Artillery Enfilading fire

1 year 11 months ago #178 by Mark McG
Something that comes up in the Monmouth historical accounts is the deadliness of the Enfilading artillery fire off Combs hill along the hedgerow.

Given the relatively small scale of Tricorne, it struck me that artillery fire could reflect this by allowing artillery fire to attack the target hex AND every hex behind the target hex along the line of fire. So using the Monmouth scenario as an example, if a full strength Continental artillery on Combs hill fired at a British unit 2 hexes away, it would use 3d (as normal), and then attack the next unit behind with 2d and so on until the range was exhausted.

for example

wouldn't apply to Melee combat or battleback (cannister fire).

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1 year 10 months ago #189 by ozzie
Replied by ozzie on topic Artillery Enfilading fire
l wouldn't favour adding this as a complication. These are fairly weak and light gun batteries. Such an enfilade assumes that roundshot is bouncing through regiment after regiment that are approximately 100 men wide. This is not feasible. The enfilade is that the guns can pepper the first unit and clear it out of the way, removing it from effective musket range and putting it in the face of Regular American muskets. At the end of the line, this unit is susceptible to Retreats. Next turn the artillery can hit the next unit whilst the Regular supporting infantry will have a choice of target. In the example above, one battery of light guns could rout 4 regular infantry units (maybe not the Guards) in one turn which would be overkill for the effect of field artillery in this war and the also the gaming mechanisms. The British player has to contemplate Greene's artillery taking the hill and what it could do to stall or disrupt his attack, not that a single shot could miraculously blow away his whole flank.

Consequently, whenever we have played this scenario the first thing the British player does (if he has the cards) is advance Lesliz and the Hessian Grenadiers across the Spotswood South Brook and covers the advance with the Hessian artillery. This forces the American player to react and to do something with Greene's command, probably against what he wanted to do, or risk the Hessians with covering artillery taking the high ground and bayonetting their way to victory.

My advice would be to not overthink the gaming mechanisms. They work very well as they are. This is a good scenario and well balanced.

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1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #308 by mirkobruner
We Can Try This in a Future Game, Why Not!

Please Luck, Be Gentle With Me Dice. Forward!
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