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240 Who Killed the Black Baron

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August 8, 1944 • To help counter the allied attack known as Operation Totalize, the German tank ace, Michael Wittmann is assigned to take the high ground and destroy as many allied tanks as he can. Lying in wait are the British and Canadians with their best punch, the Firefly. While above the battlefield, the US air force is on call. Wittmann never did make it to his objective but the mystery of who killed the Black Baron remains.


  British German
Division 1

1 Firefly *
2 Sherman M4A1s

4 Tiger Is
Division 2

2 Firefly *
1 Sherman M4A1s

Strategy Decks American Air Support 1 (remove “Paratroopers”) Command 1 (remove “Heroic Leadership”)
Starting Strategy Cards 2 2
Operations Cards - -
Deployment Zone Div. 1: any of the hexes on board 8B.
Div. 2: any of the hexes on board 11B.
Place one Tiger I in each of the grey bordered hexes. Wittmann’s tank should be clearly marked and for historical set up, his tank is the left most.
Starting Initiative   Initiative Token
Objective If the Germans have more VPs at the end of round 5, they win. Otherwise the Allies win.
The Germans earn 3 VP if they control the Objective at the end of Round 5. They also earn 1 VP for each Allied tank destroyed.
The Allies earn 1 VP for each German tank heavily damaged or destroyed. If Wittmann’s tank is destroyed the Allies earn 2 VP.
Rounds 5
Actions per turn 2 1
Reinforcements end of Round 2
1 Sherman on the 2 Command marker
Special Rules
  • Combined fire is only allowed from vehicles in the same hex.
  • “Strafing Runs” are conducted as Normal attacks, at the printed value.
    • Mov 6 / Armour 4
    • Infantry RNG 5 / FPR 6
    • Vehicle RNG 8 / FPR 12
    • Hevy Vehicle, Concussive Firepower, Overrun

Designer's Note

This turns out to be quite a tricky battle despite it’s plain appearance. With easy set up and few units, players will be able to get into it quickly for multiple plays to explore the different options. While it could easily be played by novices, I think even seasoned players will find a challenge here.


Tags: German Army, British Army, Complexity: Medium, Rounds, Boards, Year: 1944


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