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Eggmühl - 22 April 1809 (Day 2 Attack on Eggmühl)

Historical Background
Upon his arrival at the front, Napoleon was determined to capture the village of Eggmühl, using Wurttembergers, German allied troops who had fought very well over the past two days. Capturing Eggmühl would unhinge Charles’s line, and possibly lead to a decisive victory.
The Austrian General Rosenberg was alerted to the coming danger and repositioned his troops. He ordered units to pull back to defend the high ground directly behind the village, in the village itself, and along the tree-lined riverbank. Supported by artillery, the Austrian Grenzers repulsed Napoleon’s Württemberg light battalions twice. But on the third attack, the bridge was taken.
By that time, Gudin’s Division had also succeeded in crossing the Grosse Laaber. Pressed from two sides, the village and the castle both fell. Napoleon wasted no time in crossing more troops to exploit the victory.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Forest 8
Hill 7
River 8
RiverBend 5
RiverBridge 1
Town 1
Castle 1


Battle Notes

Austrian Army
• Commander: Rosenberg
• 4 Command Cards
• Optional 2 Tactician Cards

Line Infantry Grenzer Light Infantry Foot Artillery Leader
4 3 2 0

French Army
• Commander: Von Hügel
• 5 Command Cards
• Optional 2 Tactician Cards
• Move First

Line Infantry Light Infantry Horse Artillery Leader
4 5 1 2


5 Banners

Special Rules
• The Schloss Castle and the Eggmühl hex form a Temporary Majority Victory Banner for the side that occupies it at the start of its turn, worth 1 banner for the Austrian player and 2 banners for the French player (Temporary Majority Victory Banner Turn Start)

• The Bridge is a Permanent Victory Banner for the French player worth 1 banner when occupied at the start of the turn (Permanent Victory Banner Turn Start)

• The Grosse Laaber is a fordable river.

• The Austrians have no Leaders in this scenario

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Riclev replied the topic:
10 months 1 week ago
Contrary to what has been reported below, our two games resulted in two Austrian wins. In the second game, which was won 5-4, the French right couldn't get across the river in the face of the Austrian artillery, while on the left, although the Wurttembergers eliminated the two grenzer units in the woods and the two line units on the baseline, they were so beaten up in the process that they were unable to make any progress against either the castle or the village. The game would have been more interesting if the Austrians were not awarded a banner for occupying the castle and the village. As it was, in both games such occupation swung the result in their favour. But overall a hard fight, worth playing.
LARS replied the topic:
3 years 4 months ago
An unexpectedly long scenario. Von Hügel finally finished off the Austrian left for a 5-1 win, but it was a tough fight.
Michalxo replied the topic:
10 years 1 week ago
I like this scenario very much. It is easy to setup, fun and have interesting battles/victory conditions. :)
I think both our games were won by French, first 5-3 second 5-4.