Q: Can anyone confirm what happens if a concealed squad uses their specialization ability? i.e., a concealed squad with the 'Medic' specialization decides to use the 'Heal' ability on another squad in the same hex. Would the concealed squad be revealed in such cases?

A: As far as I know this does not cause them to be revealed.


Q: Are entrenchments and/or pillboxes considered terrain for the purpose of placing concealed squads?

A: Yes, entrenchments and pillboxes are considered cover for the purposes of concealed squads. 
Q: Can a concealed squad still be affected by "Wide Blast Radius" effects? May a concealed squad be targeted by strategy cards like Sniper Attack or Suppressive Support?

A: No and No. Concealed Squads are not affected, and no LOS can be established. Being immune from area fire in the same hex or wide blast effects seems odd, but it is meant to be a game feature to enhance concealed squads. Just like being immediately revealed after moving into an objective hex prevents concealed squads from becoming overly influential. 
Q: Can you assault concealed units?

A: No. See the official FAQ for when there are a mixture of units in the hex. 
Q: The rules say that a squad loses concealment if they enter an objective hex. What happens if the squad becomes concealed while already in the objective hex? My question assumes that there is terrain in the hex that offers cover.

A: The Tide of Iron rules book states on page 34 that “If a concealed squad moves into an objective hex (...), it is immediately revealed.” The key part of the sentence is “moves into an objective hex” so, technically a concealed squad can occupy an objective hex provided that “the hex’s main terrain type must provide cover (woods, rough, bridge, or building terrain).” Currently, there are only two situations that can take place that will allow a concealed squad to occupy an objective hex:
1) First, a squad moves into the objective hex. Then, during the next turn (or subsequent action turn) you play the Go to Ground Strategy Card and conceal the squad. But if that squad ever moves off the hex, and back on to it again (or another objective hex), the squad becomes revealed.
Note that no where in the rules does it say a concealed squad cannot occupy an objective hex.
2) During the start of a scenario you can place a concealed squad (waiting in ambush, sort of speak) in an objective hex. Remember, “any unit that starts on a command objective marker or victory objective marker at the beginning of the scenario automatically controls it.” (page 3, Scenario Guide) But if that squad ever moves off the hex, and back on to it again (or another objective hex), the squad becomes revealed.
Note that the concealed squad did not move into the objective hex, it was already present during setup and players designate which of their squads are concealed, which can happen after placing starting units.


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