Intercontinental Tournament 2023

7 months 2 weeks ago - 7 months 2 weeks ago #8518 by Valya
Game results Mark Garavaglia vs Patrick Dowd
Game 1 Mark Garavaglia British - Patrick Dowd French. Result : British win 6 Banners to French 4 
Game 2 Mark Garavaglia French - Patrick Dowd British . Result : British win 6 Banners to French 5

Game 1  The French push is concentrated mainly in the center with Lolson and Line infantry clearing the field works  and eliminating British & Portuguese units . Mark Garavaglia's British win by exiting 3 units and eliminating 3 French units .  

Game 2   Featured the French managing to take the River Coa bridge and repelled a couple attacks by the British . Just one  banner away from the victory and a two game sweep , Mark Garavaglia's French form a square on the bridge.  Mr Dowd then has his British position Horse artillery onto the hills overlooking the bridge and together with his British heavy calvary , eliminates the French square formation on the river Coa Bridge. Mr Dowd then proceeds to exit a final unit off of the map for his 6th banner and a British win !  
  Games split result :  Mark Garavaglia 11 Victory Banners vs 10 Victory Banners for Patrick Dowd .
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7 months 2 weeks ago #8530 by JohnSpicer
Round: 1
River Coa - 006
Game: 2
Allies: Mike Stanley
French: John Spicer
Winner: French
Score: Allies: 3, French 6

Another game played in a great spirit, but not much Mike could have done about this one.

After taking an early 3-1 lead (exiting a Portuguese and killing a light cavalry and it's leader on the Allied left) a LGM and then an Assault Centre destroyed the British right and got a full strength line infantry onto the bridge, complete with leader.

A desperate British bayonet charge did limited damage and then a massed French Fire and Hold finished the game.

I had good cards (both types) and apart from when firing at one unit, very good dice.

Thanks for two very enjoyable games Mike

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7 months 1 week ago #8567 by RiverWanderer
Round: 1 - River Coa - 006

Game: 1
Allies: Gabriel Hardy
French: Mark Benson
Winner: Allies
Score: Allies: 6, French 3

Game: 2
Allies: Mark Benson
French: Gabriel Hardy
Winner: Allies
Score: Allies: 6, French 3

Two very similar games; overall the British gained all but 1 of their banners by escaping from the board.

In the first game, the British soon had five units off the board and were in almost total control of the centre. The French, fragmented and with few options to match the British pace, could rely only on desperate attacks to gain an banner or two. Fortunately for the French, the British stalled temporarily in the centre, and this allowed them to gain a second and third banner before the curtain fell.

In the second game, the French were more mobile and able to press forward quickly in a coordinated manner. However, the British were also well-provided for, with Grande Manoeuvre facilitating an early withdrawal ahead of the advancing French. The French came much closer to cutting off the bridge than in game 1, but just in time British Light cavalry managed to make it across for the win.
The following user(s) said Thank You: HardyGabriel

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7 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #8568 by jfardette
Round: 1, Game 2
Scenario: Coa
French: player name: Tom Heimann
Allies: Player name: Jim Fardette
Winner: Jim Fardette
Score: 6-0

In what possibly is the worst luck for my opponent I've seen yet at this game, the allies started off with 2 Fire and Holds, killing a unit and leader, an infantry first fire for an ambush, then scouting for the LGM to get away. Tom took his lumps like a gentleman, and I'm pretty sure I've used up all the luck I will have this year. No skill involved, sadly, I take no credit for this one.

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File Name: CoaGame2.vlog
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7 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #8569 by Mark-McG
Round 1 - River Coa - 006 (British)
played both matches with this extra special rule
-the LGM card is discarded when drawn, and a new card is drawn

Game 1
Mark McG (Allies) - 6 banners
Stephen T (French) - 1 banner

French starting hand of 3 Right cards meant that the Light cavalry were the main attack. The Allies could therefore move with relative impunity to the bridge and exit (including a glorious fixed bayonet charge across the bridge. Since the French cavalry persisted, a British cavalry charge removed that threat, and the the exit proceeded. Only British banner loss was a double swords leader kill on the final turn (Stephen's speciality)

File Attachment:

File Name: r1g1.vlog
File Size:1,376 KB

Game 2
Stephen T (Allies) - 6 banners
Mark McG (French) - 4 banners

Knowing that speed was essential, the French cavalry charged forwards swiftly, trying to pin the British in square. This worked reasonably well, but again the British cavalry counter attack finished off enough French cavalry for the win. If you have to be impetuous, it is easy to go too far.

