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On September 17th 1944 the 506th Para Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne parachuted near the town of Son with orders to secure the main Son bridge and move south towards Eindhoven. As they approached the bridge, they were pinned down by fire from 88mm Anti-Tank guns. Once they destroyed the guns, they rushed the bridge, but it was detonated by the Germans. They scouted out a smaller local bridge that would not handle the traffic that was to come. They then fashioned a bridge out of debris and called for a Baily Bridge to be brought up and assembled before 30 Corps could move across when they got there. Can you reach the bridge in time?


  American German
Division 1

5 Squad Bases
- 13 Regular Infantry
- 4 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

1 M1 57mm Gun

1x Engineer
1x Flamethrower
1x AntiTank

3 Squad Bases
- 9 Regular Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

2 Flak 36 88mm Gun

1x Demolitions

Division 2

5 Squad Bases
- 9 Regular Infantry
- 4 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Machine Gun Crew
- 2 Mortar Crew

1x Medic
1x Engineer
1x Flamethrower

2 Squad Bases
- 6 Regular Infantry
- 2 Officer

1 Flak 36 88mm Gun

1x Medic
1x Demolitions

Strategy Decks Morale 1
Command 1
Artillery 1
Supply 1
Starting Strategy Cards 2 3
Operations Cards Inspiring Leadership
Seize the Initiative
Double Time
Massive Confusion
Deployment Zone Division 1: dark green hexeson map 5B.
Division 2: map 12A in the light green hexes
Division 1: on map 4A in the dark gray hexes.
Those that have entrenchments are entrenched at the start. The building in the deployment hex is a level 2 guard tower and the unit there receives +1 range.
Division 2: on map 6A in the light gray hexes.
One will start out entrenched in the entrenchment hex.
Starting Initiative Initiative Token  
  • 5 VP for reaching and disarming the charges on the main bridge.
  • 2 VP  for each Anti-Tank gun they capture or destroy.
  • 1 VP for each German unit they destroy. 
  • 2 VP for each Airborne squad they eliminate.
Rounds 9
Actions per turn 3 1
Reinforcements Status phase of round 6.
2 M4 tanks, 2 bases with 4 infantry, 1 officer, and 3 elite. in the reinforcement hexes.
Status phase of the round 2.
5 bases with 13 Infantry,1 Officer, 2 MG Crew, 1 Mortar with 1 Medic specialization token. They are placed in the dark hexes on map 4A.
Special Rules
  • The Anti-Tank guns cannot fire in the first round because of the element of surprise. All other units can fire. They may fire normally every round after that unless destroyed.
  • The Germans have placed charges on the Son bridge, place a German charge marker on the East bridge. To disarm, the airborne engineers will have to reach the bridge and be fatigued to pick up charges. This cannot be done with a move and fire order.
  • On round 8 the German player rolls one die. On a 1,2,or 3, the charges are detonated. If the roll was above that, one more round is played and they are detonated at the end of that round if not removed by then.
  • All buildings are level 2 buildings and the river is deep. If you don't have the Days of the Fox expansion, use a marker or different AT miniature to represent the Flak 36 Guns.


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