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July 1st, 1941 - Overwhelmed the Russian defenses placed in defense of the Bug River, the Heeresgruppe Mitte, commanded by Field Marshal Fedor von Bock and strong of 57 divisions, focusing on the speed factor, is moving rapidly on the Smolensk-Moscow route, marching through Belarus and the Soviet Union central-western regions.
The Soviet forces, under the orders of General Erëmenko, in order to prevent the Germans from conquering the city of Barysaŭ to establish a bridgehead across the Berezina River, stood on the only bridge in the area to form a line of resistence.
Will the two battalions of the 52nd infantry regiment be able to conquer the important position and allow the forces of the Wermacht to continue towards Moscow?

  Soviet German
Division 1

4 Squad Bases
- 13 Regular Infantry
- 1 Elite Infantry
- 1 Machine Gun crew

1x SMG

1x ZiS-3 AT Gun

3 Squad Bases
- 9 Regular Infantry
- 2 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer

1x Engineer

1x Nebelwerfer

Division 2

4 Squad Bases
- 13 Regular Infantry
- 1 Elite Infantry
- 1 Machine Gun crew

1x AntiTank

1x T-70 tank

3 Squad Bases
- 9 Regular Infantry
- 2 Elite Infantry
- 1 Officer

1x Engineer

1x Panzer III tank

Strategy Decks Winter Tactics (remove Frostbite - Subzero) Waffen SS (remove Desperation)
Starting Strategy Cards 2 2
Starting Command Points 8 8
Operations Cards Desperate Defenders Lay Smoke
Clear Tank Trap
Deployment Zone On any full hexes on map 32A and 39B. Div.1: Any hex with a dark grey border.
Div.2: Any hex with a light grey border.
Starting Initiative   Initiative Token
Objective Whoever has control of the Objective Point at the end of the 6th round is the winner.
Rounds 6
Actions per turn 3 2
Reinforcements - -
Special Rules Command points are not acquired during the game.
Each side starts with 8 command points that they can freely spend during the 6 turns of the scenario to gain initiative or play Command Cards.
Terrain Features The stream is frozen.


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alecrespi replied the topic:
6 months 1 day ago
I temporarily applied these stats:

MV * / ARM 1
Suppressive Fire (RNG/FPR)  8 / 8
Normal Fire (RNG/FPR)  8 / 4
Equipment, Fragile, Concussive Fire, Ballistic Fire, Minimum Distance, No OP Fire, No Mixed Fire

It's still a draft and it's open to suggestions.
JVHillegas-Elting replied the topic:
6 months 3 weeks ago
Please see my note regarding the Soviet Katyusha as a unit in the Dedovsk Village scenario ( ). My general questions pertain to the German Nebelwerfer unit in this scenario.