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2 days 20 hours ago #369 by Mark McG
I've been designing a few scenarios from the French and Indian War, and I wanted to get some input from players about Native American Indian fighting styles. For example

I've more or less decided that the American Indian units should be Light troops, since this matches what I know about their fighting style, their skill with terrain, cover and missile weapons, but the question arises whether they should get Sabre hits in close combat or not. American Indians definitely had close combat weapons, knives and axes, and practiced scalping, but if Continental Light units don't get sabres, nor Hessan Light, is it more to do with Tactics than armament.

Assuming that this is so, is their any historical narratives that American Indians charged or chose Close Combat attacks aside from ambush attacks?

Did American Indians have any unit differentiation? My understanding is that they all fought very similarly, and that war bands were comprised of tribal males who undertook no special martial training. It is possible that the better warriors were banded together around a renown warrior to form a crack unit, something close to a Ranger type unit. However, I haven't read anything like this, and as far as I know American Indians of the period kept no written records (that have survived if at all), but might be part of an oral tradition.

In short.. what unit types should represent American Indians?

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