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The attack against Lindern in late 1944 by the U.S. 84th intantrn Division ("the Railsplitters") was part of the 9th Army's attempt to break through the German fortified West Wall -- the so-called Siegfried Line. The 84th moved forward on the morning of November 29th, spearheaded by the 335th Infantry Regiment's Ill Battalion. Although it was still a relatively "green" unit, the 84th would outfight several veteran German units, including fanatical SS soldiers. in the contest for Lindern.


  American German
Division 1

2 Squad Bases
- 8 Regular Infantry

6 M4A1 Shermans

7 Squad Bases
- 20 RetTular Infantry
- 6 Elite Infantry
- 2 Officers

1x Medic
6x AntiTank

Division 2

7 Squad Bases
- 12 Regular Infantry
- 6 Elite Infantry
- 2 Officers
- 2 Machine Gun Crews
- 2 Mortar Crews

2x Medic

8 Squad Bases
- 14 Regular Infantry
- 6 Elite Infantry
- 2 Officers
- 4 Machine Gun Crews
- 1 Mortar Crew

2 Panzer IVs

2x Medic

Strategy Decks Supply 1 Morale 1
Starting Strategy Cards 2 4
Operations Cards - Desperate Defenders - Elite Tank Crews
Deployment Zone Div. 1: Any hexes on maps 8B and 10A
Div. 2: Any hexes on maps 1A, 7A. and 9A
Div. 1: Any hexes on map 11A.
Div. 2: Does not start on the map but enters as reinforcements during the Status Phase of round 1.
Starting Initiative   Initiative Token

If the Germans have 6 or more VPs at the end of round 8, they win. Otherwise, the Americans win.

The Germans earn VPs at the end of round 8 as follows:

  • 2 VP for each Victory Objective marker they control.
  • 1 VP for every M4A1 Sherman tank heavily damaged or destroyed.
  • -1 VP for each Panzer IV heavily damaged or destroyed.
Rounds 8
Actions per turn 3 3
Reinforcements - All Division 2 units as reinforcements during the status phase of round 1
Special Rules

This entire scenario is fought at night and the following special rules apply:

  • All vehicle movement is halved, rounding fractions up.
  • The maximum length of any line of sight is two hexes. Mortars may still fire out to their maximum rans.ze, but only at targets that are within the two-hex line of sight range of a friendly unit. Line of sight range is not increased by being on a hill.
  • Combined fire is not allowed.
  • Any concealed squad that moves two hexes or less remains concealed, so long as it does not fire or move adjacent to an enemy squad. Tanks may not spot adjacent concealed squads at the end of the turn, only other squads may do so.
  • All squads in American Division 2 and German Division 1 begin the game concealed. German off-board indicator tokens may be used to represent additional concealed squad markers.
HINTS The Americans might want to consider spreading out their tanks instead of making the German player's job easier by concentrating them in a small area. Depending on how the Germans move, the Americans should be prepared to quickly react with their infantry. The Germans need to coordinate their attacks very carefully and only push on after their reinforcements arrive.


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  • Fairly balanced. Fun scenario that provides something different and challenging.