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Summer 1941. The Eastern Front. The Germans have just launched operation Barbarossaand so far it’s been a remarkable success. Nearly in all sectors of the front the Soviet defenses are being crushed and huge territorial gains are being made. It looks like nothing can stop the German Blitzkrieg. However, they are in for a nasty surprise. On several occasions they encounter the as yet unknown Russian tank models of T34/76 and KV1. Their armor proves all but impenetrable to any standard German AT weapon of the time. Only airpower, heavy artillery and FLAK 36’s turn out to be able to effectively deal with them. The Russians launch several counter-attacks spearheaded by these new tanks. Though they often manage to achieve some tactical level of success, lack of supplies, poor leadership, German mastery of the skies and a disintegrating front, all conspire to deny the Russians any truly meaningful strategic gains.

This scenario represents one such Russian counter-attack against the German armored spearhead. Can the Germans prevent their forward supply dump from being overrun and can the Soviets, while their front is crumbling all around them, withdraw enough of their units to fight another day?


  Soviet German
Division 1

2 T34/76

2 KV1

2 BT7

2 T26

The panzer II, T26 and BT7 are light vehicles for the purpose of this scenario.

2 Panzer III

4 Panzer II (use a proxy)

2 Panzer 38(t)(use a proxy)

The panzer II, T26 and BT7 are light vehicles for the purpose of this scenario.

Division 2


Strategy Decks Command 1 (Remove “heroic leadership”)
Ground Support 1 (Remove “sniper attack” and “medical support” cards).
Morale 1 (Remove “Take down the beast” and “Go to ground” cards.)
German Air Support 1 (Remove tactical bombing. The cost of the “Air Reconnaissance” card is “3” rather than “1”)
SD German Artillery 1 (cards stating “suppressive” are to be played as “normal” attacks. Remove “heavy anti-air” card)
Starting Strategy Cards 1 1
Operations Cards 040 Lack of Tank Radios 012 Massive Confusion
Deployment Zone The easternmost edges of map 6A. Up to eight hexes deep on a road hex of 1A or 10A (start counting from the Westernmost road hex on map 1A).
Starting Initiative Initiative Token  

There are 6 possible outcomes to the scenario:

  • Decisive German victory: The Russians are unable to destroy the supply dump represented by the VP marker
  • Major German victory: The fuel dump is destroyed, but the Russians only manage to exit 1 or 2 points’ worth of tanks
  • Minor German victory: The fuel dump is destroyed; the Russians manage to exit 3 or 4 points’ worth of tanks
  • Minor Russian victory: The fuel dump is destroyed; the Russians manage to exit 5 or 6 points ‘worth of tanks.
  • Major Russian victory: The fuel dump is destroyed; The Russians manage to exit 7 or 8 points’ worth of units.
  • Decisive Russian victory: The fuel dump is destroyed; the Russians manage to exit more than 8 points’ worth of units.

The Russian tanks must be exited from any legal, non-German controlled (see special rules) Eastern edge hex of the map (compass directions 2, 3 and 4) by the end of round 11. A tank must spend 1 mp to exit such a hex. They may not exit before the objective has been destroyed (See special rules). Tanks may exit by moving into a half hex at the cost of 1 movement point.

The number of points scored depends on the type of tank exited and are as follows:

  • 1PT for each T26 or BT7
  • 2PT for each T34/76
  • 3PT for each KV1
Rounds 11
Actions per turn 2 2

Round 2 (Status Phase):
• 1x T34
• 1x T26
• 1x BT7

Soviet reinforcements are deployed in any Soviet set-up hex.

Round 4 (Status Phase):
• 2x panzer II
• 1x panzer III
• 1x panzer IV d
Round 7 (Status Phase):
• 1x panzer II
• 1x panzer III
• 1x panzer IV d
Round 9 (Status Phase):
• 1x FLAK 36 AT gun
• 1x sdkfz 251 half-track
• 1x squad base
• 1x officer
• 1x elite
• 2x regulars

The location of the German reinforcements is determined according to the result of a die roll. Each unit is rolled for separately. (If the squad and/or the FLAK gun are carried/towed by the SDKFZ 251, they are considered to be a single unit for this purpose).

Die roll / Location

  1. 8B (Northern edge hex)
  2. 9B (Northern edge hex)
  3. 7B (Western edge hex)
  4. 1A (Southern edge hex)
  5. 10A (Southern edge hex)
  6. Any of the above; Germans’ choice
Special Rules

Note to players: as the T26, BT7 and Panzer II tanks are treated as light vehicles, this means that they if they are lightly damaged by op fire, they must end their movement and be fatigued.

  • The VP objective (supply dump) is considered destroyed if a Russian tank is located on it at the “determine control over objectives” step of the  command phase. When this occurs, the “2” German command point objective and VP marker are also immediately removed.
    Both the T34 and the KV1 have the thick armor trait in this scenario (after armor dice are rolled, immediately turn one unsuccessful red die result into a “6” result)
  • If the Germans control a possible exit hex for the Russian tanks, (See VP conditions) these may not exit there. Roll 2 dice during the scenario reinforcements and events step of the status phase of each round. The exit hexes, top (N) to bottom (S), are numbered 2 through 11. The result of the roll corresponds to the hex in which a German control marker is to be placed. The effect is permanent. If two sixes are rolled, there is no effect. If a number has already come up, the German control marker is placed in the nearest available hex (German player’s choice in case of equal distance). This rule represents the ongoing encirclement of the Soviet forces in the area.
  • No radios: Soviet units may only combine fire if they are located in the same hex
  • The FLAK 36 may be loaded, transported and offloaded using the optional rules as described in optional rules booklet, available for download free from 1A games ( For your convenience, they are also presented here:

AT Guns

An equipment unit may be given an Advance action to load into a vehicle with the transport trait. The transporting vehicle, equipment unit, and a fresh friendly squad must begin the action turn in the same hex.
The squad must expend all of its movement points in order to load the equipment unit onto the vehicle and may enter the vehicle at the same time, but is not required to. Fatigue the squad and the equipment unit and place the unit(s) to be transported next to the corresponding off-board indicator token.
An equipment unit does not count against the vehicle's transport capacity, but a vehicle cannot transport more than one equipment unit at a time. If the transporting vehicle is destroyed, both the squad and equipment unit are also destroyed. The squad which originally loaded the equipment unit is not required to remain with the equipment unit during transport and may exit the vehicle at any time according to the rules for transporting squads in vehicles.
To exit the vehicle, the equipment unit may be given an Advance action. In order to unload the equipment unit, a fresh friendly squad must be present in the hex. The friendly squad may, but is not required to, be a passenger in the transporting vehicle. Place the unit(s) to be unloaded in the vehicle’s hex and fatigue them. An equipment unit can never be unloaded into a hex that it could not otherwise enter, or be unloaded in such a way that it exceeds the stacking limits for the hex.
Unit Restrictions: The FLAK 36 AT gun may only be towed by halftracks. Bren Carriers may only tow the M1 57mm AT gun and QF 6-pdr AT gun.


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