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118 Castle Wewelsburg

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March 13, 1945. Hitler's armies are on the run and the Allies advance into Germany on both fronts. The U.S. Third Infantry Division is ordered to liberate Wewelsburg Castle, a Waffen SS training ground and fortress established by Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS.
Wewelsburg is also the site of Himmler's research into the occult and paranormal. It is considered a figurehead of Nazi leadership and as such the soldiers that guard it are expected to defend it zealously to the death.


  American German
Division 1

5 Squad Bases
- 13 Regular Infantry
- 3 Officer
- 2 Mortar Crew

1 Sherman Tank

1x Flamethrower
1x Medic
1x Engineer

3 Squad Bases
- 9 Regular Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Machine Gun Crew
Division 2

4 Squad Bases
- 14 Regular Infantry
- 2 Officer

2x Engineer

4 Squad Bases
- 13 Regular Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Mortar Crew

1 SdKfz 251 Half Track

Strategy Decks Artillery 2
Supply 1
Ground Support 1
Morale 1
Starting Strategy Cards 2 2
Operations Cards 004 Double Time
005 Clear Mines
013 Desperate Defenders
014 No surrender
Deployment Zone Any green hex. The Germans can deploy on any forest hex surrounding the castle or any hill or barracks hex within 12A.
Starting Initiative Initiative Token  
Objective The Americans must occupy the castle hex at the end of round 7 to achieve victory. The Germans must occupy the castle hex at the end of round 7 to achieve victory.
Rounds 7
Actions per turn 3 3
Reinforcements Status phase of Round 3:
- 1 Sherman tank
- 2 Squads of 4 regular infantry
- 1 special unit token of players choice
Special Rules - The Germans have access to the following special units at the start of the game.
- All regular German infantry squads are specialized Waffen SS. They are to be designated with one activation marker placed in their squad base. The Waffen SS have +1 attack and +1 move modifiers per squad whether it is at full capacity or not.
Terrain Features The stream is DEEP.


Tags: American Army, German Army, Complexity: Medium, Rounds, Boards, Year: 1945


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