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After the American 29th Infantry Division secured a beachhead in Normandy. it moved inland where the same German 352nd Infantry Division that opposed it on the coast now awaited it in the infamous bocage, a series of small fields enclosed by earthen banks several feet high and topped by dense shrubbery These hedgemws were natural tenches that were also obstacles to armored vehicles. Battles devolved low vicious combat at close-quarters. The soldiery of the 29th were gaining experience in the hard school of war.


  American German
Division 1


2 Sherman M4A1s

7 Squad Bases
- 3 Elite Infantry
- 19 Regular Infantry
- 2 Officers
- 1 Machine Gun Crew
- 1 Mortar Crew

1x AntiTank

Division 2


4 Squad Bases
- 12 Regular Infantry
- 1 Machine Gun Crew
- 1 Mortar Crew

1 Jagdpanzer

Strategy Decks 2 2
Starting Strategy Cards Artillery 1
American Air Support 1 (remove Paratroopers)
German Reinforcements 1
Ground Support 1
Operations Cards 030 Hedge Breakers 035 Enigma
025 Hospital
Deployment Zone Division 1: Any hex with a ereen border on maps 27B and 24B. Division 1: Any of the hexes on maps 23B and 22B.
Division 2: Any of the hexes on map 30B.
Starting Initiative Initiative Token  
Objective The Americans immediately win if they capture the hospital building on board 30B by the end of round 15. -
Rounds 15
Actions per turn 3 3

Americans — Status Phase 3:
• 2 Squad Bases
- 6 Regular Infantry
- 2 Officers
• 1 Sherman M4A1
• 2 M10s

Americans — Status Phase 7:
• 4 Squad Bases
- 2 Elite Infantry
- 9 Regular Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Machine Gun Crew
- 1 Mortar Crew

Germans — Status Phase 5:
1 Jagdpanzer IV
Special Rules
  • The German player may not use command to receive any Opel Blitz trucks noted on Strategy cards.
  • The Victory Objective Marker denotes the location of the German hospital.
Terrain Features
  • All streams are shallow.
  • Buildings are destructible.
  • Clear x3
  • Light Rain x3
  • Heavy Rain x2
  • Thunderstorm x1

Weather checks on rounds 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.


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alecrespi replied the topic:
10 months 2 weeks ago
oneway76 (Jan 15, 2009)
I played this game as the Americans and crushed the Germans. Given some hindsight, I think the Germans should go for the Tank Buster generals deck. They should also try to keep spread out, to minimize damage, use the hedge rows to screen your movement. Keep one stand up north to grab the American points if they do not defend it after their last reinforcements come in. Also the Jagpanzers should destory the buildings in front of the hospital to deny cover to the Americans when they smash trough the hedge row.

driver26 (Jan 16, 2009)
I don't know what to tell you about tactics,but I can tell you we had a great timewith this scenario.Really liked the bocage rules ,and also the weather deck.The Germans hung on for the win.The last weather check brought thunderstorms in round 11.If not for the storm restricting movement, I think the Americans would have won.

Ghengisgarber (Jan 16, 2009)
I also played this scenario as Americans. I took out both German tanks, had to LEAD BY EXAMPLE card, had teo squads stacked with 3 officer squads and was ready to move 5 with the officers and then be able to move 4 more with the two squads. I could have been assaulted the German hospital with 6 squads. The weather card turned up THUNDERSTORM. My oppenent who was ready to concede now realized that I could not possibly reach the objective. That thunderstorm card snatched defeat from the jaws of victory for me.. its amazing that one stupid weather card on the last weather check could so undo all the careful preparation for the final assault.
alecrespi replied the topic:
2 years 2 months ago
Posting here some comments found online.
  • Brilliant scenario; the must fun we have had playing this game. After hours of blood and nerves, it came down to the last activations.