PS04 Austerlitz - Right Flank (2 December 1805)

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Austerlitz - Right Flank

2 December 1805

Historical Background

The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Hill 16
River 11
RiverBend 7
Town 4
WalledFarm 1
Lake 6
Marsh 4
Marsh 1


Battle Notes

Allied Army - Russian and Austrian Army
• Commander: Buxhöwden
• 4 Command Cards
• Optional 3 Tactician Cards

Line Infantry Light Infantry Grenadier Infantry Militia Cossack Cavalry Foot Artillery Leader   Grenzer Infantry Light Cavalry Leader
9 2 1 2 2 3   1 1 1

French Army
• Commander: Davout
• 5 Command Cards
• Optional 5 Tactician Cards
• Move First

Line Infantry Light Infantry Light Cavalry Heavy Cavalry Foot Artillery Leader
4 2 1 1 1 5


7 Banners

Basic Rules:
• The Goldbach and Littawa are a fordable rivers.

• The French player gains 1 Temporary Victory Banner at the start of the turn for each marked hex occupied (Temporary Victory Banner Turn Start)

• The Allied player gains 1 Temporary Victory Banner at the start of the turn for each marked  hex occupied (Temporary Victory Banner Turn Start)

• French reinforcements arrive on the battlefield at the start of the 7th French round. If the relevant hex is occupied (French or Allied unit), the unit is not placed until the hex is released. In every case the unit is placed at the start of the French round.

• Pre-Battle Mother Russia Roll rule is in effect. Saber and cavalry rolls have no effect.

Advanced Rules:
• Lakes are only lightly frozen, the ice is weak and it can break under the weight of soldiers.
A unit that enters the hex of frozen lake looses one block every end of players turn that it remains on the hex of frozen lake.
One block is lost also when the unit is only passing the hex of frozen lake (during the retreat). Leader casualty check is inactive here.

Tags: Banners: 7, Army: Allies, Army: Austrian, Army: French, Army: Russian, Special Rule: Mother Russia, Special Rule: Reinforcements, Special Rule: Temporary VB (Turn Start), Unofficial

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