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File Name: r1g2.vlog
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Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
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7 months 1 week ago #8575 by toganalper
David will report our results but as I can remember
David Horts won one by 6:4 and I won the next one by 6:2 or so for a result of
toganalper 2 points and David Horts Gorriz 1 point

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7 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #8582 by Boredbeyondbelief
Replied by Boredbeyondbelief on topic Intercontinental Tournament 2023
Round: 1
Scenario: River Coa

Game 1:
French: Eric Yorkston (boredbeyondbelief)
Allies: John Dietrich (ezpickins)
Winner: John Dietrich (ezpickins)
Score: French 5 - Allies 6

French: John Dietrich (ezpickins)
Allies: Eric Yorkston (boredbeyondbelief)
Winner: Eric Yorkston (boredbeyondbelief)
Score: French 1 - Allies 6

The first game was a close battle that could have been won by either side. This is mostly due to John just not seeming to be able to draw enough center cards. On the first turn the British has their line unsuccessfully fire at the French. The French responded by moving foward on all 3 fronts; advancing in the center and left flank and having their cavalry engage with the British units north of the town. One unit squared up - which ended up severely hampering the British's response options. The British center also took multiple hits and their line broke.

The French managed to storm the ramparts and eliminated two units. The French were battling toward the bridge, hoping to cut off the British avenue for escape. Instead of running toward the bridge, the British right flank retook the ramparts, eliminating the French unit that had overrun them. As the battle for the fort raged on, both sides lost troops, but when the British units looked ready to be eliminated, they were often forced to retreat intead - and two light units with one block each escaped to the bridge by timely flag roles on the part of the French. The battle was fought near that top edge with the British also trying to put some pressure with a counter-attack on their left flank. This did manage to eliminate a unit, but things looked dicy for them. Two British leaders had their units defeated but survived to slink away and retire from the battlefield unscathed. With the British only needing one more banner, the French finally blocked off the bridge, but the British counter-attack was starting to pay serious dividends. They had taken the battle to the French! An Elan played in turn 13 finally gave the British enough concentrated firepower to capture the last banner and win the battle.

In game two, the British took a different strategy: yield as much ground as possible and exit troops as quickly as possible. But the cards didn't help the British and troops started clogging near the bridge. The French assaulted the Center. then assaulted the right (causing the British to square up both troops which managed to drive off both light cavalries). On Turn 3, the British managed to evacuate their first unit of Portugese light troops and had the second on the bridge ready to retire. But a bayonette charge evened the score as a rifle unit fell and the French line managed to take the ramparts. The losses the French line units took to gain the fort would prove costly. A British attack from their right flank re-took the fort eliminating both the line unit and General Loison in the process. The French pressed their attack but again got the worse of it, having a line unit fall to the horse artillary on the hill battling back. With the British only needing to exit one troop to gain victory, the French readied their bayonettes and brought three units to attack the British light unit holding down the fort. A fourth French light unit moved behind the British to cut off any escape. But the light unit held! (only 2 hits on 11 dice rolled!) In a last ditch effort, the remaining French unit rolled a die trying to take down General Sydney on the bridge. Although a hit was scored, the general didn't fall. The French unit was eliminated in the battle back. Victory for the Brits!

The first game was a marathon taking 13 turns and clocking in just under 2 hours (we had some mic issues to fix too). The second game lasted just 6 turns and was played in under 30 minutes! I enjoyed playing with John and hope to meet him across that table again soon!

Game 1:

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File Name: CCNSwiss1-...ag1.vlog
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Game 2:

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File Name: CCN-Swiss1...ag2.vlog
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7 months 1 week ago #8585 by Craterus
Round: 1 - River Coa - 006

Game: 1
Allies: David Horts Gorriz
French: Samim Togan Alper
Score: Allies: 6, French 4

Game: 2
Allies: Samim Togan Alper
French: David Horts Gorriz
Score: Allies: 6, French 1

Both battles were caracterized by the nearly absolute absence of center section command cards played. Samim Togan was more efficient in withdrawing his troops than me. Congratulations ! and thanks for the matches.

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File Name: rivercoa.vlog
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File Name: riocoa2.vlog
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7 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #8604 by Gileforn
Game 1 Round 1

Kandras78 (Allies) - 6
Gileforn (French) - 2

Game 1 Round 2

Kandras78 (French) - 0
Gileforn (Allies) - 6

One of the most untournament scenarios. May be not the worst, but really a random one. We haven't received Grand Maneuvres, with them these game would be a joke. In the fast running out of the map I was little bit more lucky then well played Andras.


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File Name: IT23-2.vlog
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File Name: IT23-1.vlog
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7 months 1 week ago #8609 by Mark-McG
of 22 matches played, 3 French wins

however, the game win/loss % still shows 55% British / 45% French, and it hasn't moved because players haven't reported the results there.

I urge players to record results in those stats, because they are part of the scenario selection process for tournaments.

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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