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009 2nd Beneventum (214 BC)

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2nd Beneventum 214 BC

Carthaginians vs Romans

Historical Background
Desperate for manpower to replace the losses at Cannae, the Romans found a unique solution. They formed two legions from slaves. They were given to the Consul Gracchus who saw their potential and trained them well. Two years later, still under his command, these legions engaged a Carthaginian army under Hanno. Gracchus issued a decree to his men before the battle - freedom to any soldier bringing back a Carthaginian head. The Roman attack started well, but as soon as Carthaginians began to fall, scores of Gracchus's troops broke ranks to decapitate corpses. Faced with a disintegrating army, Gracchus corrected his error by amending his decree to "win the battle and secure your freedom." The slave soldiers quickly reformed and swept all before them. Interestingly, these soldiers gave their loyalty to Gracchus - not Rome. When he was killed a few years later, most of the soldiers in these legions deserted.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. The rest is history.

War Council

Army: Carthagian
Leader: Hanno
4 Command Cards

Army: Roman
Leader: Gracchus
4* Command Cards
Move First

7 Banners

Special Rules
The Calor River in not fordable.

When the Roman player gains his third victory banner block, he immediately draws two additional command cards. He will hold a hand of 6 command cards for the rest of the battle.


Tags: Base Game, Elephants, 7 banners, Carthage, Roman, Playable with Base Game

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Dylan Dog's Avatar
Dylan Dog replied the topic: #1790 1 year 3 months ago
Solo Play

The Carthaginians pushed on their left flank with all troops supported by the Elephant, this caused the Roman some troubles and allowed to gain some banner. Romans spent too much time to deploy the strong center being concentrated to defend their right flank.

Roman - Carthaginian 5 - 7
Anduril's Avatar
Anduril replied the topic: #990 7 years 3 months ago
Another Roman victory. As in the previous scenario, the flanks gave as good as they got, especially the Carthaginian right and Roman left - they hammered each other into uselessness. And again, it was the Roman center that carried the day, though it had to fight hard for it (though the final blow came on the Carthaginian left).
badweasel's Avatar
badweasel replied the topic: #387 9 years 3 months ago
Solo Play:

The Romans pushed their legions forward to start the battle. Carthage was taking a very cautious approach, mainly focusing on adjusting its line. Rome took the early lead by cutting down a couple of medium infantry who strayed too close to their line. Both sides were hitting hard, but could not finish off their enemy. The generals seemed desperate to keep their weak units out of harm's way. It proved successful for a while until Carthage finally pushed its warriors forward with a double time to start racking up some easy banners. Rome had a shot at a victory, but two turns in a row Roman cavalry failed to eliminate single block unit adjacent to other single block units. Easy banners that they just were not capitalizing on.

Carthage 7 - Rome 4

This time the Romans force marched forward to close with the Carthaginian line. Carthage really only had good control of their flanks which they used to good advantage in pushing back the advance. Unfortunately, their old problem of not being able to finish off units hurt them again. Rome had four units reduced to a single block by the battle's end with no Carthaginian unit near them. Gracchus was making sure no one would pick off his weakened slave legions. The added command cards came at an opportune time when they were earned on a battle back. Carthage had their shot at pulling off another victory, but just could not finish.

Rome 7 - Carthage 4

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