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273 Skirmish Mode - Lyon

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  American German
Division 1

3 Squad Bases
- 12 Regular Infantry

1x Engineer
1x Recon

3 Squad Bases
- 12 Regular Infantry

1x Engineer
1x Recon

Strategy Fuel Points (FP) 2 2
Starting Victory Points (VP) 10 10
Starting Doctrine Every player receives 3 random Doctrines and chooses 1 for use in the game.
Deployment Zone Green Reinforcement hex Gray Reinforcement hex
Starting Initiative Both players toss a red and a black die. The higher number on the black die determines starting initiative, with the red die as a tie-breaker. The higher roll gains initiative in the first round.
Initiative changes after every status phase between the players.
Objective Gain a tactical advantage over the battlefield (which is represented by victory points). If one side ever hits zero, it loses.
Rounds The Skirmish Mode is a game of tactical supremacy. Should the total number of controlled VPhexes ever be greater than that of the opponent, this side has tactical supremacy. The side without tactical supremacy loses as many VP as the difference between the held VP markers is, up to a maximum of two points (e.g. if one side holds two, the other side one, the latter loses one point).
Once one side has no VP left, the game ends.
Actions per turn 1 or 2 (up to the maximum, determined by Unit Points).
See Number of Action table for more details.
Reinforcements See Purchasing Units and Reinforcement Mats inside Status Phase section.
Special Rules See full Skirmish Mode rules.


Tags: Complexity: High, Year: 1944


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