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319 Achtung Panzer

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December 23, 1944 - The offensive of the Ardennes, the backlash of the German army in the face of the allied forces now arrived at the gates of Nazi Germany, has now failed.
The Kampfgruppe Peiper, originally made up of most of the tanks of the 1.SS-Panzer-Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" has now run out of fuel and supplies.
The German commander, Lieutenant Colonel of the Waffen-SS Joachim Peiper, after deciding to abandon the heavy equipment and retreat to the borders of Germany, must cross the small town of La Gleize, defended by American elements of the 30th Infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division.

  American German
Division 1

4 Squad Bases
- 13 Regular Infantry
- 1 Elite Infantry
- 1 Machine Gun crew

1 M3A1 Half-Track

1 Squad Base
- 3 Regular Infantry
- 1 Elite Infantry

1 Panzer IV
1 StuG III


Division 2

4 Squad Bases
- 13 Regular Infantry
- 2 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer

1x Medic

1 M1 57mm AT Gun


3 Squad Bases
- 10 Regular Infantry
- 1 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer

1x Engineer

2 SDKFZ 251

Strategy Decks Tank Buster Leadership Tactician Leadership
Starting Strategy Cards 2 2
Operations Cards Intelligence Report Lay Smoke
Shield Of Armor
Deployment Zone Div.1: Anywhere on map 26B & 27B (not adjacent to grey hexes).
Div.2: Anywhere on map 1A & 25A (not adjacent to grey hexes).
Div.1: Any hexes with a dark grey border.
Div.2: Any hexes with a light grey border.
Starting Initiative   Initiative Token

Both sides score points by destroying enemy units, according to the following scheme:

  • 1 point for each team eliminated
  • 2 points for each vehicle eliminated

In addition, the Germans earn points for each unit that manages to get out of the White / Black arrows placed on the lower edge of board 27B according to the following scheme

  • 1 point for each team
  • 2 points for each vehicle

At the end of Round 6 whoever has the most points is the winner

Rounds 6
Actions per turn 3 3
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules -
Terrain Features The stream is shallow.


Tags: American Army, German Army, Rounds, Boards, Year: 1944


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