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108 Issus (333 BC)

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Historical Background
After the battle of Granicus River, Darius assembled a new army near Babylon while Alexander overran Asia Minor. Darius advanced into Syria to await the Macedonian invader. However, when Alexander’s advance was delayed due to his illness, Darius maneuvered his forces around behind the Macedonian army and overran its supply base. Alexander turned back to meet Darius at the Pinarus River. Darius’ army was deployed defensively behind the river, with light-armed units on the hills on his left, Greek mercenaries in the center and the majority of his cavalry on his right under Narbazanes. Alexander took command of the Companion Cavalry on the right, deployed his phalanx in the center and sent the Thessalian cavalry under Parmenio to the left flank to hold out against the massed Persian horse. Alexander’s advance was slow at first, but when he realized the Persian units in the hills were no threat, he ordered the charge toward the Greek mercenaries. The Macedonian phalanx initially had a tough time against Darius’ Greek mercenaries, but Alexander broke through with his Companions and took the mercenaries in the flank. The Persian center rapidly collapsed and Darius fled the field. A fierce, evenly matched cavalry battle near the shore turned into a Persian rout when the horsemen saw Darius take flight. Persia had lost two armies, and Alexander now had access into the heart of the empire.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history.

Light Infantry   Light Bow Auxilia Medium Infantry       Heavy Infantry Light Cavalry     Medium Cavalry           Leader  
2   2 2 2       4 1     2           3  
Light Infantry Light Sling Light Bow Auxilia Medium Infantry         Light Cavalry     Medium Cavalry Heavy Cavalry         Leader  
3 2 2 5 4         3     2 1         3  

War Council

Macedonian Army
(Use Greek blocks)
• Leader: Alexander
• 6 Command Cards 
• Move First

Persian Army
(Use Eastern Kingdom blocks)
• Leader: Darius III
• 4 Command Cards     

8 Banners

Special Rules
• The Pinarus River is fordable with no battle dice reductions.

• When Alexander is attached to a unit, the unit will battle with 1 additional dice in Close Combat.

• The Greek Companion Cavalry is a special unit. Place a special unit block in the same hex as the Companion Cavalry unit to distinguish it from the other units. The Companion Cavalry will ignore 1 sword symbol in Close Combat and may ignore 1 flag.

• The Persian Immortals is a special unit. Place a special unit block in the same hex as the Immortal unit to distinguish it from the other units. The Immortals are armed with bows and follow Ranged Combat rules.

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mk20336's Avatar
mk20336 replied the topic: #2275 3 years 1 month ago
Long and bloody game. Being Persians I knew I need to attack in open sop where I have cards. It was right wing (when playing Persians I usually attack on left, via mountains). It went initially very well, but then double time hit me in flank. I responded with DT and finally it was fight to the last banner. Good game and Persians (also historically) not without chances for a win!

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