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July 1942, Egypt, First battle of El-Alamein
On the 2nd July Rommel ordered the resumption of the offensive, intending for Afrika Korps to drive over the Ruweisat ridge to outflank the South African (one British division) positions at Alamein.
By this time Afrika Korps strength was just 37 tanks, while the British defence of the ridge relied on an improvised formation called Robcol, comprising regiment each of field artillery and light anti-aircraft artillery and a company of infantry. Robcol was able to buy time, and by late afternoon two British armoured brigades joined the battle. They drove back repeated attacks by the Axis armour, who then withdrew before dusk. The British reinforced the Ruweisat on the night of the 2nd July. The now enlarged Robcol became Walgroup. All this time the Royal Air Force subjected the Axis units to heavy air attacks.
The next day, the 3rd July, Rommel resumed the attack on the Ruweisat ridge. This time the Italian XX. Motorised Corps led, an indication of the exhaution and low strength of Afrika Korps. Within the morning, the combination of British artillery fire and constant air attacks halted Afrika Korps advance. Although the British had succeeded in halting Afrika Korps, the Italian Ariete armoured divison initially made good progress along the Ruweisat ridge until they met the more numerous and better armed British tanks of the 4th Armoured brigade.


  British German
Division 1

10th Indian divison 
12 Squad Bases

- 27 regular infantry
- 6 Elite infantry
- 3 officers
- 3 mortar crews
- 2 MG crews

4 QF 6 pounder AT guns
2 Bren carriers

1x Medic
1x AntiTank
1x Bravo Unit
1x Demolitions (2x thermite charge tokens)
4x Concealed Concealed

21st Panzer divison (Germans) 
12 Squad Bases

- 27 Regular infantry
- 12 Elite infantry
- 3 Officers
- 2 Mortar Crews
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

4 SdKfz 251 halftracks
4 Opels Blitz
4 Panzer IV
4 Panzer III

1x Medic
2x Engineer
1x AntiTank
1x Alpha Unit
1x Demolitions (2x satchel charge tokens)

Division 2

4th Armoured brigade and reinforc.
4 Squad Bases

- 9 Regular infantry
- 2 Elite infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Machine Gun crew
- 1 Mortar crew

2 Bedford trucks
3 Matilda tanks
3 Crusader tanks

1x AntiTank
1x Bravo Unit

Ariete div. and XX. Motoriz. Corps (Italians)
6 Squad Bases
- 19 Regular infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Mortar Crew
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

2 SdKfz 251 halftracks
2 Opels Blitz
4 Semovente tanks * (specs below)

1x AntiTank
1x Engineer
1x Alpha Unit

Strategy Decks American Air Support 1
Artillery 1
Desert Tactics 1 (shared)

Command 1
Ground Support 1
Desert Tactics 1 (shared)

Leadership Decks Both B. Montgomery decks (Tactician and Hero Decks)

Both E. Rommel decks (Blitzkrieger and Assaulter Decks)

Starting Strategy Cards 0 (special) 0 (special)
Operations Cards No surrender
Desperate defenders
Inspiring leadership
Thermite explosives

Seize the initiative
Merciless assault
Clear mines
Clear TTs
Elite tank crew (only for tanks of the 21st Panzer division)
Lay smoke
Panzer IV Ausf. E
Satchel charges

Deployment Zone

The British forces deploy first, despite the initiative.

10th Indian deploys normally during a setup on any hill hexes on any map tiles except tiles 19A and 13A. Each AT gun is deployed on one victory hex and may not be moved at all during a whole scenario.

British tanks of 4th Armoured deploy during a Status phase of the round 4 and 5 on the hexes on the map tile 18A marked with squad morale tokens. If British player does not manage to deploy all his tanks during these 2 rounds, then he loses his remaining (yet undeployed) tanks.

British reinforcement squads (of the Division 2) with both Bedfords deploy on same hexes as tanks of the 4th Armoured during a Status phase of the round 3. They may be loaded (but do not have to) for free MPs in both Bedford trucks.

The German 21st Panzer division deploys in two steps:
During a setup the Axis player deploys any 4 his tanks together with any 6 his squads loaded whatever way in (an adequate number of) his transport vehicles.
During a Status phase of the round 1 he deploys the other half of his divison (in a similar way). Deploying occurs on any hexes on the map tiles 19A and 13A marked with smoke markers.

Italian division also deploys in two steps:
Italian tanks deploy during a Status phase of the round 5, while the rest of Italian forces deploys (with all squads loaded in their transport vehicles) during a Status phase of the round 3. Deploying occurs on the same hexes where deployed Germans.

Starting Initiative   Initiative Token
Objective The Axis has to neutralize British defensive positions on the Ruweisat Ridge in order to secure an unobstructed advance of their forces towards El-Alamein. If Axis player manages to capture and control by the end of the scenario all 4 victory hexes, he wins. Otherwise a winner is determined via distributing of VPs as stated below.
Rounds 8
Actions per turn 3 or 4 3 or 4
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules

AT guns
Each AT gun is deployed during a setup on each victory hex and may not be later moved.
Remember that any AT on a hex with at least one entrenchment receives +1 cover.

