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  American German
Division 1

4 Squad Bases
- 12 Regular Infantry
- 4 Officer

10 Squad Bases
- 28 Regular Infantry
- 4 Elite Infantry
- 2 Officer
- 2 Mortar Crew
- 1 Machine Gun Crew

1 Panzer IV Tank
2 SdKfz 251 Half Track

2x Flamethrower

Division 2

9 Squad Bases
- 22 Regular Infantry
- 6 Elite Infantry
- 4 Machine Gun Crew

2x Flamethrower
2x AntiTank

2 Squad Bases
- 8 Regular Infantry

2x Engineer * (snipers)
2x Concealed Concealed

Strategy Decks American Reinforcements 1
Artillery 2
Morale 1
Command 1
Ground Support 1
Starting Strategy Cards 5 -
Operations Cards 014 No surrender
010 Inspiring Leadership
009 Tank Ace
017 Camoflauge
Deployment Zone

One Officer squad starts in each of the buildings on map 8B and the one on map 11B.
The Infantry deploy in the light green hexes.

You may fatigue an Officer to immediately gain 2 Command or to draw an extra card.

Division One deploys in the dark gray hexes. The Snipers deploy in the light gray hexes.

The Engineer squads are snipers. They ignore cover, and may choose which unit is killed.

Starting Initiative   Initiative Token
Objective The Americans win by preventing this. If, at the end of any turn, the Germans have 3 units in yellow hexes, they win.
Rounds 6
Actions per turn 3 3
Reinforcements - End of turn 4:
1x Panzer IV
Special Rules For two movements, a flamethrower squad may set an adjacent forest hex "on fire". Place a smoke marker on the hex, it is treated as a minefield.


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