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Historical Background
Pohlmann deployed his infantry battalions in a line facing southwards behind the steep banks of the Kailna with his cannon arrayed directly in front. The great mass of Maratha cavalry was kept on the right flank and Berar's irregular infantry garrisoned Assaye to the rear. The only observable crossing point over the river was a small ford directly ahead of the Maratha position. Pohlmann's strategy was to funnel the British and Madras troops across the ford into the mouth of his cannon, and then on to the massed infantry and cavalry behind.
Wellesley had noticed two unguarded villages, Peepulgaon and Waroor, one on each bank of the Kaitna beyond the Maratha left. On the assumption that a ford must exist between the two villages, Wellesley ordered the area to be further reconnoitred, and there was indeed a ford at that spot. Thus Wellesley ledhis army east to the crossing in an attempt to launch an attack on Pohlmann's left flank.
Pohlmann soon recognised Wellesley’s intentions and swung his infantry and guns through 90 degrees to establish a new line spread approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) across the isthmus with their right flank on the Kaitna and the left on Assaye. Although the new position secured the Maratha flanks, it restricted Pohlmann from bringing his superior numbers into action. The Maratha redeployment was swifter and more efficient than Wellesley had anticipated and he immediately reacted by extending his front to deny Pohlmann the opportunity to outflank him. The Maratha cannonade intensified as the British redeployed. Although British artillery was brought forward to counter, it was ineffective against the mass firepower of the Maratha guns and quickly disabled through the weight of shot directed against it.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?


Set-Up Order

RiverBend 13
RiverBendFord 1
Town 3


Battle Notes

British Army
Commander: Wellesley
6 Command Cards
(5 Tactician cards optional)

Line Infantry Grenadier Infantry Light Cavalry Horse Artillery General   Line Infantry Light Cavalry
1 2 4 1 2   4 2

Maratha Army
Commander: Pohlmann
4 Command Cards
2 Tactician cards optional)
Move first

Line Infantry Light Cavalry Foot Artillery General
9 8 3 1


6 Banners

Special Rules
1. The Rivers are unfordable except at the ford.
2. The Maratha army use Russian units and are treated as Russian in all respects with the following exceptions
2.1 The Maratha Line have 4 blocks cannot ignore 1 flag as Russian line can
2.2 The Maratha Line Infantry cannot form squares.
2.3 The Maratha Line round down for firing when moving.
2.4 Mother Russia rules do not apply
3. The Madras army use Portuguese units and are treated as Portuguese for all purposes.

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Mark-McG replied the topic:
5 years 9 months ago
well I can tell who the English are.. the Mahratha are the Spanish? Anyone's guess who the Portuguese are, and the French leaders are with the Mahratha.

the Special Rules must be lengthy..
Bayernkini replied the topic:
5 years 9 months ago
Just saw another scenario variant from Konrad Kinch in the
Miniature Wargames 224 - August 2018.

Timothy replied the topic:
8 years 1 week ago
This one was actually more balanced than I thought it would be. As is my usual I play as the British. My brother played the Mahratha. His bad hand let him only attach with his right in the first few turns and I managed to bring my grenadiers and horse artillery to bear and take out two of his guns. I brought up some light cav which got crushed and lost Maxwell but my line infantry and horse artillery managed to disable the last field gun. I captured assaye and eliminated two other units supporting it at the cost of one of my grenadiers. British win 6-3