Concealed squads
British concealed squads are not (automaticaly) revealed, even if they are on victory hexes.
But if they fire as a squad or assault etc., they become normally revealed.
Moreover remember that a squad operating an AT may:
a) fire an AT, even if the squad is in an entrenchment.
b) if such a squad contains an officer or is on the same hex as an officer, it may fire an AT (at a halffirepower), although it is pinned.
c) if it is concealed and fires an AT, it does not become revealed (in this scenario not even if it is in a victory hex).

Using strategy decks
Following cards are put away from strategy decks during a setup: Cut supply lines, second Air superiority, Air reconnaisance and Paratroopers (American air support).

The British player puts during a setup following cards to his play area: Air superiority and Increased priority. These cards are added to the cards taken from Desert tactics deck.

Italian tanks
Italian divison receives 4 Semovente tanks. For their representation use any available German tank miniatures (Tigres, StuGs, Panthers...).
These tanks have following stats:
Movement: 6, Armour: 3,
Fire against infantry: 5, (normal) range: 5
Fire against vehicles: 7, (normal) range: 6
These datas are taken from detailed stats summary of military units for ToI, author is Klaus Fritsch. This summary file is available on FFG web pages, the scenario section.

Strategy decks
The Axis player puts away one Rapid mobilization card from Command deck and Medical support card from Ground support deck. In a case if British player would not use American air support deck, then Axis player puts away also both AA support cards. The Axis player puts during a setup following cards to his play area: Critical objective and Suppressive support.

British deploy zone restriction
No Axis unit may during Status phase of rounds 3, 4 and 5 be situated on any hex reserved for a deployment of British forces (Division 2), i. e. on any hex marked with a smoke marker on the map tile 18A. In this case you may not use the rule concerning blocking of reinforcements.

Terrain Features
  • All hills on map tiles 19A and 13A have level 2.
  • Used 4x minefield, 3x tank traps, 12x entrenchments, 11x barbed wire.
  • If a normal (area) artillery or air bombing attack (inflicted via an appropriate strategy card)would cause at least 2 hits, put a crater token on that hex.
  • Both hill hexes level 2 on the map tile 13A, marked with crater tokens, are considerednormal (unaccessible) hill hexes level 2 WITHOUT road, which is printed on original hexes.


Rules for strategy decks and operations cards

Using Desert tactics deck

Desert tactics is a shared deck. The Hidden minefield card is put away from this deck before a setup.
During a setup following cards are put to (next to other cards mentioned in their own sections):
a) the Axis player’s HQ: 2x Dust decoy
b) the Axis player’s play area: Dust cloud
c) the British player’s HQ: 2x Fill sandbags
b) the British player’s play area: Increased visibility
After dealing above mentioned cards are remaining cards of this deck removed from game, i.e. are not anymore used in the scenario.
Additionaly, both sides may play any Desert tactics card for free CPs (other strategy cards have to be normaly paid for :-)).

Leadership decks

Due to a fact that in this battle were engaged forces under a command of two commanders, who have their own commander cards – i.e. B. Montgomery and E. Rommel – then both player should use them, if they agree. They may also use only one of them and even none of them.
Moreover, if they agree to use them, then each of them may choose to use both leadership decks that a given commander card offers. Since they are 4 different leadership decks, there is no problem. So German player may use both Assaulter and Blitzkrieger deck, while the British player may use both Hero and Tactician deck.
If using Blitzkrieger deck, put away these cards: Bombing run, Rapid mobilization, and Elite tank crew and Tank ace operations cards.
If using Assaulter deck, put away Rapid mobilization card and Merciless assault operations card.
If using Hero deck, put away Inspiring leadership and No surrender operations cards.
If using Tactician deck, put away both Stolen supplies cards.
The reason for removing above stated operations cards is a fact, that these cards are represented in an appropriate leadership deck via similar cards, which have limited use (usually thrice).

Special rules for both players

Number of actions per turn

In the round 1 both players have 4 actions per turn. Since the round 2 British player has 3 actions, while Axis player has 4 actions per turn.

Distribution of CPs

CPs are earned this way. During Receiving CPs step a player:
a) receives 1 CP for each controlled victory hex. During a setup the British automaticaly gain control over any victory hex, where they have deployed at least one squad.
b) receives an amount of CPs equal to the half of his (not yet destroyed) tanks (round up) – i.e in case of 7 tanks a player receives 4 CPs. German and Italian tanks add together.
These two sources are cumulative – i.e the Axis at the beginning does not control any victory hex but it has tanks. The British vice versa. During the scenario, tanks will be destroyed and deployed and victory hexes will change their owner.

Distribution of VPs (by the end of round 8):

a) for each controlled victory hex its controller receives 1 VP.
b) for each destroyed enemy tank a player receives 1 VP.
c) if the Axis player destroys or manages to capture any British AT, which survives till the end of scenario and Axis controls it, he receives 1 additional VP for each such an AT.
c) the British player receives 1 VP for each AT gun, which survives till the end of the scenario and is under British control.


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