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Elephant Elephant Elephant Elephant Elephant      
2 3 3 3 1 (+1) - - -


Move 2
Fire Range
Fire Dice
Close Combat
CC Dice
Ignore all sword hits
CC Special
no sword hit
Evade CC
Momentum advance
Special Rules
may ignore 1 red hit and 1 flag when attacked by cavalry/chariot.

# Elephants use 3 dice in CC against Elephants, Camels, Warriors or Heavy Chariots; 1 die against Leaders; otherwise same dice as opposing unit uses. Elephants receive NO benefits from Leaders.

* Elephant Rampage: Before an Elephant retreats all adjacent units (friendly and enemy) roll 2 dice for hits.
* Elephant retreat blocked: The Elephant does not take a loss. The 2 blocking units each take 1 loss.



  • Work best alone, but you can also screen them with lights and then carefully maneuver them towards the enemy lines (Your enemy is unlikely to attack your screen with his heavies as then you can respond with your elephants after your screen simply evades away).
  • Send them in first, avoiding lights and searching for some heavies to combat.
  • They are most effective in the midst of the enemy thanks to their rampage when they rout.

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