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After heavy artillery fire last night the nearby town seems deserted and clear for takeover. American commander sends few platoons supported by a half-truck to capture abandoned German HQ on the other end of the town.


  American German
Division 1

2 Squad Bases
- 3 Regular Infantry
- 2 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Mortar Crew

1 M3A1 Half Track

1x Flamethrower

2 Squad Bases
- 4 Regular Infantry
- 2 Elite Infantry
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

1x AntiTank
1x Concealed Concealed

Division 2

4 Squad Bases
- 11 Regular Infantry
- 1 Elite Infantry
- 1 Mortar Crew
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

1x Medic

1 Squad Bases
- 2 Regular Infantry
- 1 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer

2x Concealed Concealed

Strategy Decks Command 1
start with the "Critical objective" strategy card in their play area.
Morale 1
Starting Strategy Cards 2 2
Operations Cards - Seize The Initative - No Surrender
Deployment Zone Any hex with a green border

Any of the hexes on maps 1A and 9A

Special Rules
Division One starts with additional 1 sniper unit with a concealed marker assigned to it.
Division Two starts with additional 2 sniper units, both with a concealed marker assigned to them.

Starting Initiative Initiative Token  
Objective Americans win if they control the objective marker at the end of any round. Germans win if Americans are unable to fulfil their objective by the end of round 4.
Rounds 4
Actions per turn 2 2
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules

Sniper Units: see unofficial rules regarding new unit type: Sniper

Laying Smoke by Mortars: when making an area attack, mortar crew can choose to lay smoke instead of making normal or suppressive attack.
1 black dice is rolled - result other than 6 is success (put smore marker on target hex, fatigue mortar crew), 6 means a misfire (mortar crew becomes fatigued without puting smoke marker on target hex).
Standard rules regarding ballistic fire (friendly LOS) and minimum distance for mortars apply. Standard rules regarding laying smoke markers (e.g. no smoke markers on building hex, and single smoke marker on one hex) and effects of smoke markers (e.g. considering them to be blocking terrain) apply.

Terrain Features The stream is Flooded

Introducing new unit type: Sniper

The following is a strictly unofficial, fan-created set of rules enabling to diversify game s options and add new flavour to your scenarios. A Sniper unit consists of a squad base filled with only one regular infantry figure and token identifying the unit as sniper (put in place of standard specialization token). You can use one of your  pinned/disrupted markers to mark sniper s squad base, just like you d do with a specialization token.
For the use of standard game rules sniper unit ( Sniper ) is considered to be a squad , although it can always consists of only one figure and in fact represents a single soldier on the battlefield, (yet, e.g. the standard stacking limits still apply sniper is counted as one of maximum three units occupying one hex).

Basic indicators for sniper are:
MV: 4 Range Firepower
Infantry 8* 1-4*
Vehicles 0 0

Sniper s special traits:
Prioritizing targets
Dreadful assassin
* see detail rules of sniper's attack and range of fire.

Sniper's movement

Sniper s movement is executed according to standard movement rules for squads (including ability to be transported by a vehicle).

Sniper's Attack

Sniper can only attack with a concentrated fire action executed as an action or opportunity fire.
Sniper can not use suppressive fire.
Sniper can not combine fire with any other unit (including other snipers).
Squads attacked by sniper benefit from cover on regular basis.

Range of fire

Since sniper is equipped in scoped standard infantry rifle, its maximum range is 8 hexed (like regular infantry), with the following exceptions from standard rules:
- Whole range distance of 8 hexes is considered a normal range ,
- Sniper does not have a close or long range +1 range modification on hills still apply.

Firepower and resolving attack

Sniper s firepower is defined upon two rules:
- The number of black attack dices rolled to resolve sniper s attack is equal to the number of figures in the target squad (with heavy infantry figures counting as 1). Example: if sniper attacks a full regular or elite infantry squad it will roll 4 black dices; attacking weakened squad with only 1 figure of MG crew it will roll only 1 dice.
- The maximum hits (casualties) inflicted by sniper s attack is 1 (1 figure removed from the target squad), even if the actual number of hits from rolled black and red dices was greater than 1.
Example: american sniper is attacking a full german regular infantry squad hiding in woods.
American player rolls 4 black attack dices and gets 3 successes, german player rolls 2 red dices for cover and gets no successes. Although sniper made 3 hits, it only manages to inflict 1 casualty in german squad - 1 figure is removed from the target squad.
Since sniper's range of attack is always "normal" within all 8 hexes in LOS around him, sniper's efficiency of attack depends on issues other than distance from target. Sniper rolls success attack dice on:
- 5 or 6 when attacking while being concealed (with a concealed squad marker assigned to sniper unit),
- 6 when attacking while being a revealed squad
This rule represents the increased accuracy of snipers shots, when making a prepared, surprise attack.

Trait: Prioritizing targets

Sniper has a unique trait of prirotizing his targets.
Before resolving an attack, sniper can point a specific figure in target squad, which is aimed at.
If the attack inflicts a hit the target figure is removed from the squad (i.e. player controlling the target squad does not decide which figure shall be lost). If the player  controlling sniper forgets to aim his attack before rolling the dices, he won t be able to point the killed figure, when the attack turns out to be a success.
Example: Player controlling the sniper activates him with a concentrated fire action, points the target squad consisting of 3 regular infantry figures and 1 officer, and declares that sniper aims at the officer. Dices are rolled - attack turns out to be a success. Player controlling the target squad, which sustained damage can not decide which
figure to remove - he has to remove the officer's figure.

Trait: Dreadful assassin

Being a sniper's attack target has a terrible effect on soldier's morale.
A successful sniper's attack (inflicting a casualty) makes all squads on target hex immediately pinned (with no effect on already pinned or disrupted squads).

Trait: Camouflage

After making an attack with a concealed sniper, roll 1 dice to determine if sniper position was discovered. For every officer in target hex, who survived sniper's attack, add 1 to dice result.
Sniper looses his concealed unit marker, if the result is equal or bigger than the distance between sniper and target hex. Above rule makes it impossible to spot the sniper, if he is making an attack from distance of 8 hexes. (Standard rules regarding concealed squads do not apply, i.e. concealed sniper squad does not automatically become revealed after making an attack.)
In addition, when not in LOS of any enemy unit at the beginning of the Status Phase, a revealed sniper can receive a concealed unit marker. Note, that when using the operation card - camouflageits rules do not apply to sniper units.

Attacking a concealed sniper squad

Standard rules regarding attacking concealed squads still apply - i.e. concealed sniper can not be attacked.

Attacking a revealed sniper squad

When in cover providing area, sniper can not be attacked with normal fire except by:
- an area attack, or
- a tank using it's Concussive Firepower ability (i.e. when tank attacks a revealed sniper in building)
Suppressive fire against a sniper can be executed by an area attack or direct fire of any enemy unit eligible to fire.
When attacked, sniper unit benefits from cover or officer's presence in the same hex on regular basis.
Sniper is destroyed after sustaining at least 1 hit from normal attack. Suppressive fire attacks against sniper are resolved on regular basis. Note, that a pinned sniper squad can not make a concentrated attack even with an officer present in the same hex.

Assaulting hex containing sniper

You can always assault a hex containing a sniper (concealed or revealed, in cover providing or open terrain).
When assaulted, sniper's firepower is always 1.
Cover is determined on regular basis.

Sniper's actions: Limited choice of actions

Sniper can not be activated with a fire-and movement or assault action.


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