OT2019 Round 2

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Game 2

giulio (Allies) 8
soul1st (French) 7

My intention as Austrian was to attack the left French flank but once the units were in position I had no cards to move there and my maneuver stalled. So I amassed my cavalry on the French right, supporting it with a cavalry arty. Twan attacked there at the right moment with a cavalry charge, weakening my troops but also losing his cavalry and two leaders in the process due to my lucky rolls. I tried to attack the unsupported French artillery on the left but without a cavalry charge, with weakened cavalry myself and under the constant grand battery French fire I only achieved to eliminate one french artillery, incurring in heavy losses. Then I tried an infantry assault on the central village but the French line was well position and I had minimal success. In the meantime, however, I had collected the right cards I needed. The Austrian cavalry, supported by two artillery units, managed to eliminate the French arty on the left for the final medal. In fact, it was my opponent to remind me that the 1 block cavalry unit I left on the right hills granted me a victory point! Great sportsmanship by the part of Twan.

Also, a big thank you to Twan for patiently waiting for me to begin the game. I was in a hurry and I forgot to start a log file. So I attach the sav file of the end-game situation (@Twan feel free to add the log yourself if you have one)


I have no technical issues to report for this game. I recommend selecting the card decks only after the sides of the battle have been assigned to players. I suspect the troubles with cards derive from module inconsistencies in handling player/side correspondence (not sure though).

BGG: g1ul10

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File Name: liebertwol...on2.vlog
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Here is the log file for the second match with Giulio.

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508 Liebertwolkwitz - afternoon (14 October 1813) [OT2019-Round Two - 2nd game]
Allies(Bangla) 4 vs French(A) 8 (7+1)

Allies were able to put pressure on the French Left by destroying the Young Guards early on. Then managed to develop in good order for a central push against the town.
French were eagerly trying to reposition their cavalry, and also launched a desperate attack in the middle.
While the French infantry suffered heavy losses, the Cavalry were able to pin the Austrian Grenzen and LT units, severely limiting Command options for the Allies.
Allied Cavalry finally moved forward on their Left but was met with a cannonade.
The French Light Infantry near Holshausen was able to chase a battered Austrian Curassier unit off the field and then capture one of the Grenzer units pinned in square with Gen. Mohr in command. Securing a French victory right before the Allied could have broken the French Center.

Long and tense game. I had the feeling that dice are against me most of the time. Bangla despite all my lamentation was a gallant and patient opponent with an excellent tactical acumen.

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File Name: Bangla-AndrsII.vlog
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M508 - Liebertwolkwitz - (afternoon) 14 October 1813

Game 2
Allied Army: mantra 8
French Army: RiverWanderer 1

The battle started with the Allied jockeying their position for the first few rounds of cards, and deciding how to bring to the French. This was finally decided when I drew the the Grande Maneuver card. 4 Austrian Inf units from the center were shuttled to Liebertwolkwitz's door step. The French launched an attack to beat them back, but as luck would turn out the Allies were holding both the First Strike card and Inf. Battle First. With the French attack blunted the Allies returned with a play of Give them Cold Steel. What ensued in the next few plays was a back and forth battle for the town in which the Allies were finally able to firmly take control of it with a commanding VP count. The Allies finished off the battle with Cavalry Charge on both flanks.

RiverWanderer played a good game, but the cards surly favored me as the Allies. As my opponent summed it up ".... until next time..."

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File Name: OT19M508Li...-v2.vlog
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M508 - Liebertwolkwitz - (afternoon) 14 October 1813
Game 1 (played 11-7-19)
Allied Army: Michael Stanley (scipio1zama) – 8 banners
French Army: Shavkat Norov (Nemo2333) – 2 banners

This was a long, slow-developing game. This was partly due to neither side having cards with which to develop a coherent operational approach to winning, and partly to the fact that I was taking pain medication after dental surgery that had me looking up various rules that I should have known by heart (plus I often have to be reminded about Leader Checks even when I am in top form.)

Be that as it may – Initial maneuvering and ranged fire over 14 turns (7 each side) saw an Austrian GRZ take a couple of hits (later retreated out of danger), the Austrians position their artillery on the right and take two blocks from the French FA near Holshausen Hill (which retreated out of danger), and the French heavily reinforce Leibertwolkwitz.

For turn 15, the allies used a Take Command card to advance four Austrian infantry towards the town, but they were initially unable to fire. The French responded with a Force March (turn 16) which lit up six infantry units, but only three could fire, damaging two Austrian units and damaging one.

