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Gazala: May-June 1942
During the fighting around Gazala the Free-French held the southern most Defensive Box of the British line. The Free-French's stubborn Resistance helped the British 8th Army both regroup from the initial Axis attack and later the retirement of said Army back to Egypt.


  Free-French Italians
Division 1

14 Squad Bases
- 30 Regular Infantry
- 6 Elite Infantry
- 4 Officers
- 2 Mortar Crew
- 2 Machine Gun Crew

1x Medic
1x Alpha Unit
1x Bravo Unit
1x LMG
1x Boys AT Rifle

14 Squad Bases
- 31 Regular Infantry
- 7 Elite Infantry
- 6 Officers
- 4 Mortar Crews
- 2 Machine Gun Crews

1x Medic
2x Engineer
1x Recon
1x Alpha Unit
1x SMG
1x LMG

Division 2

1 AT gun (French 75mm)
1 AT gun (2 Pdr.)

3 PzIV Tanks (M13/40)
2 PzIII Tanks (M11/39)
Strategy Decks Artillery 2
Ground Support 1
Disruption 1
German Air Support 1
Starting Strategy Cards 2 2
Operations Cards - No Surrender
- Desparate Defenders
- Lay Smoke
- Clear Mines
Deployment Zone The entrenchments and Buildings on Boards 21B,15B,13B Div. 1: blue hexes on map 17B.
Div. 2: blue hexes on map 14B.
Undeployable units will be placed during the action phase on Round 2 (with and advance or fire and move action).
Starting Initiative   Initiative Token
  • French Victory: keep both objective markers.
  • Minor Victory: capture and hold at least one of the objective markers.
  • Major Victory: capture and hold both objective markers.
Rounds 8
Actions per turn 3 3
Reinforcements Status phase of Round 4 (R marked hex)
1 Bren Carrier
Special Rules Use British figures for the Free French and German figures for the Italians. See Special Rules notes at the end for the differences in abilities.



The Italian Machine Gun is Range 5 Firepower 3 Against Infantry

The Italian Light Machine Gun (LMG) is Range 4 Firepower 2 against Infantry; Range 3 Firepower 1 versus vehicle.
Only one allowed to a squad. Rapid Fire: This Squad gains +1 firepower in Concentrated or OP Fire attacks against infantry targets but not the Rapid OP Fire of standard machine guns. Also Squads with this weapon may take Move and Fire Actions. these numbers replace one Figures stats.

The Italian SMG Token Represents a squad equipped with SMG's with the following stat changes; versus Infantry the Range is 2 and the Firepower is 2 but max range is 3  Vehicle numbers do not change from standard Infantry numbers.

Italian Tanks
M11/39, Carro Armato, move 6. Attack  values vs. Vehicle is Range 5 Firepower 4, vs Infantry range 5 firepower 5 . Armor protection is 2. Concussive Firepower and Overrun are as standard for tanks.

M13/40, Carro Armato, move 6 Attack values are vs Vehicle range 6 firepower 5, vs Infantry range 5 firepower 5. Armor protection is 2. Concussive Firepower and Overrun are as standard for tanks.

Free-French and new British stats

French Light Machine Gun  vs Infantry range 4 firepower 2; vs vehicle range 3 firepower 1. only one figure per squad can have this change. Special rule of Rapid Fire the figure employing this weapon gets +1 firepower in concentrated or op fire attacks against infantry.

French 75 AT Gun. This represents modified French 75 artillery pieces for anti tank work vs vehicle range 7 firepower 6, vs infantry range 5 firepower 6.

2 pounder AT Gun standard at weapon from 1939-1942 as 6 pounders did not replace these guns entirely until 1943. stats vs vehicle range 6 firepower 5; vs inf range 6 firepower 3. the British did not make 2 pounder HE ammo

Boys Anti-Tank Rifle the standard British and Commonwealth Personal Anti-Tank weapon until the Piat appears in 1943 stats are vs Vehicle range 2 Firepower 2; vs infantry range 3 firepower 2. AT Gun squad is 2 figures on a base. This squad is activated with the AT Gun and fatigued when the activation is completed.

During the strategy card draw phase of each round players can draw 2 cards but they must draw from each deck.


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