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Light Infantry Light Infantry Light Infantry Light Infantry Light Infantry Light Infantry Light Infantry Light Infantry
6 4 4 (+2) 4 5 (+1) 5 6 3


Move 2
Fire Range
Fire Dice
Hold: 2  /  Move: 1
Close Combat
CC Dice
Ignore if supported
CC Special
no sword hit
Evade CC
Momentum advance
Special Rules



  • These are the weakest units in the game. They don't hit hard. They rout far. Their only hope is if they are opposed to slow moving infantry or similar units. Keep your distance ad take cover in forest and broken ground.
  • Always evade when attacked by stronger units.
  • Light foots are most usefull at the beginning of the battle: they slow down the enemy lines, and have an attritional effect on those that don't find the opportunity (card) to move.
  • Try to make them retreat (through enemy lines with the Light unit move card, if possible) when the enemy goes in for the kill.
  • Light units are also good to harass from the sides enemy units attempting encircling manoeuvers...
  • They also can be the second to fight when heavy and mediums manage to make the defender retreat : javelines, arrows and stones can still hit the retreating one - especially if you don't want to break your lines by Momentum (and if your heavies or mediums are not able to close combat at the same time they advance).
  • Use them to screen your forces with their two move, shoot with them when possible and evade in pretty much every circumstance.
  • Use them to defend a river crossing, if there's a river. They get to roll the same 2 dice as anyone else at a river.
  • When facing heavy troops make them come to you. Get as many ranged attacks in as you can. Once they come into contact evade as much as you possible and then range attack some more.