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Pavlov's House was the name of a ffortified apartment building defended by Sergeant Yakov Pavlov during the Battle of Stalingrad. Even though it was only held by fewer than two down men at a time, it never fell to repeated German assaults. The small Soviet garrison surrounded the building with barbed wire and minefields, and established anti-tank and machine gun posts at the windows. It still stands as a symbol of courage to this day. The Soviet officer figure represents Sergeant Pavlov.

Not one step back!”
Joseph Stalin


  Soviet German
Division 1

4 Squad Bases
- 11 Regular Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 2 Machine Gun Crews

1x AntiTank
1x Concealed Concealed

4 Squad Bases
- 15 Regular Infantry
- 1 Officers

1x Engineer

Division 2

4 Squad Bases
- 14 Regular Infantry
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

1x AntiTank

4 Squad Bases
- 14 Regular Infantry
- 1 Machine Gun Crew
- 1 Panzer IV Tank

1x Engineer

Strategy Decks Command 1
Morale 1
Artillery 1
Ground Support 1
Starting Strategy Cards 2 per Strategy deck 2 per Strategy deck
Operations Cards

013 Desperate Defenders
010 Inspiring Leadership

005 Clear Mines
Deployment Zone The Russians may deploy anywhere on the map outside of the German deployment zone (hexes with a gray border). Any hex with a gray border.
Starting Initiative   Initiative Token
Objective The Soviets win in the Germans are unable to achieve their objective. The Germans win if any German squad is present in any hex of Pavlov's House (the large building on map 9A) at the end of any game round.
Rounds 5
Actions per turn 3 3
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules The Soviets can move through the mine fields and razor wire markers unimpeded by paying one additional movement point. -


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pino replied the topic:
8 months 1 week ago
Hum....8 Soviet units deployed in defense behind the razor wire and the minefield are very difficult to beat. In my opinion the German player have very few opportunities to win.
alecrespi replied the topic:
9 months 1 day ago
Scenario Overview by Evil Knivel @ BGG

"It still stands as a symbol of courage to this day."
Time: 2 h
Favors: Soviets?
Fun Factor: *****?
Fixes: Add two rounds.