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Haguenau, Alsace, February 19, 1945.
With the war perhaps winding down, Easy Company is trucked into Haguenau, an Alsacian town near the German border. They are asked to send a patrol across the river to take some German prisoners, an assignment no one wants to be picked for, seeing the end of the war so near.
Lt. Hank Jones, fresh in from West Point, and eager for combat experience, is finally put in charge of the commando to infiltrate the village and take some hostages. After crossing the river in dhingies, the commandos manage to capture some prisoners in the town, but not before the Germans are able to sound the alarm, forcing the Americans to rush back to the Rhein to gain safety.
(Inspired by the episode "The Patrol" from the series "Band of Brothers").

"It is on this beautiful day that we celebrate the Führers birthday and thank him for he is the only reason why Germany is still alive today."
Josef Goebbels - Ministry of Propaganda (April 26, 1945)

"Goddam it, you'll never get the Purple Heart hiding in a foxhole! Follow me!"
Captain Henry P. Jim Crowe (Guadalcanal, January 13, 1943).


  American German
Division 1

6 Squad Bases (Commandos)
- 8 Regular Infantry
- 8 Elite Infantry
- 6 Officer
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

2x Flamethrower
1x AntiTank
2x Engineer
6x Concealed Concealed

4 Squad Bases (Rhein Garrison)
- 10 Regular Infantry
- 2 Officer
- 2 Machine Gun Crew

1x AntiTank
1x Concealed Concealed

Division 2

7 Squad Bases (Support)
- 15 Regular Infantry
- 4 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer
- 1 Mortar Crew

3 Machine Gun Crew
1 Sherman Tank

2x AntiTank
1x Engineer

6 Squad Bases (German Patrol)
- 14 Regular Infantry
- 4 Elite Infantry
- 2 Officer
- 1 Mortar Crew
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

1 Panzer IV Tank
3 Opel Blitz Truck

1x AntiTank

Strategy Decks Artillery 1
Morale 1 (remove both "Take Down the Beast" cards)
Command 1
German Reinforcements 1
Starting Strategy Cards 6
The Americans start also with one "Hardened Veterans" card from the American Reinforcements 1 in their HQ area.
Operations Cards 006 Merciless Assault
005 Clear Mines
008 Lay Smoke
012 Massive Confusion
003 Shattered Morale
Deployment Zone Commandos deploy in the two buildings holding Command Objective Markers in hex 11A.
Support Division deploys in any light green hex.
Rhein Garrison must protect the hexes containing a pillbox on maps 10B and 12B. They can deploy in those two hexes or any adjacent hex.
German Patrol does not deploy at the beginning of the scenario. It will deploy during the Status Phase of Round 3, in the Scenario Reinforcements step, in any of the light grey hexes.
Starting Initiative Initiative Token  
Objective The Americans win if they manage to arrive to their side of the Rhein river holding at least 1 hostage.
If the Americans have not achieved their victory by the end of round 10, the Germans win.
This simulates that, after round 10, there's enough daylight for the Germans to detect the boats and destroy them, leaving the American commandos stranded in the wrong side of the river.
Rounds 10
Actions per turn 3 3
Reinforcements - During the Status Phase of round 3, the German Patrol arrives in any light grey hexes.
Special Rules

Superior Weapons
a. The commando MG squad may fire and move, but it will receive 2 fewer movement points during its activation.
b. When firing or assaulting, Commando squads may reroll one die.

Seek best Cover
Commando units shot at may reroll one failed cover die.

a. The American player starts with 1 to 3 of his commando units carrying hostages; the American player decides how many.
b. Dragging hostages: the commando units that hold the hostages receive 1 fewer movement point during their activation.
c. In this scenario, the German player does not know which units are carrying hostages. Simulate this by assigning numbers to each commando unit. At the beginning of the game, the American player should secretly write which of his up to 3 units are carrying hostages. Of course, any American unit that moves at its full speed will give away to the German player that it is not dragging hostages.
d. Releasing the prisoners. At any moment, the American player may decide, for free, to release a hostage to move quicker.

Crossing the Rhein
The American commandos used rubber dinghies to cross the river, and hid them among some reeds at the riverbank. They left boats in all river hexes adjacent to a building, to have different avenues of escape. Once adjacent to an appropriate hex, preparing the boats and getting into the river costs 2 movement points. Place the commando squad on an appropriate river hex (adjacent to a building). As a special action, you may fatigue a unit on a boat to row. Roll one die for each figure in the squad (MG and mortars count for 1); each officer allows you one reroll. Each 4, 5 or 6 is a success. A squad needs 3 cumulative successes to cross the Rhein.
While on a boat, heavy infantry weapons cannot fire, and other figures lose half of their firepower.

Garrison Troops
Garrison squads must man their assigned objectives; therefore, they don't have as much freedom of movement as normal squads.
During the whole scenario, garrison squads can be placed only on the hex they must protect or any adjacent hex; they cannot move further away.

Strategy Cards
Germans start only with the German Reinforcement deck, and they start with the "Reinforcement Battalion" card in their HQ area. This simulates the German garrison units awakening and preparing for combat. In this scenario German reinforcements are considered to be garrison troops.
In the Status Phase of round 3, the German loses the German Reinforcement Deck I (the cards not yet drawn) and gains the Command Deck I. During the "Draw Strategy Cards" of round 3, the German player must draw 2 cards; he can draw a third card if any of the cards drawn have a "+" symbol.

Night Fighting

1. Poor Visibility.
a. Night (4 first rounds in this scenario).
- LoS to squads cannot be established for more than 5 hexes away, 7 hexes away to vehicles.
- Vehicles receive 1 fewer movement point during their activation and, while they move, they can be seen from 2 hexes farther than normal (9 hexes).
- All units receive 1 extra cover, except against area attacks. Unlike other cover, this also protects attacking units during an assault.
b. Dawn (beginning in round 5 in this scenario).
- Visibility improves 2 hexes (7 hexes to squads, 9 hexes to vehicles).
- Vehicles moving can be seen from 2 hexes farther than normal (11 hexes).
- All units not on Clear hexes receive 1 extra cover, except against area attacks. Unlike other cover, this also protects attacking units during an assault.

2. Poor Communication.
a. Night (4 first rounds in this scenario).
Only units in the same hex can combine fire, and only if you pay 1 Command Token, unless there is at least one officer in the hex.
b. Dawn (beginning in round 5 in this scenario).
Only units in the same hex can combine fire. You don't have to pay Command to combine fire.

3. Flash in the Night.
When any unit fires during night fighting conditions, place a command token on that unit. During the rest of the round, this unit can be fired upon as if there were no LoS restrictions. Remove command tokens so placed during the "Remove Tokens" step of the Status Phase.


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