Expansion Rules

New Game Mechanics
Expansion 1 - Special Unit Blocks, Cathaginian Sacred Band
Expansion 2 - Special Unit Blocks, Tenth (X) Legion Special Unit Abilities
Expansion 3  - Marius Legions RuleJulian Legions rule, Julius Caesar Rule
Expansion 4 - Special Unit Blocks, Praetorian Guard, Caltrops Rule, Para Bellum Extended Battle System

New Special Rules
Expansion 2 - Marius Legions Rule, ‘I Am Spartacus’ Slave player rule, Rolling Fire Rule, Caesar Rule
Expansion 4  - Marius Legions RuleJulian Legions ruleImperial Legions rule

New Unit Types
Expansion 1  - Light Bow Cavalry, Camel
Expansion 2  - Barbarian Light Chariot
Expansion 4  - Heavy Cataphract Cavalry, Cataphract Camel, Baggage Wagon, Wagon Laager
Expansion 6  - Hoplite Infantry, Special Unit Blocks: Spartan Bronze Block Medium Hoplites, Persian Immortals, Theban Sacred Band, The Argive 1000, Spartan Skiritae, Veterans of Xenophon’s Ten Thousand, Greek Companion Cavalry, Greek Silver Shields

New Terrain Hexes
Expansion 2  - Marsh
Expansion 3  - Scalable City Walls, Fortified City Walls
Expansion 4  - Bridge, Fordable River
Expansion 6  - Rampart, Scalable City Walls, Fortified City Walls, City Gate, Buildings, Marsh

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