Now began a long engagement in the center around Leibertwolkwitz, with cavalry from both sides getting into the act. Light damage to two French LN in town was followed by heavy damage to several Austrian LN, but also to both French HC, one of which eliminated an Austrian LN for the game’s first casualty. But now a Cavalry Charge by the battle’s lone Prussian HC destroyed both French HC AND the leader Milhaud. The next Austrian turn (Elan) saw the elimination of the French LT in the church, and the next Austrian turn (Bombard) set up a Grand Battery by the Artillery on the hill that rolled 5 for 5 blue and took out a French LN in town. My opponent had a stretch of bad cards – little he could use, some he just played to replace. Then came of long period of back and forth weak attacks and maneuvering, occasional hits that slowly weakened units on both sides. The French continued to reinforce Leibertwolkwitz while I focused on pulling 1-block units back and out of the firing line. He took some shots at 1-block units and missed. He also had another stretch where he had to discard useless cards and just draw replacements. I advanced my 4-block GRZ, but he Bayonet Charged it, got a hit, and chased it all the way back to Baumgarten.. I advanced my Cossacks and attacked a 2-block French LT. He took 4 artillery shots at the Cossack and missed (His die rolling was not very lucky today), then my Cossack put his LN into square and got 1 hit. His response eliminated the Cossack.

Now a large Allied Force (FA, HA, LN, 2xLC) moved up on the right, and next turn used a combined arms attack to eliminate a 2-block LN AND the leader Maison in Leibertwolkwitz, allowing the Austrian LN to advance into town. A French Rally gained a block for FA and LN, allowing a Combined arms attack that took a block from that Austrian LN, but the battle back damaged the French LN and more importantly, forced it from the town I Counter-Attacked his Rally, and my rallied LN attacked and eliminated the French LN for the 8th banner.

This game went 57 turns. I wound up with 7 weakened units on or near the back rank. But I almost always had a card I could play to some purpose, and good die rolls to boot, while my opponent in his defensive position was often hampered by less useful cards. But he fought hard and with patience (and with good humor.)

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Here is the LogFile for the first game.
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(I have no idea why this is red.)
M508 - Liebertwolkwitz - (afternoon) 14 October 1813
Game 2 (played 11-10-19)
French Army: Michael Stanley (scipio1zama) – 8 banners
Allied Army: Shavkat Norov (Nemo2333) – 4 banners

The Allies started by joining some leaders up with units, while the French used La Grande Manoeuvre to reinforce the town. The next 8 turns (4 each) saw section cards used to organize forces and fire a few shots, causing some minor damage and costing the Allies a Cossack at the hands of the French HC, who also put the Austrian LT in the woods into square. The Allies attacked the flanks and put 2 hits on a LN in town, but their HC attack on the French HC was met with a “Charge if Charged”, which wiped out the Prussian HC and the leader Puhlen at the cost of 2 Fr HC blocks.

At this point the French had 2 Attack Center and 2 Assault Center cards and looked to be able to withstand whatever the Allies threw at Liebertwolkwitz. I played an Assault Center, pulled back the damaged HC, and inflicted 3 hits on the Austrian LT concealed in the woods. Then I noticed that my OTHER Assault Center card had disappeared from my hand window. I was not happy, but I had no idea how or why Vassal had made the card disappear. I had no choice but to draw a replacement. (As you step through the log file, you see this Assault Center disappear much earlier, but it did not disappear as we played the game until this turn.)
Four more turns of center fighting costs the Austrians the LT and severe damage to a LN, and now Shavkat notices that HE is missing a card from HIS hand window. Vassal is being very wonky today. I also notice that I must discard the cards I play (even after my opponent has done so) before they will move to the discard pile.

More center battling damaged us both, and added another Austrian LN killed. I am now up 5-0 and both of us (unbeknownst to the other) are out of center cards.

The next 8 turns saw both sides playing Scout cards (the Allies) and discarding useless cards (the French) to get better cards in our hands. In addition, the Austrians finally killed a French LN in Liebertwolkwitz, while the French Short-Supplied two Austrian Artillery units to the rear rank.

The Austrians then “Took Command” and launched a devastating attack from their right with two LC and two GRZ, taking the French (who should have seen it coming) completely by surprise. The result was two French LT forced into square (one near Holshausen and one near Lieb…) and the artillery unit near Holshausen completely destroyed. The French reply slightly damaged a LC as it retired & reformed. Four more turns saw some damage to several units on both sides. It also saw each of us completely whiff while rolling 6 dice!

(I must insert a funny note here. I am notorious for forgetting Leader Check rolls. My poor opponent had to remind me numerous times throughout both of our games to make them. During one turn, I noticed one of his leaders prancing around the board, here, there and everywhere. I asked him what he was doing. It took 14 or so moves of his leader for me to figure out that he was once again reminding me that I had forgotten to roll for lc. I was LOL. Thank goodness for his patience and good humor.)

Using a Leadership card, his CU w/Desfours attacked and killed my HC and ran Heritier off the board, then damaged my other HC. I “Took Command” in the center, got my 1-block LT out of Square, and fired off three units in every direction, but got just one hit. His Center Probe finally killed my 1-block LT, and the score stood 5-4. However, there was lots of low hanging fruit, and on each of my next three turns my left flank YG and LT killed an Allied unit on his right flank – first a LC, then a GRZ, then the other LC.
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Allies(FoxK) vs French (Viridovilas) 6:7
Allies(Viridovilas) vs French(FoxK) 7:5
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Thanks for the game FoxK. It was a pleasure to play with you.

Just to be precise, both games finished 8-6

Rnd 1
Viridovilas (French) 8
FoxK (Allies) 6

Viridovilas (Allies) 8
FoxK (French) 6
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