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2018-07-31 New CCA Vassal module (v4)

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Hi guys,

I'm working on a "refresh / restyle / update"  about CCA Vassal game module.

Here you can find a very first preview of latest additions (changelog):

  • modified default icons (from left to righ: undo, next, disconnect, change side, p1, p2, dice from 1 to 7, terrains, units, notes, charts, end turn / clear)
  • I've also modified Zoom, "LoS" and Clear moves icon
  • card back with white round corner
  • player's hand windows with grey / bronze background (following toolbar icon color)
  • changed dice piture with HQ images and round corner)
  • draw icon on player's hand (hand icon) to automatically draw to hand 1 card (with log on main log window)
  • right click (or shortcut) on selected card to be "played" (as to say: send it to the center of the map, instead of drag'n'dopping things around) deck card counter (a small number to show remaining cards)
  • swapped "draw" and "discard" deck to keep more visible "actual card in play" (instead of scrolling to the right)
  • thicker "movement trail" to be more visible
  • "color coded" movement trail to better understand relative faction
  • added a "star icon" to identify actual in turn player (icon shows on top or bottom of the map) linked to "End Turn" hourglass icon
  • added "cards left" counter below command card draw deck
  • added sound: dice roll
  • added sound: draw / flip / play a card
  • added sound: reshuffle deck
  • right click on command card to play it on main board
  • redesign victory track bar (what do you think about placing one at the top and the other one at the bottom of the sidebar, instead of both at the bottom?)
  • added "report in log window" for marker actions like "attack" and "target"
  • slightly changed markers: attack = double swords, target = bullseye, battled = tick)
  • integrated all extension materials (markers, units, terrains, chards, scenarios, ecc) inside main module, so we are going to have a single VMOD file including all official components
  • added scenarios menu (submenu) with unlinked scenario vsav files
  • added units with color-coded movement trails
  • unit movement using numpad keys
  • added a "Hide units" icon to easily show the map with terrains only
  • added "Area of Effect" trait to see ranged combat max distance for bow, sliger (foot and cavalry) and war machines.
  • added links in "About menu" to easily reach Units and Terrain section on Official Website

Please follow the "work in progress" and post your suggestions on BGG Forum.

Thank you in advance.


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2018-05-04 New feature

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Hello everybody,

I've just setup a new website module to show all scenarios from actual map category.

If you enter in a specific scenario and scroll down at the bottom you'll find a section called "Maps in this Category".

This section groups all scenarios from the actual map category in a more graphic way.

This option is available in both scenario view and category view. It's also fully functional on mobile device!

I hope you like it.


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2018-05-02 The Forgotten Battle

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 Hi guys,

the user "LeonardoAngelo" found some missing scenarios and I think it would be great for us to cover the gap.

Let's see if there are some good scenario designer out there (I do know there are a lot of them) to create these missing scenarios.

Here you can find a brief list.

More details in the forum thread.


First Punic war

1) Multistrat 260 BC 
2) The Battle of Egesta. 260 BC
3) Parop battle . 260 BC
4) Liliba 250 BC
5) Battle of mount Eryx. 249 BC
6) Battle of mount Eryx. 244 BC
7) Battle of mount Eryx. 241 BC

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