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Bemis Heights - 7 October 1777

Historical Background
After the Battle of Freeman's Farm, Burgoyne waited for reinforcement from Clinton. As September passed into October it became clear that Clinton was not coming to help Burgoyne, who put the army on short rations on October 3. In the American camp, the tensions between Gates and Arnold flared intohostility, and Arnold was relieved, but remained in camp.
After days of deliberations, Burgoyne rejected advice to retreat, and launched the delayed attack on the American positions on Bemis Heights. By this time Gates had been considerably reinforced and had some 12,000 men against around 4,000 British and Germans.
Burgoyne described the operation as a reconnaissance in strength, designed to see if he could occupy the hill to the West of the American fortifications. The American picquets sent word that the British had advanced and were forming up in a wheat field near the old Freeman’s Farm battlefield.
Morgan’s riflemen were committed to the attack, quickly supported by the other regiments of Arnold’s division. The Americans far outnumbered the British “reconnaissance” party and the British Grenadiers and Light Companies were pressed back.
At a critical moment in the fighting Brigadier Simon Fraser was mortally wounded by one of Morgan’s riflemen. Arnold spurred the Americans to continue the attack and was himself severely wounded.
The British and Hessian troops began to give way and after the redoubt held by Colonel Breyman and his regiment was taken, Burgoyne withdrew his force to his fortified camp above the Hudson River.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

Entrenchments 2
Forest 20
Hill 1
HillEntrenchments 2
Entrenchments 1
River 4
RiverBend 2


Battle Notes

British Army
• Commander: Burgoyne
• 4 Command Cards
• (Optional 2 Tactician Cards)

Line Infantry Light Infantry Grenadier Infantry Foot Artillery General   Line Infantry
3 2 1 2 2   2

American Army
• Commander: Gates
• 4 Command Cards
• (Optional 4 Tactician Cards)
• Move First

Line Infantry Light Infantry Militia Infantry Light Infantry General
7 1 2 1 4


6 Banners

Special Rules
• The Americans use the Spanish blocks and are treated as Spanish in all respects, but exclude the -1 die battle modifier when moving
• The American RL is treated as a British Rifle Light in all respects except they retreat 2 hexes per flag.
Use any blocks (Austrian GRZ with 3 blocks e.g.) to represent the American RL.
• The American player always makes a Leader Casualty check against the opponent using one die as if
the unit was destroyed. This reflects the American propensity to pick off leaders.
• The Portuguese LN units represent Hessan units, which are treated as British in all
respects except that Line Infantry melee with 1 additional die.
• The Spanish Guerrilla Action rule is not in effect.
•  Arnold's Vigour: Arnold and any attached unit is ordered every American turn
• The River (Mill Creek) is fordable.
• Rough Terrain: no unit can move more than 2 hexes per turn, even using La Grande Manouevre or Bombard
• Each Redoubt hex is a Temporary Victory Banner Objective Hex if occupied by an American unit at the start of it's turn.

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