Pompeian resistance in Africa had been crushed, but the civil war was not quite over. There remained one more Pompeian bastion – Spain.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history.

Light Infantry   Light Bow Auxilia Medium Infantry       Heavy Infantry Light Cavalry     Medium Cavalry     Elephant     Leader  
3   2 3 3       1 4     2     2     3  
  Light Sling Light Bow   Medium Infantry       Heavy Infantry       Medium Cavalry           Leader  
  2 2   7       2       2           3  

War Council

Pompeian Army
• Leader: Scipio
• 5 Command Cards      
• Move First

Caesarian Army
• Leader: Caesar
• 6 Command Cards 

7 Banners

Special Rules
Julian Legions rule is in effect for both armies.
• Julius Caesar Rule is in effect.

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kostas63 replied the topic:
1 year 5 months ago
Vittoria Cesariana 7-4. I Pompeiani avvicinano le loro truppe leggere alle linee nemiche per causare scompiglio. Cesare muove con la sua fanteria pesante per affrontare Scipio lasciando indietro la cavalleria. Scipio risponde alla minaccia caricando con i suoi elefanti che fermano l'avanzata cesariana sacrificandosi. Scipio elimina la fanteria pesante nemica e costringe Cesare a fuggire. Nel centro Rebilus raggiunge le linee nemiche ma perde la vita. Domitius manda avanti i suoi leggeri che eliminano gli elefanti nemici rimasti. La battaglia si conclude quando Cesare, a capo della seconda unitá di fanteria pesante e con l'appoggio della sua cavalleria penetra nel centro nemico causando perdite eccessive per le truppe fedeli a Pompeo
mk20336 replied the topic:
7 years 3 weeks ago
That was bitter fight to the last soldier. Elephants were quickly hidden behind Lights, and volleys of arrows were exchanged. Then Caesarian right moved forward with mighty Caesar. His 3 times were educed to zero blocks, but he survived all LC1 rolls. Finally, well prepared and time Mounted Charge by Pompeyans managed to grab a 7-5 win for them!