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    Medium Hoplite Infantry         Medium Hoplite Infantry
- - 9 - - - - 7


Move 1
Fire Range
Fire Dice
Close Combat
CC Dice
Ignore 1 flag if supported
CC Special
sword hits
Evade CC
Momentum advance
Special Rules
When the Hoplite Infantry Rule is in effect, any  friendly Hoplite Infantry unit may also be ordered when a Mounted Charge or an Order Mounted Command card is played, subject to command limits.
The ordered Hoplite unit may battle in place or move one hex and battle. When ordered by a Mounted Charge, the Hoplite unit will also battle with 1 additional die in Close Combat.


Spartan 5 block Medium Hoplite Infantry (Bronze)

The Spartan Medium Hoplite units are composed of five bronze blocks. The Bronze Block Spartan Medium Hoplites are special units.
They have 5 blocks to give them more staying power in combat, but each Bronze Spartan Hoplite unit still battles in melee with only the 4 dice allowed for Medium Infantry units.



  • They have lots of punch but they are slow.
  • Advance with them in big groups using the line command cards.
  • Double Time attack card is bbest applied to this unit (and aso heavy infantry).