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Light Cavalry Light Cavalry Light Cavalry Light Cavalry Light Cavalry Light Cavalry Light Cavalry Light Cavalry
3 (+1) 8 2 4 (+2) 4 3 4 2


Move 4
Fire Range
Fire Dice
Hold: 2 - Move: 1
Close Combat
CC Dice
Ignore 1 flag if supported
CC Special
no sword hits
Evade CC
Momentum advance, move 1 hex, may battle
Special Rules
retreat 1 additional hex per flag when attacked by elephant or camel



  • Light cavalry is very vulnerable (most fragile units in the game). Surrounded enemies often beat them up! Infantry units can catch them even when they are positioned to discharge missiles, and they only have three blocks.
  • Keep them out of trouble and don't let them within two hexes of anything ferocious.
  • They are usually moving when attacking, so their ranged attack is a single die, which is rarely even worth the card used to order them.
  • Avoid closing unless the enemy unit is almost broken or unsupported so that it can't battle back if you cause a retreat.
  • Harass the flanks of the army with ranged fire (shooting), and evade if contacted. You want to make the enemy worried that you'll surround his flank units and waste turns trying to drive your light cavalry off.
  • Always evade when attacked. Evading is particularly important for light cavalry, since evade only retreats 2 instead of 4. Only stand and fight if you have no choice or you can ignore retreats and the opponent is down to 1 piece in the unit.
  • If you use light cavalry to cut off retreats, just make sure you have a retreat path for your units. If you don't and you opponent gets to battle back, you're one retreat roll from disaster.
  • With their speeding manoeuver you can easily supoprt your flanks (placing Light Cavalry behind).
  • LC can attack a unit 6 hexes away, move 4 and range 2. Their maneuverability is their strong point.
  • Block off straggling units to prevent retreat or evade.
  • Use them as a sort of "assassin" late in the game, searching for some isolated heavily wounded enemy units.