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2 years 11 months ago #7243 by grecian formula
So I noticed that VASSAL has now quickly been released to version 3.5.7.

Will the new release of Napoleonics 3.5.0a23 work on that without any problems? Or do you want us to test that?


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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #7244 by RiverWanderer
Hi Marc -

re Vassal v3.5.7; yes, that is good news. It is a minor release but fixes the last little Vassal-related issue that was affecting the CCN3.5 module (mouseover zoom in hand). I have already played a full game with it. If your Vassal use is going fine with v3.5.5, as it should be, I would upgrade to v3.5.7 as soon as convenient.

I am just working through a small mess-up I made with combat marker resetting that is still stopping Attack marker placement in some circumstances. It doesn't stop game play but would be irritating nonetheless. I should have it cleaned up shortly and I'll be playing a game in a couple of hours to test my efforts.

Meanwhile, you can look forward to some new Victory Banner features along with the fix. Hoping to post that later today.

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2 years 11 months ago #7245 by grecian formula

thanks for the quick response. I'll wait for your updated features described above, then test everything using 3.5.7. Marc

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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #7251 by RiverWanderer
[Updated to a25]

Version 3.5.0a25 can be downloaded here .

This beta fixes outstanding bugs that I am aware of. In particular, a couple that were affecting Combat Markers.

In addition,
1. All End Turn variations are now fully supported by reminder/action buttons in the Hand Window. As part of this, Élan end-turn is now a single action and "Draw 1 Tactician Card" is bundled as an option under the normal End Turn.
2. Victory Banner track is an active component. Click on a banner slot to add a banner. Click on a banner to remove it.
3. If maximum hits are applied to a unit (e.g. via the Combat Marker "Apply Hits" menu, or using Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+H on the piece), or if a hit is applied to a Leader, the affected piece will  be placed automatically on the next free Victory Banner slot (or a non-Victory Banner slot, in the case of Cossacks). Pieces may be freely moved off or along the Victory Banner track, so allowing for special Rules.
4. Mouse-Click action on pieces has been extended further and a user-preference added so that this feature can be turned off, if not required.
5. Leader Check offered on defending piece when hits are taken via the combat marker (click on the marker/dice icon to take the check). [added in a25]
6. Alt+H nows acts as a hot-key to allocate a Square token for an eligible Infantry target. Intended for Battalion Mass, as this step is not required for normal Squaring. "hotkey" means the key can be pressed anywhere on the board to take the action, without selecting the infantry unit itself.  [added in a25]

I have now finished all the main components. I plan to add a Leader Check ability into the Attack and Target markers [done], and a similar widget for Leader Unit Reform. Subject to beta testing, that is the version I plan to release on Vassal.

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2 years 10 months ago - 2 years 10 months ago #7289 by RiverWanderer
Version 4 is now in the Vassal moderation queue pending release.The list of new features now matches, bar some minor details and an optional feature, what was in my original "lockdown edition" effort at V4, hence my decision to release as V4 after all.If anyone wishes to try this final version, before it appears on Vassal in a day or two, find it here .

Here is the updated features list, as will appear on the module page:-
An extensive internal update, with embedded tutorial and full release notes, though most of the module will operate in ways familiar to v3.4 users. Immediately visible new features include the Toolbar - revamped in the style of other C&C modules, Hand Windows, the chat log and combat markers.

