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Concealed Squads

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Certain scenarios allow one or both players to field concealed squads on the board. During setup, players designate which of their squads are “concealed” by placing one of the concealed squad markers adjacent to the unit. A concealed squad marker follows its squad on the board until the marker is removed by the squad becoming “revealed.”

Vehicles cannot be assigned a concealed squad marker.

A concealed squad cannot be fired upon by enemy units, nor can a concealed squad be affected by Area Attacks targeting its hex.

Enemy units can move through, but not end their movement in, a hex containing only concealed squads. Tank movement is unaffected by moving through hexes containing only concealed squads, and concealed squads are unaffected by the tank’s
Overrun” ability.

A concealed squad is revealed, and the concealed squad marker is removed, in the following circumstances:

  • If a concealed squad fires or supports an attack, it is immediately revealed.
  • If a concealed squad moves into an objective hex (one containing a command objective, victory point marker, or any other specific hex mentioned in the scenario), it is immediately revealed.
  • If at any time a concealed squad is within LOS of an enemy unit and is not located in cover-providing terrain, it is immediately revealed. A smoke marker (which provides +2 cover) will not keep a squad from being revealed; the hex’s main terrain type must provide cover (woods, rough, bridge, or building terrain).
  • If at the end of the Status Phase, a concealed squad is adjacent to an enemy unit, it is revealed, even if it is on cover-providing terrain.



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