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December 27 1944, the Ardennes. The last desperate German offensive in the West, code-named “wacht am Rhein”, is grinding to a halt. The inability to capture the vital road junction of Bastogne is proving disastrous for the German plans. The American elite 101stairborne division, however, finds itself trapped in the besieged town. In one of the most rapid redeployments of force in the history of warfare, Patton’s 4tharmored division is rushed North to relieve them.
At the village of Chaumont the Germans have assembled a force of assault guns and tank destroyers to halt or at least stall Patton’s force.


  American German
Division 1

6x Shermans
2x M10 tank destroyer
1x M3 half track

3x Stug G

Division 2

4x Sherman
2x M10 tank destroyer
1x M3 halftrack

3x jagdpanzer IV

Strategy Decks Artillery 2 (Note that the M10’s are vulnerable to suppressive attacks!)
Winter Tactics 1 (remove: icy terrain, sniper-attack and frostbite cards)

Custom deck consisting of the following 10 cards:
From Command 1:
1x cut communications
2x surprise assault
From Artillery 1:
2x offensive artillery
From Ground Support 1:
1x saboteur
1x reconnaissance
From Morale 1:
1x preparations
1x all or nothing
1x desperation

You may place a dummy card to mask (from your opponent) which card is up next.

Starting Strategy Cards 0 0
Operations Cards - -
Deployment Zone Div. 1: any of the edge road hexes on map 39A during the action phase of game round 1 with an advance or fire and move action.
Div. 2: see reinforcements.
Div. 1: any legal hex of 35A.
Div. 2: any legal hex of 38A. 
Starting Initiative Initiative Token  

The side with the most VP’s at the end of round 6 wins. The Germans score 2 VP’s for each heavy US vehicle destroyed and 1 for each one heavily damaged. The US scores 3 VP’s for each friendly heavy vehicle and 1 VP for each light vehicle exited off the hex containing the VP marker on map 38A (It costs a vehicle 1 mp to do so).

VP difference and subsequent result:

  • 0 = draw
  • 1-5 = minor victory
  • 6-9 = major victory
  • 10+ = crushing victory
Rounds 6
Actions per turn 2 1

Round 3 (action phase):
Div. 2 enters in the same manner and in the same location as division 1’s units.

Special Rules
  • The Germans (non-turreted vehicles) may not take any move and fire actions
  • All marsh terrain is to be played as woods
  • Difficult terrain: All non-road clear terrain hexes have a movement cost of 2
  • Low-silhouette: Whenever one of the German vehicles is attacked, it may re-roll one of its unsuccessful armor ( i.e. not cover; so roll separately when applicable) dice once.

Optional rules to help players of unequal skill:

To help the Germans:
Designate one of your Jagdpanzer IV’s to be a Jagdtiger by placing a German control marker next to it. It has the following stats:
Move: 5
Armor: 6
AI range and attack value: 5-6
AV range and attack value: 9-15
Special abilities:
Turretless: this unit may not take move and fire actions
Concussive firepower (+ 3 range and +3 firepower)
Extra thick armor

To help the US:
Add one M3 halftrack to division 1.
Hint: the optimal use of the haltracks is not to get them of the map as quickly as possible…

Terrain Features To be eligible to use road movement from the double road hex overlay onto the curved road hex NE of it, the crossroads ( German “1” neutral command point objective) must be traversed.


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