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So the Final match is posted,
Nemo2333 vs RiverWanderer
Scenario: EPIC Eggmühl

Good luck to you both gentlemen

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #6948 by RiverWanderer
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I am happy to report the results of the MT20 final. Congratulations to Nemo and thanks for two very 'epic' games, both emphatic wins for the French.

Scenario: EPIC Eggmühl

Game 1:RiverWanderer (Allies): 8 banners
Nemo2333 (French): 17 banners
After the initial French attack, Austrians pulled back on their left, presaging their generally defensive game. French attacks were initially held back across the board but the Austrians got into trouble pursuing depleted French units on the Austrian right and began to fail under renewed pressure, French cavalry gaining the ascendency around the towns. A fumbled square decision sped the game towards the French victory.

Game 2:Nemo2333 (Allies): 9 banners
RiverWanderer (French): 17 banners
French opened with Force March against the Austrian left, with Bring Forward Reserves allowing a cavalry screen to be established early. Austrians were soon falling back as the French continued to drive forward against them. By contrast, caution was the French watchword on the opposite flank, at least until the closing moments when a rash advance to close combat received severe punishment at the hands of the dice gods, losing the French a banner.  On the Austrian side, the possibility of losing a critical banner at Unterlaiching was now the only concern; time to desert the hill, yielding two banners to the French to end the game with the aggregate advantage.

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