Many new features have been added, including :-
* Simplified game set-up.
* Game clock option
* Game Counters: No longer stored in hand but on one or other side of the board. To add counter, click on the counter stores at game start or drag a counter from the Markers palette.
* Initial card draw can be done from buttons in the hand window, and the hand window is self-organising.
* On turn indication. The module uses colour to indicate the current on-turn side; tracking starts from the first card played.
* Side icons also display Command size and the number of Tactician Cards held.
* Extensive reporting to chat, generally accompanied with suitable icons so chat history can be readily navigated.
* A set of End Turn buttons in each hand window serve as reminder and automate all end turn card draws except for First Strike replacement and empty deck checking.
* Dice are rolled directly from the main toolbar. Dice icons appear in chat. The dice tray is now optional [F3 to display].
* Optional Clickable actions are enabled by default e.g. ordering pieces or marking combats, playing or discarding a card or playing a counter. In general, these operate for the side expected to take the action but right-click commands are always available.
* Leader pieces display most commands that an underlying Unit or Garrison requires. Easing use of Attached Leaders.
* Upgraded combat markers
* Main combat markers remain as independent and now functional pieces; providing commands to apply multiple hits or for target marker to be used to Rally multiple blocks.
* Combats can be marked up by moving the Attacker and Target markers onto pieces, by clicking on the pieces or by using the traditional right-click commands.
* To accommodate Combined Arms and Grand Battery there is a new command "Add to Attack" [Alt+A] that appears on ordered Artillery units when an Attack has been declared elsewhere.
* An array of Hotkeys are available to speed combat commands and other operations. Combat hotkeys operate on the board without the Attacker or Target piece being selected.
* Other status markers are embedded with the pieces, as pioneered by C&C Ancients.
* Combat markers will automatically set to "no battle" once a new attack is formed.
* Square actions can be achieved simply by pressing the square button (in hand) or playing a Battalion Mass counter or "Hasty Square", as appropriate. The square Marker or counter is automatically assigned to the target infantry unit.
* Clickable dice will appear for Leader Checks, Leader Unit Reform and the Guerrilla Action counter. The normal dice button works transparently with these also. In both cases, results are applied automatically.
* Victory Banner Track. Click on a track space to add a banner. Click on a banner to remove it.
* Eliminated pieces automatically move to the Victory Banner track; a Square card will automatically be returned.
* Scenario set up: Victory Banner track configures by a single click or command on the piece representing the scenario banner target.
* One stop shop: most fan scenarios from the v3 extension are now incorporated into the main module (using standard C&C component graphics)
* Help menu is populated with many useful links and information.
* Player Aids have been reviewed and updated with corrections, along with an updated Shortcuts page. F1 will show or hide the Player Aids.
* Optional features can be disabled or enabled from the Preferences, Game Options panel, and some invoked from the Game Options toolbar menu (for the current game only).
* Sound is used to provide indication of actions taken. Sound can be disabled in Vassal on a module-by-module basis, on the Preferences...Sounds panel.
* Block counts are available (shortcut F10)
* Optional "Hints" feature displays unit and terrain information when the mouse is hovered over a piece. If disabled (in Preferences, Game Options), only the underlying terrain and any name leader is displayed.

This version is not backwards compatible.

As ever, I appreciate to hear of issues and bug reports. 

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2 years 10 months ago #7297 by RiverWanderer
A friends reported some issues with the recent v4.0.0 release and in fixing them I caught a couple more, along with adding the unofficial Leaders of Honor from the extension / Epic.

V4.0.1 will be on Vassal shortly.

Features added:
* Remove disabled counter stores when deck is selected.
* Unofficial Leaders of Honor added in to Units & Leaders palette (taken from v3.4 Extension & v2.2 Epic. Minor States merged with main army tabs).
Bug Fixes:
* Inactive button & End Turn button alert messages clarified.
* Startup messages improved / corrected.
* Cards drawn back to hand no longer interfere with checks on card-drawing end turn buttons. 
* Moving or replacing an Attacker marker no longer affects Target command on current existing target piece.
* Spurious bad-data error messages reduced (two known remain, affecting leaders in palette only)
Scenario Updates:
* Leader of Honor pieces used in MD16, MD19, MD20, MD21, MD22.
* Paper-Strength units and Conscript markers added in MD19.
* Banner track re-formatting for scenarios A315 and ML01.
* Scenario B012 - Squares restored
* Scenario BH09 corruption fixed.

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