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On January 30th General Lucas battle plan called for a ranger force to infiltrate Cisterna by the Cisterns road. But he was operating on faulty intelligence, the German Herman Goring Panzer Division was already setting up a supply base at Cisterna. The First and Third Ranger Battalions proceded the main attack by the Fourth Ranger Battalion and the 15th Infantry Regiment. Even though they were able to bypass numerous other German troops of the 715th Motorized Infantry Division, the final part of their approach was across open ground. According to documents, the approach was discovered and an ambush prepared, and over 400 rangers were captured or killed.

They will end up putting me ashore with inadequate forces and get me in a serious jam... Then, who will get the blame?
Gen. John P. Lucas 


  American German
Division 1

5 Squad Bases
- 8 Regular Infantry
- 7 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 2 Mortar Crew

1x Flamethrower
2x AntiTank

4 Squad Bases
- 7 Regular Infantry
- 3 Elite Infantry
- 2 Officer
- 2 Machine Gun Crew

3 Panzer IV Tank 
1 STuG III Tank

Division 2

6 Squad Bases
- 11 Regular Infantry
- 5 Elite Infantry
- 2 Officer
- 1 Machine Gun Crew
- 2 Mortar Crew

1x AntiTank
1x Medic
1x Engineer

4 Squad Bases
- 7 Regular Infantry
- 1 Elite Infantry
- 2 Officer
- 3 Machine Gun Crew

2 Tiger 1 Tank

1x Concealed Concealed

Strategy Decks Command 1 Artillery 1
German Reinforcements 1
Starting Strategy Cards - -
Operations Cards 008 {tip content="At range 1-3 the smoke round is always on target.
At range 4-5 the placement drifts one hex.
At range 6-8 the round drifts twice (1 hex each time).
Roll separately for each drift."}Lay Smoke
003 Shattered Morale
Deployment Zone Division 1: dark green hexes on map 12B.
Division 2: light green hexes on map 12B.
Division 1: dark gray hexes on map 11A.
Division 2: light gray hexes on map 5B.
Starting Initiative Initiative Token  
Objective The Americans win if they are able to take the town victory marker.  The Germans win if they are unable, but if the Americans take the crossroads on map 1A, it is a partial victory.
Rounds 7
Actions per turn 2 3
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules

All Rough hexes on maps 11A,10B, and 12B are depressions with the following attributes:

  • Cover 2
  • Vehicle movement Costs: Tanks 2, All others no movement.
  • Infantry movement 1 from hex to hex, 2 to move in or out.


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alecrespi replied the topic:
1 year 5 months ago
I played this yesterday and found it really difficult for the Americans, considering 6 German tanks (including 2 Tiger with extra thick armor) vs only 3 antitank specializations (useful ones).
The cover provided by the depression (+2) is not enough against 5 German Machine Guns in Opportunity fire.
The Americans also suffered a lot from having only 1 command point available and the command deck (useless), during this game they didn't even get to take the command point 2 on the hill, because 1 Tiger tank had lain down in the depression (with a total coverage of 8, including ETA).

On the other side Germans can rely on 5 to 7 Command Points each turn (always keeping the initiative) with 2 main bonuses:
  • 3 actions per turn (vs 2 USA actions)
  • German Reinforcement Deck
A real massacre, just like in reality.